1-2-3 circles to jovial profits.

Welcome to the 1,2,3 Circles to jovial Profits. A practice that is

totally changing the way some people are profiting Online and

growing Online businesses and making Online sales.

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Those people are now happily, growing their business with ease

and they are doing it without,  harassing friends and family.

They are doing it, in a fashion thats free of the old stigma that is

associated with network marketing or multi-level-marketing,

direct selling and traditional brick and mortar businesses.

They do not chase after anyone in the more familiar sense. Yet 

they have endless leads and so can you.

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Get Endless Stream of Qualified Free Leads

The cool thing is that this process can provide you with an

endless stream of prospective business partners, clients and 

sales. In other words leads, that are qualified to do business

with you.  

The bigger the amount of qualified views to your offer, the bigger 

the percentage of potential sales.

Having no one to talk to is one of the biggest killer of dreams for

people in any business.  Fortunately, this can all be changed

through, The 1,2,3, Circles to Jovial Profits

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Example; if you run a bed and breakfast and you have a

particular fried eggs breakfast, that is popular with your guest.

You could talk about that on your website or blog.

You then make several videos on how to fry your egg specialty.

You post and offer something for subscribing, in order to collect

emails online..

You ask for like and share on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and

any other social media place that would allow you to do so.

The idea is to build your list of subscribers as big as possible.

Let’s say 6 months later or even a year later you have a million

views and 100 thousand subscribers. Say I am rich.

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This is the concept, a working concept. You send your list of

subscribers, offers to buy something. It could be a recipe book

on eggs that you made or other people recipe.

You mail to 100 thousand. Forty thousands opened your email.

Of the 40,000 who opened, 5,000 took your offer. If your

commission per sale was $10.00… you just made a profit of

$50,000. on that one mailing.

Think about that, depending on your skills, it may take you

20 minutes to and hour to put the whole campaign together.

If it took you an hour you just made $50,000 for an hours

worth of work.

Because that list is yours, you are free to mail to those people

when ever you wish. Some people mail to their list everyday.

Some mailings are offers, and some are relationship building

emails. All of this can be learned or modeled. Your imagination

is the limit with your list of subscribers.

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You can offer a free vacation stays to build your list. You can

take surveys from your visitors and your list.

Depending on what your survey is about you can join an affiliate

program, related to your survey and send those offers to the 

people who answered positively to the survey.

Take a look at the following samples.  See some areas where a part

of this is being applied.  I am going to provide you with some videos.

Look at what these people are doing.

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You can do something similar not necessarily exactly what they

are doing. 

An Opportunity to Build Businesses

Study the videos below from a business persons perspective.

Take a look at the following videos and study what these people

are doing.

(1). Look at how many views they have.

(2). Look at how many subscribers they have.

(3). What does having that many subscribers mean?

(4). Look at how many views, each video has.

(5). Look at the number of comments each video has.

(6). Look at the products being spoken of or reviewed.

(7). Look at the manner of dress in each video. 

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How can you do something similar with your company or


Go take a look and study these videos now. Can you do something


Imagine Your Sales Income Potential 

Imagine the possibilities, imagine the sales potential and income


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This is the only long video I will share with you here. Please watch

it, and take notes.  You will learn a lot…  


Han Fan must watch 48: mins. Listen to what Sean in the video

has to say.  

Here are the videos. Get back with me on this, let’s discover

together if this is a good fit for you.

Remember you can do this with, what ever business you are doing.

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The videos below shows different styles and format, yet huge

views and subscribers.

By building a huge subscriber list online your challenge of having

people to talk to is all gone.

The way you communicate with these people is by email.  I have

got that solved for you too. Strong powerful emails.

These videos are only for example of what’s is being done or can

be done online with YouTube.

Let’s talk let me answer any other questions you may have.



P.S. From what you have seen so far, does this business makes

sense to you now?

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How to put on your face

Caution 2-3 curse words maybe appropriate I don’t know 4:38 min helps get

a point across. These people are ranking fast because they already have

followers. When we all work together we can do the same.

How To Make A Hair Bow 8:13 mins


8:00 mins long


How to Make Potato Pancakes – Classic Potato Pancakes Recipe



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