7 odd-things-successful-people-do-over-the-summer-that-lazy-people-do-not

7 odd-things-successful-people-do-over-the-summer-that-lazy-people-do-not

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7 odd-things-successful-people-do-over-the-summer-that-lazy-people-do-not
Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressLike to Catch 7 Odd Things Successful People do Over the Summer That Lazy People do Not do   What if you knew 7 odd things successful people do over the summer… that lazy people do not do, would you […]

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Like to Catch 7 Odd Things Successful People do

Over the Summer That Lazy People do Not do


7 odd things successful people do over the summer that lazy people do not do

The Rich are Playing but is it in the Summer?

What if you knew 7 odd things successful people do over the summer…

that lazy people do not do, would you adopt them?

Maybe not. Maybe you already know them but you don’t have the…

discipline to practice them consistently, until you are successful.

And if not, have you ever wondered what it takes to become successful…

in any thing you do?

Listen to this keenly, according to Inc.com  contributing writer…

 Nicolas Cole, it doesn’t start with taking the summer off.

Apparently, some people can’t wait for Summer…

you have heard of Summer vacation right?

Some folks view Summer as nothing more than a change…

in temperature.

You maybe one of them and especially if you live somewhere…

like in California.

That can render summer  even less noticeable…,

in terms of being on the job. Summer, for example, is a time…

when most people wants to go on vacation.


“However, anyone who has become successful at anything will tell you that a summer well spent is one in which you were able to make great strides toward (what Napoleon Hill would call) your Chief Aim. Your primary goal. That big, audacious dream you keep telling people about.

So, how do successful people spend their summers? And, more important, what do they do differently from everyone else?”​


They Become Their Own Boss, With Their Own

Agenda and Their Own Deadlines



That’s right.

While most people are out sipping mimosas over brunch, talking…

the talk about all the amazing things they’re going to do one day,…

these oddballs are getting to work. They’ve set an alarm.


They’ve planted it in their minds that they’re going to be at a coffee…

shop by 8 a.m. to start working on their side hustle.

And on a big whiteboard in their apartment they’ve got goals–lots …

of them–with due dates.

Do this for an entire summer and watch how quickly you start to gain traction.


 They put time on the calendar to get

out of their comfort zone.


7 Odd Things nSuccessful people do in Summer time that lazy people don.t

FERI Timepiece Slider

Growth doesn’t happen accidentally.

Like I said, a summer well spent is one when you’ve decided what…

it is you’re going to work on, and then you work on it. Simple as that.

What that actually entails is blocking off time each week to do…

something you’ve never done before.


Something you need to do to move to the next level.

Maybe that’s going to an event.

Maybe that’s signing up for an open mic. Maybe that’s running…

up and down the beach.

Whatever it is, just know why you’re doing it–and then do it.

 They make a list of things they don’t like

about their current situation



7 Odd things successful people do durin the Summer that lazy people don't

Feeling Like Caged Puppy


Hate your job? Tired of being out of shape? Frustrated by how…

little you read?

These are all things you can change.

However, to change them, you’re going to need to do a little self-audit.


Take a look at the aspects of your life that bring you dissatisfaction…,

and then figure out what you need to do on a day-to-day basis…

to change them.

Keep that list handy. It’s going to be a focal point of yours…

this summer.

 They Stop Doing The Same Worthless

Things Over and Over Again



7Odd things successful people do during the sumer that the lazy don't

FERI – Purple Rain – Pendant


How many 3 a.m. bars do you need to go to before you realize that’s…

a poor use of your time?

Becoming successful doesn’t mean you have to give up your social…

life entirely. But successful people are aware of how their time…

is spent, and invest it accordingly.


Each and every hour matters. So if you continue to invest your hours…

in something that doesn’t move you closer to where you want to be…,

then be prepared to stay stagnant.

Every once in a while is fine. Four nights a week is not.


 They Set Lots of Mini Goals


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Successful people love mini goals. It’s a way to stay focused and in…

the zone while the bigger goals are manifesting.

An example of a mini goal would be sitting down and telling yourself…,

“I’m not going to get up out of this chair until I read 20 pages.”

Or “Today, I’m going to push myself to write 2,000 words.”


Notice these goals don’t stretch any farther than the present day–

and that’s the point.

Mini goals help you strengthen that muscle of setting your mind to…

something and then achieving it. The more mini goals you set…

(and reach) on a daily basis, the easier it will be to achieve the big ones.

 They Detox



7 Odd things sucessful people do during the summer that the lazy people don't

FERI MOSH Zara – Ring-Not 


Remember when you were a kid and your parents used to send…

you to summer camp?

Or remember when you would pack up the car for a long road trip?

These were opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and to…

experience new things, but also to detox.


We vastly underestimate how the redundancy of our daily lives ends…

up affecting our mood, our thought processes, even our ability to…

be creative.

Successful people, then, use their summers as an opportunity to detox.

Whether that’s nutritionally, digitally, or environmentally, they know…

the value of intentionally stepping away–and then do so.


Don’t spend your summer the same way you spend the other…

nine months of the year. Change it up.


 They Push Themselves to Wrap

up Any Remaining Projects



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I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life. And I will tell you that summer…

feels very different from fall.

The seasons prompt very different experiences, and make you feel…

very different emotions.


What you’re inspired to create in the months of summer will probably…

not carry over into fall, and vice versa.

That in mind, it’s crucial that the projects you started in spring and…

have carried over into summer get finished.


Summer is a great block of time to push yourself to finish something…

strong, so that you can enter the remaining part of the year with…

a fresh canvas.


There you have 7 odd-things-successful-people-do-over-the-summer-

that-lazy-people-do-not.  If these are not part of your daily routine…,

it is not too late to start implementing them.

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