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About Jovial Luxury Designer’s Blog



This Jovial Luxury Designer’s Blog is…

for anyone who wants to discover, getting paid to wear, Canada’s

fastest growing designer’s fashion brand.  Not only do you get paid to

wear, but you also get to save time and stress, from trying to figure out,

how to get into the, get paid to wear industry.


We make the thrill of being paid to wear designer fashion, to take

the world’s most non toxic high performance antioxidants/lignans and

the ability to wear, the worlds’ most non toxic exotic anti-aging skin care



All of this is brought to you by jovial-luxurydesigns.com

A Blog founded in 2014 by a jovial guy, who is now an Opulence Global…

Independent Lifestyle Advisor


Note: Any info on Global Wealth Trade Corp aka.  GWT Corp found

anywhere on this blog is for reference only.

GWT Corp had 12 successful years in existence. However it evolved

beyond its core mission and was abolished.

That resulted with the birth to Opulence Global. 


We are excited to bring you Opulence Global, now Canada’s largest &

the world’s dashing and…

electrifying, designer’s, fashion house.  As you now know they pay you

to weartheir designer’s fashion brand.


You Get Paid to Wear From 3 Industries


You get paid in 3 industries, that are multi-billion industries:

*** FashionFERI jewelry, purses, shoes, bags and accessories

*** Beauty,   FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care System

*** HealthFountain Of Life Lignans/antioxidants



about us FERI - JANICE Purse Brown Monogram

FERI – Abigail Purse Brown Monogram .


Above is one of Opulence’s monogrammed bag. Beautifully made and

extremely practical. Prior, to Opulence purses and bags it was very difficult

to find top of the line luxury and practical bags.


They have redefined the industry and now it is a little easier to find such


But that’s not all. They have done a lot to redefine, the industries that they

are in.  That is one of the reasons why they are our company of choice and

the company we are proud share with you.


But most importantly, they are in line with our vision and philosophy,

which is simple: we only want to share with you the coolest global company

you can find on the web that pays you to wear beautiful, practical and well

made high quality goods and products.


One thing for sure, we are not interested in spamming any boring or lame

products at you – when you visit MyOpulence .com global you’ll only see

interesting, high quality innovative, very practical products.


Because we are independent luxury advisors of Opulence Global, their

items listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral;

however, this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item.


We want you to see some of what you’d get paid to wear, should you decide

to take that route and join the thousands of other independent luxury

lifestyle advisors, getting paid to wear FERI products.


Occasionally, you’ll find some listed products or programs or references to

business from which we do not any compensation from. We do not carry

any of the products listed on this site, nor do we directly sell anything.


You know you can probably view this company as the best-kept secret in

the fashion industry.  If you have heard of celebrities, models and sports

figures, getting paid Big Money, endorsements, etc. then this is your

invitation to get in on a segment of the action with ease.


Have you ever wished, that you could get paid for looking good?

For wearing sharp cloths, accessories and jewelries?

Well here is that opportunity you have been waiting for, need and want.


A designer lines and its designer fashion brand.

It is really that opportunity, you have wished for.

A Canadian company founded in 2005, by Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou.


About jovial luxury designer's blog

FERI – Ophion Watch – Gold Tone with Red and Printed Strap  


This blog aspires to be the purveyor of enlightenment on helping..

you to live a magnificent life of opulence.


As of this writing, we believe this to be the only flourishing, designer’s

fashion-house, of its kind, that pays you to wear the world’s fastest…

growing Canadian designer’s brands.


We are happy we found this invaluable company and are able to bring

it to you. 

We are so excited to provide you jovial news & stories on this one of a

kind business opportunity of opulence and grace.  


about jovial luxury designer's blog

FERI – Adagio Shoes – Blue- was 


We bring you information on the elegant, luxury designer’s

products, FERI, and FERI POSH-Vibe fashion jewelry lines.

These are designer products now available in over 199…




Why not Global Wealth trade Corp?

FERI – Exquisite Sparkle Ring 



About Jovial luxury designs

FERI – Lori Shoes – brown monogram-


Here is a way to achieve everything you ever wanted in life–by

helping others! Here is a way that your success in life could be

directly proportionate to the level of service and support you …

provided for other people. Isn’t that Incredible?


That’s what this industry is all about, you help other

people get what they want and in return you get what you



Let us sell you on this one business concept, where we help you to get

paid to wear.

In essence that is what we are here for and what we do. We help you to

get what you want and in return we get what we want. 

We help you to get paid and we also get paid.


One caveat, we know that this is not for everyone.  I’ll be the first of us to

tell you that it may not be for you.


However, I do understand that only you can determine that. Only you

know what your vision and level of confidence to get up and get things

done is.


I would like to encourage you though, to explore your hidden talents.

Explore your un-kindled, inner fortitude.   


about jovial luxury designs



With that said, I’d like to invite you to ease on into Opulence Global, by

first exercising a very cool fun opportunity of become one of their

coveted VIP Club, member.



You can reach him by email:

jovialgwt@gmail.com or by

Facebook: Germey.Baird

text @ 510-239-6735

Skype: Germey.Baird

P.S Contact him for more details.


GB010714 006A


Any income claimed anywhere on this Blog, is not a guarantee.

It is only an illustration of what is possible and has been achieved

in the past.


Your income will be directly affected by your work efforts and

other variable….


Income Disclaimer

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members

conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits

for over one year are forecasted to be between $2,500 and

$15,000 per year. However there are Opulence Global members that

earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment

and effort. A typical Opulence Global member is one who has the right

to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others and

has been a member of the plan for at least one year.”

This site belongs to an OPULENCE GLOBAL Independent Lifestyle Advisor