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About Jovial Luxury Designer’s Blog



This about Jovial Luxury Designer’s

Blog is to help you discover, getting paid to wear, the world’s

fastest growing designer’s fashion brand. Getting paid to take the…

worlds most non toxic high performance antioxidants/lignans.

All of this is brought to you by jovial-luxurydesigns.com.


A Blog founded in 2014 by who is now an Opulence Global…

 Independent Lifestyle Advisor


Note: Any info on GWT Corp found anywhere on this blog…

is for reference only. GWT Corp had 12 successful years in existence.

However it evolved beyond its core mission and was abolished in…

order to bring birth to Opulence Global. 


Opulence Global is now Canada’s largest & the world’s dashing and

electrifying, designer’s, fashion house. They pay you to wear,

their designer’s fashion brand, in 3 industries:


*** FashionFERI jewelry, purses, shoes, bags and accessories

*** Beauty,   FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care System

*** HealthFountain Of Life Lignans/antioxidants



about jovial luxiury designer's blog

FERI – Abigail Purse Brown Monogram .

You have probably heard of celebrities, models and sports figures,

getting paid Big Money, endorsements, etc. Have you ever wished,

that you could get paid like that?

Well here is that opportunity you have been waiting for, need and want.


A designer lines and its designer fashion brand.

It is really that opportunity, you have wished for.

A Canadian company founded in 2005, by Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou.


About jovial luxury designer's blog

FERI – Ophion Watch – Gold Tone with Red and Printed Strap  


This blog aspires to be the purveyor of enlightenment on helping..

you to live a magnificent life of opulence.


As of this writing this, is the only flourishing, designer’s fashion…

house, of its kind, that pays you to wear the world’s fastest…

growing designer’s brands.


And to get paid from 3 industries fashion, beauty & health.

This is a luxury lifestyle business and was built from the

ground up to do just that-to allow you to live in opulence.


We are happy we found them and can bring them to you. Happy

to provide you jovial news & stories on one of a kind business…

of opulence and grace.  


about jovial luxury designer's blog

FERI – Adagio Shoes – Blue- was 

We bring you information on the elegant, luxury designer’s

products, FERI, and FERI POSH Vibe fashion jewelry lines.

These are designer products now available in over 199…

countries and competes with but not limited to:


Louis Vuitton, Gucci, the Italian fashion & leather

goods brand. Tiffany & company... but they do it through

network marketing direct sales/MLM.


About Jovial-luxurydesigns

FERI MOSH 21 K Gold Gentlemen – Ring Only available to Opulence Global mbrs.




Why not Global Wealth trade Corp?

FERI – Exquisite Sparkle Ring 


Some people say, “only uneducated people join this scam.”

In reference to MLM, I share this with you taken from Being

the Best You Can Be In MLM….” Second Edition 1994.

by John Kalench, MD. Pages 2-3. Dr. Kalench wrote:


About Jovial luxury designs

FERI – Lori Shoes – brown monogram-


I was already a success-in fact, my medical business was

growing bigger and more successful every year.

That wasn’t it. It was this: For the first time in my life I’d been

shown a business system that made complete and total sense…

to me.


Here was a way to achieve everything I ever wanted in life–by

helping others! Here was a way that my success in life could be

directly proportionate to the level of service and support I…

provided for other people. Incredible!”


That’s what this industry is all about, helping other

people get what they want.


About Jovial Luxury Designs

FERI-MOSH-Majesty-Ring was 


Of course I understand, this sort of thing is not for everyone.

It may not even be for you. We understand you may not want…

to do this business in all its simplicity, you’d love wearing the…

opulent designer goods, you are seeing here.



about jovial luxury designs


Germey’s Excitement About GWT Corporation


I knew that they had to be quality, the first time I saw the products.

The quality got me that’s partly why I joined.


I also love the idea of purchasing well made, uncommon jewelry

and accessories at a reasonable discount. Heck, through this

business, you can actually get free luxury products.


About Jovial-luxurydesigns

FERI MOSH 21K Gold Ocean Bliss – Ring

I guess you can call this an ego thing, having an eCommerce-shop…

designer mall, loaded with over $10 million worth of

designer jewelry & accessories, hey…I’m loving it.

about jovial luxury designer's blog



Now Let me Tell You How it All got Started for me


Somehow, I got invited by self made millionaire T. Harv Eker,

to what was his Millionaire Mind Intensive Training or MMI.


About Jovial-luxurydesigns

Germey at MMI Volunteer staff


There, I met a young lady who introduced me to what was…

GWT Corp.  I later joined the company & became an…

Independent LifeStyle Advisor of now Opulence Global.


At that time I was going through some personal challenges and

after asking the right question and putting it out to the universe,

T Harv Eker, personally, invited me to his Millionaire Mind

Intensive, MMI training. That was a wow for me.


You may be going through a situation, in your life right now. It

could be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.


What ever it is, please know, it’s a temporary situation. 

Remember “This too shall pass.”


Why join GlobalWealth Trade Business opportunity?

FERI POSH – Jaden-Watch- now Sold Out


MMI, is 3 days of exciting personal growth & development.

I am so excited about what it will do for you, that I became an

ambassador, to share it with other folks, who can benefit from it.


The folks there do a wonderful job in explaining what it is. So I

will leave them to tell you all about it, when you are ready.


With your permission I would like to offer you two complimentary…

tickets, to an MMI event, when you sign in on this site.

They are Valued at about $995. and worth every penny.


MMI Textbooks


To sign in and join this site look up to the left hand corner of your…

browser, you will see a light green tab like this  How To Get Paid To Wear A Brand                 

click on the green tab and register using your best email address.  

You don’t want to miss out on this valuable gift & others I have for you. 


About Jovial-luxurydesigns

Germey volunteering at T. Harv Eker’s MMI 

Now lets get back to Opulence Global.  You will find close to 1400…

well made products on their site.  The cool thing is you can have…

your own private portal by joining their VIP Club.


More About Me


Sometime ago I invited personal development into my life. I had…

to release some tendencies and I did it through several training,

that I am willing to share with you.


How to discover your outsourcing poweru

Hwy as so much like a business, you never know what you will meet on any journey

Understanding Me and Network Marketing

I am a marketer and networker, at heart and have studied the

intricacies of the network marketing industry, since 1992. I have

used it for comfortable steady income, in the past.


I’ve embraced this industry but I have also been in and out. I am

now in it again and in the process of building a solid residual

income with the Opulence Global  opportunity.

Technology and social media has revolutionized this industry,

but don’t get me wrong, people skills and connecting is still a

necessity for long sustainable growth. Something, that’s taught

at MMI.


Get Paid to Wear GWT

Get Paid to Wear GWT


But some aspect of this business is so much more simple now and

can be done much easier on a global scale. That is what I am

offering you.


Your ability to use Opulence Global, global appeal to reach people…

in need, who can afford to join. Imagine getting paid from the…

purchases of people all around the world and bringing that money…

into your neighborhood.  That is powerful.


GB010714 010F


About the Author:

Germey, is an Independent LifeStyle Adviser aka. eCommerce

shop operator of Opulence Global. A jovial blogger who prefers the many

spices of life.


He loves helping other people to release the things in their lives that…

keeps them in bondage, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.


Why Global Wealth Trade

FERI – Vellutia – Shoes $1208.  Now Sale $1162.


He is a jovial entrepreneur who finds pleasure in guiding

people to jovially take control of their wealth, their health

and their Happiness, with ease.


You can reach him by email:

jovialgwt@gmail.com or by

Facebook: Germey.Baird

text @ 510-239-6735

Skype: Germey.Baird

P.S Contact him for more details.


GB010714 006A


Any income claimed anywhere on this Blog, is not a guarantee.

It is only an illustration of what is possible and has been achieved

in the past.


Your income will be directly affected by your work efforts and

other variable….


Income Disclaimer

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members

conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits

for over one year are forecasted to be between $2,500 and

$15,000 per year. However there are Opulence Global members that

earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment

and effort. A typical Opulence Global member is one who has the right

to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others and

has been a member of the plan for at least one year.”

This site belongs to an OPULENCE GLOBAL Independent Lifestyle Advisor