Amazing Opulence Global Review-Opportunity

April 23, 2018  Updated by The JovialGuy

Click this amazing Opulence Global review video, when I tell you to.

This amazing Opulence Global review of the opportunity is unlike any…

other Opulence Global review you may read.

What do I mean?  This post is more about getting you to internalize the…

information presented here, for your own epiphany.


I suppose you are expecting a MLM company review with a shortcut…

and a conclusion of recommended or not . 


Well, this is not that. For that I would recommend you read MLM reviews…

by folks who can be called MLM Watch Dogs…that is what they do.


They are neutral and are not in the business of bait and switch.

They are more opt to take the time to study a company for as much info…

as they can find about it and give you a full explanation of the company…

and its viability based on their research and knowledge. 


 Just my opinion, a company review can be a double edge sword. 

Not everyone knows how to write a substantiated MLM review.


And the person writing the review may not know anything about MLM compliance…

issues, compensation plans and what would seal the legitimacy of a MLM company.


I say this because Over the Years I have seen a number of companies that were supposed to…

be legitimate companies, fined or shut down.


Those were companies that were given thumbs up by the so called MLM review writers, in the know.

However, when you read the comments by some participants of those companies…,

you are left with a dry mouth.


Sure bet a few years later, those companies got shut down or went bankrupt.

They didn’t make it to the 10th year in business.

Let me share some crazy nuggets with you.

A lot of the reviewers attested to the legitimacy of those now defunct companies. 


The nuggets were hidden in the comments written by people who had joined…

those companies but ran into snags.

The type of snags that authorities later looked into and found out to be legitimate complaints.

The rest became history.

My point is, reading reviews on a business opportunity can unconsciously, set you up for failure.


Why do I say that? Simply, it seems…you have put it out to the Universe…,

that you are ready to start a home based business of some sort. 


Opulence Global MLM

The Universe heard your intentions of your need to start a home based business.

It wants you to be successful and lovingly responded and led you in this case to…

Opulence Global and amazing MLM company.


Opulence Global MLM:>>> It is a hybrid Direct Sales MLM company, with real useable,…

consumable products some of which can be seen as assets. 

It made it past the 10 year business breaking point, when most MLM companies fail.


Opulence Global Leadership:>>> It has  Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, a strong forward,…

thinking leader, with integrity.

He has been in the MLM arena, and trenches for over 25 years and now a business owner.

The Universe brought his company and this info, to you, through divine energy.

You may reject it through matters of ego. That is solely up to you.


I say this because what you need and what you think you want, is a whole different story.


Get paid to wear FERI ladies high end shoes from GWT Corp

FERI – Eliotte Shoes Black One of Opulence Global Product.


Let me ask you why do you want to read a review on a business opportunity? 

On the surface it looks like the intelligent thing to do.


But did you know that, reading the comments of other people actual experiences, may give you a…

better insight of whether or not the company in question is for you. 

Combine that with the Policy & Procedures and bingo you have an epiphany. 


You want to take short cuts by reading a review, which may contain all the biases…

prejudices, mis-informed ideologies of the writer, who usually will set you in another direction.


A direction where you may quickly make $2,000 to $4,000 a month and no real growth after that.

Nothing for your future.  No legacy to leave for your kids or grandkids.


But Ultimately, the reviewer you followed benefited the most, from your action.

And you will lose out from the abundance opportunity, the benevolent Universe had for you.


Take steps to avoid that by taking the time and do what is known as “due diligence” from your inner soul.

In your mind reading quick mlm reviews is actually doing that. But it is not.


Don’t ignore nor let go of the voices of your inner spirit or what some call your gut feeling…

and for some, divine visions. Your gut feelings will tell you if you can sell that company products.


Your divine intelligence will let you know if there is enough retail commision to be made from the sales of the products to sustain your efforts and if you’ll be able to have repeat purchases.

That is where the strength of your business will come from-new sales plus repeat purchases. 


Most of the time your action and feelings are actually, a reflection of your financial blueprint…

always being controlled by external forces, when you can’t manage your inner spirit.

You may gravitate towards a quick $2,000 to $3,000 a month to forego building a business…

paying you $1 mil or more a year. Why?


You gave up your power and got conditioned to think a certain way.

You are usually not even aware of this.

You just act without you even realizing it, because you’ve been conditioned,…

to follow the trend of the market or the product trend.


So spend some time and read actual complaints and dislikes about the business you are looking into.

That can be Opulence Global or any other company.

You may find that some companies actually do address those legitimate complaints.


If the company still interest you, get in touch with a leader in that company…

and find out if those complaints have been addressed. 


amazing opulence global opportunity review

Opulence Global Opportunity Click on Image to Enlarge


Let me address something else here. As of this date the majority of Opulence Global, huge successes…

are going to be from their prior foundational company, Global Wealth Trade Corp,…

that was successfully, in business for 12 years.


Opulence Global Products:>>> In their new adaptation, they have one product under health, an exceptional…

product, the Fountain of Life Antioxidants, that actually works.

Many excellent testimonials are coming in after after it. The company has set up Facebook pages for customers…

and partners to post their testimonials.  I’d be happy to share the link with you.


It is being sold at a reasonable price with reasonable retail commission. 

However, they have other products in research and development, that will include the antioxidants.


Under Opulence Global Beauty: they have FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care System. 

Another exceptional product with excellent testimonials with other skin care products…

in research and development.  


So let me remind you to beware of MLM companies reviews, especially, if at the end…

they suggest you join “XYZ” company instead. 


Some people call that tactics hijacking. Some call it bait and switch. 

You end up joining that person and his or her business grows from you and others like you…

lack of knowledge and the business look financially stable.

But normally your income cannot surpass that person’s.

The whole scope of the review which is usually a copy-word for word of posted company materials…

or from another review on the first page of Google is to snag you in.


I trust I have ruffled your feathers a little bit. I did warn you that this was an unusual review of Opulence Global.

So lets get back on this amazing Opulence Global review of excellence. 

Having Opulence is like having “acres of diamonds.”


This maybe your first time hearing of Opulence Global awesome business opportunity.

However, some people, in over 200 countries are getting paid to wear…

& promote the company’s FERI Designer’s line,  luxury, health and beauty products.

Will you be one?


Amazing Global Wealth Trade Corp-Opportunity

Amazing Opulence Global Lifestyle Advisors @ Former GWT Corp Conference.

Just say “yes”. LOL!

There are thousands of network marketing and direct sales companies around the world. 

But they don’t promote the “lifestyle business,” Opulence Global provides…

this kinda makes them different.  


It provides you an opportunity to enhances your life to live an opulent life style…

done right with reduce stress depending on what type of person you are. 


So let me ask you, what type of person are you, now that I kinda ruffled your feathers?

What do you really want?

What are you looking for? 

Are you aware of the fact, that when you internalize thinking and wanting…

the Universe usually projects it to you?

Of course, I told you earlier.   


Listen that is powerful stuff. But for some people it is “bagarash” whatever, that is.

The reality is, when you know what you want deep down, all you have to do is think…

of it and feel it and the Universe will pick it up and project it to you.


Where most of us fail, is that most of the time we need pre-requisites,  before attaining the desired outcome.

But we put on blinders to the pre-requisites.



shop alluring dazzle wedding ring

FERI MOSH Jewelry Now Only Available to Opulence Global Partners


Now that all of this may not make any sense to you, I am going to ask you…

to take a look at the video above.

Click here to go to How to Earn $3 Mil + a Year in Opulence Global. Click on it and at the end come back here..


It is not a review video.

It is an introduction to what Opulence Global compensation plan provides. 

Go watch it, maybe 2 or 3 times and take notes.

I am serious, watch the video 2 or 3 times. You will discover why. 

I am telling you this upfront, so you are not disillusioned. Then come back and finish this.


I promise you are not going to get affiliate marketing type of grandeur promises.

There have been much hype on affiliate marketing going on. 

But now it has moved to coaching. 


Everyone and their grandpa wants to be your coach and charge you two arms and your legs for coaching. 

Incidentally, that is where some of the recent defunct businesses switched to scheming.    


Let me clear the air here as simple, as possible.

There are much pros and cons with all the business models you will find here online.

My opinion, which ever one you chooses boils down to a matter  of choice, of how you see yourself. Yes!


I suspect you have 
been getting the feeling that you need to step up your game and take charge of your financial future.

You have realized that economically, things are not going to be the same anymore.  

I suspect 
you are actively looking to improve your life’s situation…that is why you are here.

Opulence Global may very well be the vehicle for you.  I don’t know. 


It has eCommerce, Direct Sales and MLM all combined.

However, you can do straight eCommerce or Direct Selling without being a part of the MLM.

Mr. Mesgarlou, initially, designed the program for new people, like you who demands more of yourself.

Designed for you to qualify within 30 days for all the bonuses and perks he talked about in the video above.


Count your morning stars several new members proved him right. 

Which also means that even-though everyone can obtain the bonuses in 30 days, not everyone will. 


Those members saw the power of leverage and what it can do for them. 

But what this really means is that you too can achieve similarly,…

when you apply yourself, with our guidance. Yes there is guidance and training and a working system available.


There are rumors going around that 99% of people who join MLM or direct selling fail. 

That rumors caught the ears of Direct Selling News who were tired of it.


Fashion Lovers Get Paid to Wear FERI Yvette High End Luxury Shoes

Getting Paid to Wear & Promote


Direct Selling News paid for an independent Study Conducted by Harris Poll. 

They wanted to Sort out Direct Selling Facts from Fiction, they printed it in November 2014.

Click here to see the whole article as printed in the November 2014 issue.   


If all of this makes sense to you lets go another step and see if Opulence Global and its…

get paid to wear, is a good fit for you.

To do this we have a 3 step process: 


Step 1: Proclaim your interest by watching 3 short awe-inspiring company videos.

Go watch these videos now -allow up to 15 seconds in between for rendering and come back here 


*** Video #1  Welcome you may have seen it already, it’s  the one above, if not go watch it.  

*** Video #2  A remarkable video on FERI Flawless Skin Care on beauty, 4 plus minutes.

*** Video #3  A striking recount of why we are now addressing health 9 minutes +.


Welcome back.  

We trust you did go watch the 3 Opulence Global videos on this opportunity.  

You did? Excellent. 


Step II: Prepare for an interview, with a pre-requisite questionnaire.

We trust everything you have seen so far makes sense to you.

We have a superb opportunity for you but you won’t find that out through an Opulence Global review alone.


We understand marketing and promotion is not for everyone.  

But we also understand that some people have amazingly, innate abilities, that they just have not exercised,…

but given the opportunity they exel, beyond their wildest dreams.


You maybe one of those people with powerful organizational and leadership qualities and abilities

But you won’t know and realize it until you have been put in that position. Who is better to do that than you.

I trust this amazing Opulent Global review, does give you the impetus to do such.


Income Disclaimer 

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits

for over one year are forecasted to be between  $2,500 and  $15,000 per year. However there are Opulence Global members that  earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment  and effort. A typical Opulence Global member is one who has the right  to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others and  has been a member of the plan for at least one year.”