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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressBest Strongest Antioxidants Available Fountain of Life Lignans   Fountain Of Life-Lignans Fountain of Life antioxidants, currently the best and strongest, antioxidants,… as Fountain of Life antioxidants aka, FOL Lignans.    If this was a FOL lignans review I’d drop […]

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Best Strongest Antioxidants Available

Fountain of Life Lignans


Fountain Of Life-Lignans

Fountain of Life antioxidants, currently the best and strongest, antioxidants,…

as Fountain of Life antioxidants aka, FOL Lignans. 


If this was a FOL lignans review I’d drop it 5 stars. Why? Because there is…

nothing else like FOL lignans that are most likely, the best strongest…

available antioxidants in 2018. 


FOL lignans offers the powerful health benefits of antioxidants and their…

ability to protect and preserve your health. 

We are so excited to share this information with you. 


How Did Fountain of Life, FOL Lignans Come About?


Apparently, Norwegian Spruce Tree extracts have been used for 100’s of …

years for its healing properties.

It has been under modern day studies and research for over 30 years. Some…

companies have made antioxidant supplements and beauty products using it. 

The following is my interpretation of the FOL story as I heard it:


A chance encounter a few years ago, between  Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO…

of Canada’s largest designer fashion house, and a supplement product…

developer brought about something phenomenal-the creation of the best…

Norwegian Spruce Antioxidants in 2018.  


Mr. Mesgarlou, encountered lignans, while going through some long hours…

of work preparing for the launch of some FERI designer products. 


He noticed the consistent energy and vigor exerted by an older gentleman.

That man had to have been more than a decades older than him. 


Yet he worked long hours tirelessly. That particular gentlemen, seem to be…


At the end of the night or early morning he appeared to still be full of energy and vigor.


Best strongest antioxidantsG

FOL Lignans Benefit


Ramin, as he fondly like to be called, became curious and approached him to find out how…

the heck he was able to carry on, working long hours without showing signs of exhaustion.

The gentleman revealed that he had been taken lignans a form of antioxidants. 


What are antioxidants? The following is from Dr. Mercola

“Antioxidants are nature’s way of providing your cells with adequate defense against attack by reactive oxygen species (ROS).

As long as you have these important micronutrients, your body will be able to resist aging caused by your everyday exposure to pollutants.

Antioxidants are, without a doubt, an essential part of optimal health. Even conventional Western physicians now acknowledge

significance of getting sufficient antioxidants from your diet or taking high-quality antioxidant supplements. 

But do you know how antioxidants function in your body and what types you need?” 

Dr Mercola


The word antioxidants, caught Ramin’s attention and that was the beginning…

of a conversation leading to a modern day health supplement, disruption. 


It lead to a bonding and loving relationship on a product that I am introducing to you.

It turned out that the gentleman who I’m going to call Tom is an extreme …

Adventurer, the type of man who finds pleasure in participating in Iron Man,…

types of challenges.


To stay healthy and full of vigor he supplement with lignans a non-steroid…

non-toxic antioxidant.

Mr. Mesgarlou, was curious so he tried that supplement out and soon felt a…

shift in his energy level and overall feeling of of well being.


Now Mr. Mesgarlou, is an avid user of health products, supplements, he just…

wasn’t promoting nor marketing them anymore but this product, to him,..

was different.

He knew it was a product he could surely get behind but it was already on…


the market.


What if it can be improved upon, he thought? 

He went into dialogue and later negotiation with Tom who it turn out, was also a health…

product formulator and creator. 



Fountain Of Life Lignansf

FOL Lignans Click on Image to Enlarge


In the end that is at the conclusion of good negotiation, Mr. Mesgarlou gave…

Tom what is considered a blank check.

He was to spend whatever he needed to develop and create a new high power,…

high performance, gold medal, line of products using lignans.


Mr. Mesgarlou, knew the power and effectiveness of the supplement Tom…

was taken, he himself was a world-class athlete and an Olympic gold medalist.


And as you now know he believes in supplements he just wasn’t promoting…

any at this time but this product he believed could make a difference in the…

world of nutrition.


He realized an opportunity and saw that it can be a catalyst to his dream of…

making 1000 millionaires, in a few years.

He asked Tom, if there was room for improvement on the purification and…

absorption of the lignans he was taken.


Tom responded that it was possible and that was how Mr. Mesgarlou, gave…

him a blank check for research and development.


Happily Tom and his team, went to work right away on the lignans, and he…

came out and created what is now apply called the Fountain of Life -FOL antioxidant. 

They formulated the strongest, highest quality Norwegian Spruce Tree…

extract antioxidants available in 2018.


What are FOL lignans known for?   

The Norwegian Spruce tree Lignans are considered the most powerful…

antioxidants to treat a host of ailments. 


New researched and development in refining techniques brought about what…

is now known as Fountain of Life Antioxidants, apply called FOL Lignans.


*** FOL lignans promotes heart health 

*** FOL lignans are anti-inflammatory 


Best Strongest Antioxidants

FOL Lignans Support Prostate Health


 *** FOL lignans support prostrate health

*** FOL lignans improve hair health 

*** FOL lignans benefit colon health  

*** FOL lignans support healthy glucose metabolism

*** FOL lignans improve metabolism 


Norwegian Spruce tree lignans, has been shown in evidence based research…

to be more powerful than flax seeds lignans and more effective in support…

of and benefit to the above & below listed conditions.


*** FOL lignans support breast health  

*** FOL lignans are anti-microbial 

***  FOL lignans benefit fight against dementia


Looking at the list of health benefits  that Norwegian Spruce tree extract…

brings, it surely appears too good to be true.

It makes you wonder how can a single plant extract support so many ailments? 


That was our original reaction too. But as I did some research and learn…

about the magnitude of the impact  of havoc, maladies are causing on our…

population, I was prompted to write the following article on,

“Why You Should Work on Getting Healthier in 2019.” 



It turns out that Fountain of Life Antioxidants, as you now know is an…

upgrade, in dietary, supplement extract form.


It contains 7 different known antioxidants that work synergistically together…

to bring about relief or support to different ailments. 

It is a super powerful supplement extract. 


Because of its liquid form, it can be taken internally and is easily absorbed,…

because the body does not really have much to break down. 

It can be added to hot or cold beverages.


It can be taken topically, by rubbing it to affected areas, for cuts scratches,…

burns, skin disorders. It can be mixed in things like shampoo and used for…

dandruff treatment and hair treatment.


But that’s not all…every day new testimonials are coming in attesting to…

different claims attributing FOL lignans to some sort of relief. 


Again we are so excited to share this information with you.

Get your Fountain of life lignans, it is the world’s most potent strongest…

purest non-toxic antioxidant that is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and was…

created to protect and preserve your health. 


All orders are placed from manufacturer secure website and shipped from Canada. 

All prices are in Canadian dollars.


Don’t hesitate.  The sooner your get your Fountain of Life Lignans, the sooner…

you get to enjoy pure nutrition.

The sooner you get to have it work on harmonizing your Hormones and…

improve your health.

We don’t promise cure… because this is not a drug.


But we promise that withing 90 days you will have a testimonial or two that…

you are very much excited and grateful  of.

This help regulate your hormones so your organs and body can improve…

their functions. 


Best Strongest natural Antioxidants FOL Lignans

FOL Lignans


To place your order click this link.

You will be able to purchase several bottles and pay one low shipping fee. 

All orders are in Canadian dollars and are on manufacturer secured site &…

shipped from Canada. 


This site info is brought to you by an independent Opulence Global lifestyle…

Advisor, who is solely responsible for its content.  This info is purely for…

educational info only…Fountain of Life Antioxidant is not a drug and does…

not cure any disease. It helps your body to harmonize your hormones.


So it is advisable that if you are taking any form of medication under a…

doctor care–you should consult your doctor when considering taking FOL.



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