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Opulence Global Product

FERI  Secret Obsession  Necklace

FERI products, are making a name for themselves with…

their unique luxury aspects.

Below is a small sampling of the over 1400 FERI products…

available, starting at around $16.00 Canadians

Their luxury Fashion jewelry are quietly taking…

over the world by storm.

They can now be found, being highly spoken of, in over…

167 countries. 

As an example, here is a 5 minute segment where some FERI…

products took center stage on the widely popular tv newscast

San Diego Living.

The show is about Glam, Gifts & Gets for the Fervent…

fashionista products, tips & reviews.

Notice what the presenter said about the first two necklace.

One is statement and the other celebrity and why she likes them.

Then she went to the FERI earrings and she said she loves…

them and told you why…

Notice how, she spoke of the FERI watches, as timeless gifts…

that are trendy elements, that exudes a classic elegance.

Opulence Global Awesome Products

FERI – Kratos Watch – Rose Tone with  Brown Face

The video; however, does not feature the extensive and elegant…

FERI product lines.

 The company has relaunched under Opulence Global and left the…

name Global Wealth Trade Corporation behind.

The company has an inventory of over 1400 products that…

are constantly being replaced and upgraded, as new products

are launched.

And One good thing  about all of this is that you can have…

access to all of them and get then for about 30% discount.

An Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear Luxury Items

FERI – Round Splendor Earrings-

FERI had a streak of innovation lead by Ms. Sanaz Hooman.  

Who realized that the top jewellers have been around for eons.

Example: Since 1932, you got that? Harry Winston has…

transformed diamonds into art and revolutionized modern…

jewelry and watch design.


The question, then became how can they compete with him or…

the likes of Bulgari, with their Brida luxury collection:

engagement rings, wedding bands an love-celebration jewels…,

that they claimed are designed to be cherished for a lifetime.

They had to put out something unique, something the world…

of jewelry has never seen.

They spent their own money in research & development and…

a few years later, they had something for the world.

Another first in today’s jewelry industry. 

Global Wealth Trade products

Gone but not forgotten FERI MOSH Ethos – Ring

Together they  created:

*** beautiful, glamorous, elegant designs, that are individually…

hand made and hand set.

Their products are made with excellent, precision craftsmanship. 

They wanted a way to showcase dedication to glamour and…

excellence and they did.

To top all of that, they made their creations available to you and…

I, so we can share them with others and get paid very well.

In essence they are using a marketing  system that can, 

“open up for you a vast new horizon of possibilities for your life.”

Global Wealth Trade Products

Gone but not forgotten FERI MOSH – Allegra Oxford – Stilettos

The system was designed to allow you a distributor, to generate…

the income needed to acquire these products with ease.  

gwt products

Ms. Shaun Robinson in FERI Monaco Blk Shield Sold out

  Opulence Have Products For Everyone   

Opulence Global, boast of having  a product for everyone; 

very affordable luxury FERI  jewelry lines, starting at $16. CDN


They have garnered rave reviews in Hollywood, where…

FERI POSH is hot with Hollywood celebrities.  

Over 300 FERI celebrities now lovingly wear the various FERI Lines.

Opulence Global

POSH Vibe – Kala – Necklace

Looking at the Luxury design brand, FERI, first thing you notice 

is that it is elaborate, whether it is a $200 sterling silver piece

or… its breath taking new 19K gold FERI ultra luxury President watch…

GWT products

FERI President 19K Gold , Diamond Watch 

The FERI President watch is made from 19K gold FERI

exclusive yellow gold composition.

It is studded with over 349 premium grade diamonds.

Protected by sapphire crystal to preserve its lasting beauty, this…

exquisite watch bears the name (President) on its bezel

and valued at over $100,000, but is offered, for far less. 


The luxurious FERI President Watch, rated as one of the …

Top 10 time-pieces in the world along side Rolex and Patek Philippe.

From nowhere, this Canadian born, upstart FERI fashion house…

, won  Viva International 2011 luxury designer of the year award.


Donald shoes this Christmas 20129 Gifts for Him

FERI – Donald Shoes – Brown Monogram   

The Growing Product Line of FERI

Since their inception,  FERI luxury creations,

have expanded and gained strength through an evolving,

elegant, luxury merchandise line.

global wealth trade products


They came up with, “newness of products and had triumphs,,,

never before seen in the history of luxury fine jewelry.”  At the head of 

all this as you now know, was lead designer Ms. Sanaz Hooman.


Opulence Global, is quickly revamping the luxury designer’s  market…

and it seems, that there is no stopping them.

Considering they have only been in existence for 11 years at the time of this  writing.

Opulence Global Products

FERI 950 Siledium – When We Met – Earrings


Their accomplishment, has landed Mr. Mesgarlou, at the head…

of the world’s fastest growing and expanding luxury jewelry design fashion house.

Its been said that the FERI exquisite product line is,

second-to-none in quality”… That is what the American

Business Journal, ABJusa, said about Opulence  Global..

Global Wealth Trade products

Gone…Exotic Collection – Ambrogio Wallet … Gone 

FERI, has garnered a devoted following for…

its consistent combination of elegant design and innovation…

manufacturing, which makes each piece of jewellery a piece of  art.

Ramin, as Mr. Mesgarlou, likes to be called, has been heard…

 stating the following… 

Opulence Global Products

FERI – Hugo Red Lounge Shoes

“We go beyond.  Fine jewelry stops at 18K, we start at 19 karats; 

we don’t even do 18 karat or Platinum anymore.

has taken the market to the next…

level, upping the benchmark, developing, and now offering,

unique a high-karat gold composition not offered anywhere…

else in the world,”   

GWT products

Available only to Opulence partners FERI MOSH Sultan Bracelet

Delicate construction, attention to details and using proprietary…

composition is part of what makes FERI MOSH the world’s first

and only Prestige jewelry collection.  

Bernie Robbins, who features an awe-inspiring collection of

luxury diamonds in various settings.  

And claims that their jewelry are For the discerning jewelry

buyer who wants to make a statement.

If you are that discerning jewelry buyer who wants to make

a statement then FERI MOSH  21K  ultra luxury prestige

designer line is what you are looking for.

They are an example of the most intricate craftsmanship

and what cutting edge design is all about.   

Global WealthTrade Corp Products

Opulence partners only FERI MOSH Divine – Bracelet

For exclusivity, all FERI MOSH rings are custom made and hand…

built to perfection in Global Wealth Trade product design..

studios and lab in Toronto, uniquely for you, its keeper.

Now you probably wondering …

Why is Opulence Globa…l the first opulence jewelry company…

in 3000 years to make high karat diamond jewelry? 

I will let Ramin, answer that for you. 

GWT products

FERI Shoes..New for 2014

Diamond jewelry stops at 18-karats and the reason it…

doesn’t go past 18-karats is because the higher the purity…

the softer the gold gets and it will not hold stones. In 2007…

through years of expensive research and development, we…

found a way to make a 21-karat gold composition,” Ramin Mesgarlou…

FERI MOSH Exotic Goods - Valentina - Hand Bag

FERI MOSH Exotic Goods – Valentina – Hand Bag

FERI MOSH, on the-other hand, is not like other designers. 

When you own a FERI MOSH piece, you join the league of 

unique and super exclusive and honorable,wise and intelligent

FERI MOSH club.  Why is this so?  

Every FERI MOSH piece creation starts on a $300,000 super…

 resolution CAT machine and has its very own mold which costs $1,000.  

The jewellery trade calls this ‘first generation jewelry.” With…

most other companies you would be buying  a copy.

gwt products

FERI MOSH Zara 19k white gold earrings…Gone

Simply,  Opulence Global products are something…

extremely unique. If you want to buy jewellery go to jewellery

store, (and they are slowly becoming a thing of the past), if you…

want a special project life piece, go to Opulence Global.  

Ramin is known to have said something to that effect.  

Shop for Ladies High End FERI Yvette Red-High Heel Luxury Shoes

FERI – NAOMI – SHOES – Tan Brown

What could possibly create value here?  Let’s hear it from the man himself.

This taken from an interview in The American Business Journal.  

It takes master designers months to draw and design each FERI…

MOSH jewelry,” says Mesgarlou. 

Out of hundreds of designs only a select few are approved for…

production. The approved designs then go through the GWT

exclusive 22 step manufacturing process.

Global Wealth Trade Products

FERI MOSH Ennya – Ring

Once completed, each piece is meticulously inspected by quality…

control teams at the GWT products laboratory, and every piece

must meet the vigorous standards of the GWT Corp.

The approved finished pieces are then shipped to International…

Gemological Institute (IGI, world’s largest independent…

gemological laboratory) for detail, independent certification…

by three professional gemologists.”  

After that they are shipped back to Toronto, where they awaits…

your decision to now own a few pieces of Global Wealth Trade

elegant luxury products.

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Global Wealth Trade Products

FERI – Tokyo Tortoise Shell – Optical

This post was made by an independent luxury consultant of GWT Corp, who is solely responsible for the content.