Caring For Your FERI Jewelry

How To Care For Your FERI Jewelry

Wearing Your Jewelry All the Time?

Here is how to take care of them.  Enjoy this Youtube video by

Ms. Sanaz Hooman VP of Product Design for Global Wealth Trade.


If you are like most people you love your jewelry so much that

you usually just want to wear it all the time.

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Whether it is a necklace or earring you received as a child or

your engagement ring. It soon becomes sentimental and for

convenience, you just wants to leave it on.


Engagement rings are the most common jewelry on this list, and

because they are a symbol to marriage, they are worn everyday.

This can cause them to lose their luster.


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But there are measures you can take to prolong, the beauty of

your jewelry, especially if it is a FERI piece.



Here are some helpful Do & Don’t tips to prolong the lustre of

your FERI jewelry.

A) Don’t wear your jewelry to bed or while sleeping…

Do take your FERI piece off before going to bed and store in its case.


B) Don’t wear your ring while washing dishes, painting,

working on hard surfaces with your hands, or wearing latex gloves.

   Don’t spray perfume, hair spray and oils on your jewelry pieces.

  Do use your best judgement to keep harsh chemicals and hard

surfaces off your jewelry. As often as possible store your jewelry

in its case.


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