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Have Your Outsourcing Pay For Itself in a Week

How to hire a Virtual Assistant on a monthly basis and have 

your outsourcing pay for itself in about a week.

You have probably heard lots of hoopa la about the value

of hiring a virtual assistant.


And you have probably heard that you shouldn’t hire one until

your business is big enough to justify hiring one and can afford 

to pay for one.


Those are sage advice if you only want to live and think inside

the box. If you are the type who has the courage to venture

outside your box then, Welcome.


I have some secrets for you that will literary show how to build

an empire from scratch using outsourcing from day one.


This goes against traditional thinking. Here you will learn how

to hire a virtual assistant monthly, have him or her do some

work for you that returns your cost in about a week or less.


Every penny earned for the next 3 weeks would all be pure

profit for you.


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Example: lets say you hired a virtual assistant for $349 a

month, but he or she made you $400. worth of business in the

first week.



If he or she were able to generate $400 or more each week

over the next 3 weeks, you would have made $1200. Does

that make sense to you?



And what if you were to use a portion of your profit to hire 1 or 2

extra virtual assistant and have them do the same thing? What

if each brought you $400 worth of business each week?


The lesson here, instead of you waiting until you’ve built your

business, to hire outsource, you hire the outsource to build

your business and have a solid start. Does this make sense to



Does it make sense to have outsourcing, that pays for itself?

In essence what you will be doing is working on your

business instead of in your business. Think about it. You

pay for an outsourcer to work on your business and have him 

or her pay for themselves, within a week and continue to build

your business while making you a profit.


Can you say alleluia?

If you can say hallelujah! Then go ahead and join my GWT VIP

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how to do so plus the source of a full line reputable outsourcing

company that you can use.


Do that now before you get distracted and forget. Thank you.


Germey Baird