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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email Address How to Get Paid Marketing Designer Goods    03/21/18 by G. Baird (Update) Opulence Welcome Video   To get paid to market designer goods is now easier than you think. There is still lots of work involved, but you […]

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  1. How to Get Paid Marketing Designer Goods 


03/21/18 by G. Baird (Update)

Opulence Welcome Video


To get paid to market designer goods is now easier than you think.

There is still lots of work involved, but you don’t have to be a celebrity or a high fashion…

model, nor a professional athlete, to get paid to wear & market designer goods. 


It used to be that only the folks mentioned above got paid to wear & promote luxury things. 

And that puts them in a world all of their own.

It left ordinary folks mouth opened and wide-eyed in admiration.

Some folks may even call it “shock & awe.” But that was yesterday. 


Today I welcome you to Jovial-Luxury Designs. We are all about Marketing, Promotion,…

and developing personal Branding.


We connect you directly with Opulence Global…manufacturers and: 

*** One of Canada’s largest & fastest growing designer fashion house 

*** They are dedicated to designing & manufacturing products that matter to you, in your life.


Their mission is to provide you, optimum health, optimum beauty, and an optimum lifestyle.

Our goal is to enhance your ability to achieve your why with the least friction as possible.


That way you get to enjoy a lifestyle that can provide you a whole new way to traverse…

the fashion industry.


Get Paid to Wear Luxury Watch

FERI Red Line Watch- Black


Whether you’re looking for day-to-day accessories, starting from $6.00 Canadian to…

cool luxury goods costing over $67,000. CDN Opulence Global has got it. 

They have it all and exclusive to your online shop.


So How Does This Business Work?

Simple it starts with social selling and sharing.  Upon joining and that could…

be as a Free VIP Shopper or a paid independent lifestyle consultant…

you get a state of the art online shop…the paid version offers more. 


Get Paid to Wear luxury purses

FERI Luxe – STINGRAY Purse – beige


It is loaded with some of the finest health, beauty, and lifestyle products, that are exclusive…

only to Opulence Global. 


You are simply to promote your business on the web or in-person using an effective …

marketing method, they call, “play it smart marketing.”

Within seven minutes of using it, you will either be selling products or launching new partners.


Seven minutes is the entire presentation process. You are free to use other techniques that…

may deem to be effective in you getting paid.


Anyone can do this anywhere in the world even with no experience.

Opulence global offers effective training for you to take… and aside from all the wonderful…

life-changing products they created, what they are best known for is creating leaders.


But that’s not all their system can create full-time incomes on a part-time basis at a record pace.

So if getting paid to wear luxury things and getting recognized for your achievement by…

the company you work with being able to receive residual income from over 200 countries

is what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place…


And you can get started by joining their VIP program

It will be like an introduction to Opulence Global.

Or you may contact me by Joining on this site, just:

*** Click the light green square in the upper right hand of your browser…

and create an account.


Use your best email address and check your Spam Folder.

Some email services sometimes send my emails to Spam.



FERI - Get Paid to Wear Singapore Red - Shields

FERI – Singapore Red – Shields

*** Follow me on Instagram -#germey3of7

*** Follow me on Facebook:  germey.baird  

Send me a message saying I’m ready to become an Opulence Global lifestyle…

advisor.” I’ll get right back with you.


Yeah! Living an opulent lifestyle is no longer exclusive to a few privileged people.

Opulence Global is a company that provides an opportunity for an opulent lifestyle to every…

lifestyle advisor from day one.


If you have the will they have the way. Let me welcome you to the family in advance.

As you know not too long ago for regular folks like you and me, chances of…

getting paid to wear were next to none. 


We would have had to spend thousands of hours and dollars practicing something to…

establish ourselves as super athletes, entertainers or professional, or even, supermodels.



Fortunately, those days are now gone.

I invite you to follow along with an open mind. 

I think you are going to love what I show you.

It is definitely something to consider, especially when you learn how you can get paid to…

wear luxury products from Canada’s fastest-growing designer fashion house.



best spruce tree extract for sale

FERI – Alexio – Shoes – Black


Simply put, you purchase their products, at a discount, you wear, promote & market them.

I am now going to send you to my Opulence Global corporate site. where you’ll get to…

watch 3 short videos including part 1 of their compensation plan.


Please watch the videos then explore the site. When you join you will receive a site just…

like this one. Return here after exploring the site.


When folks buy from your efforts, you get paid a nice commission of up to 67%.

That is much higher than the 8% to 15% the average social influencers get paid.


However, some do get paid very well now, but they are the exceptions.


This is for you:  

*** who is already a social influencer with a social following and…

desires to upgrade your income potential 10 folds or more while doing what you love.


An opportunity to eventually, make a potential annual residual income of more…

than a few $$$ million CDN, from one of several income streams.



control diabetes complications

FERI Fashion Sun Glasses.  Click on Image to Enlarge Tote.


***  who wants to work online and get paid to wear and promote nice looking luxury goods.

That said, you may want to know that this is not for everyone.  It requires work, and for …

some lots of work. But for those who are successful, the reward is excellent.


If you are a social influencer, you know how hard you had to work to develop your social followers.


*** Oh! There is one more kind of person, this can be perfect for.

Someone desiring through a leadership role, to help others achieve what they want in life.

That may be through personal development, coaching, encouraging, and…

overall guidance with developing financial freedom in the process.



Get Paid to Wear Fashionable Luxury 


As you now know you can get paid to wear fashionable luxuries from Opulence Global. 

But did you know, they are doing everything in their power to make it easier for you…

to get paid to wear their luxury products? 


Take a look at the image below it features some of the products and there are about a 1,000…

that are available for you to get paid to wear. 

You may need to click on the image to enlarge for clearer viewing. 



Get Paid to Wear the Products Here and 1000 More–Click on Image to Enlarge.



Opulence Global, utilizes as you now know, the 3 evergreens &…

growing industries of:

*** Lifestyle Fashionyou can look forward to wearing some exclusive…

 FERI products. 

 They are all made by some of the same renowned craftsmen who are contracted out to some of …

the famous name brands you are used to hearing about. 


defend against dementia

FERI Fashion Show purse and watch.

Get paid to wear FERI Ladies high end shoes from GWT Corp.

FERI – Vera Shoes Gold Glitter

A Cool Way to Make Money-Without-Money

POSH – Terra WATCH – SILVER Tone With BLACK Band


How to get paid to wear luxury things

FERI Primavera Collection– Morning Glory Wallet – Aqua Blue Sold Out


fol lignans

FERI Shoes


*** Health: Introducing Fountain of Life-Antioxidants or FOL/lignans,

product to protect and preserve your health.


Antioxidants & lignans combined, help balance your hormones.

Scientists are now saying that the majority of maladies you suffer are due to hormone imbalances. 

Incidentally, an extract made from the Norwegian Spruce tree extract… 

the Fountain of Life is now known to be the strongest all-naturalnontoxic & quickly absorbed…

known antioxidants, that may be able to balance your hormones today. 


As you now know this too, is available to you especially with the continuous appearances…

of dangerous viruses.


Fountain of Life, is so revolutionary, as you now know, it has 22 patents.

It is like rocket fuel for your body.



8 Reasons to take Care of Your Health

Fountain of Life 8 Reasons Why


*** Beauty: The uncompromising  FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care System, is carrying …

its own weight, in the luxury anti-aging skincare arena.

It is standing tall. 

I use them and I am getting excellent results from using them.




FERI Flawless Anti -Aging Skin Care System, Click on Image to Enlarge


FERI Flawless is the world’s first professional-grade anti-aging skin…

care system that actually works.

It is revolutionizing the anti-aging skincare industry with 106 patents & counting.

Opulence Global products are actually excellent products.

They are multi-benefited but don’t take my words for it. 


That is the sentiment from people in over 200 countries around the world. 

I am so pumped to share the Facebook Group testimonial page with you.

All you need to do is ask, for it is a private group.






You are really hearing of something special here, right?

When you join Opulence Global, you will have FERI Fashion,  Fountain of…

Life and FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care System at your disposal.


You will be able to get paid from every product the company carries. 

Imagine posting a picture or a video on social media, of you getting out of…

a luxury car with the lease being paid by Opulence Global.


Imagine the potential to get paid for:

*** your Anti-Aging Skin Care Facial Moisturizer,

*** your FERI sunglasses 

***  your FERI eyeglass frames 

*** Anti-Aging Eye Serum

*** your  FERI necklace 

*** your FERI bracelet   

*** your FERI rings 

Get Paid to Wear Luxury Things

FERI – Golddust Celebration – Ring

*** your FERI shoes 



Now imagine being able to write off some if not all the cost of purchasing…

the items you are marketing and promoting by wearing.

That is possible in some countries.


And new products are currently in Research and Development. 

The above is a reality, experienced by a number of Opulence Global lifestyle advisors. 


Incidentally, many of them are new to the Opulence Global business. 

Some of these members are making more money a month than the person who brought them in.


Opulence Global business model can be lucrative.

It is designed to teach you how to use leverage, to build yourself a financial legacy.  

I have one question to ask you.


Has anyone, ever taken the time to fully share with you, all the benefits…

of being involved with Opulence Global?

I would love the honor of doing so along with some of my more successful business partners. 



FERI Luxe - Marianne Purse - brown

FERI Luxe – Marianne Purse – brown-


I trust you love what you have seen, hear, and read so far.

You want more, don’t ya? 

Well, I have more for ya.


The owner of the company made his first $1 mil in this industry before he was 25 years old.

Since then he has made $millions annually and has guided over a…

dozen other people to millionaire status.


He is on a mission right now to make 1,000 millionaires in the…

next 7 years.

That may be a Big Feat but he is serious.

And I have one more question for you. Will you be one


FERI Pink Cocktail Ring

FERI Pink Cocktail Ring


See how to earn $3million + CDN annually.

Join me on Facebook, Germey.Baird and send me a message on messenger.

Or follow me on Instagram #germey3of7

and Direct message me.   


Message HeadLine.”Wanna Get Paid to Wear.” 

Or “I am ready to become an Opulence Global lifestyle director.”


This site info is brought to you by an independent Opulence Global lifestyle Advisor, who is solely responsible for its content

Side Note: You are welcome to be a part of this new movement to Intelligent Automation using Artificial Intelligence. 

“Any statement here concerning FOL have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

FOL Lignans is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease.”



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