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Health Enthusiast Get Paid to take Antioxidants

Are Antioxidants Supplementation Necessary? find out

Antioxidants Herbs & Roots

  Oxidative Stress   Interested in getting paid to take antioxidants? Why not join the thousands of people all across the globe, doing so?

They are getting paid well, to take the worlds’ foremost antioxidants,…

known as Fountain of Life-High-performance Natural Antioxidants/Lignans.                     


(This page is about the product Fountain of Life. A good overview of what it is.  At the bottom, you will find links on getting started with the company.)


I invite you to 0Come discover Fountain of Life antioxidant, aka, FOL Lignans, for yourself.

It’s a new champion antioxidant that is… natural and truly vegan.


Is this your first time hearing about FOL, you may be happy to know that since its’emergence, …

FOL/Lignans, has been heralded as the one product to protect & preserve your well-being.  


It may soon contribute to you being paid to take antioxidants to help stay healthy.


But I must let you know upfront, while thousands of ordinary folks around the world are getting paid to take fOL, this opportunity is not for everyone.


Even the product itself is not for everyone; however, it seems that there are more people who can tolerate it than those that can’t.


FOL/Lignans is made from extracts found in the Norwegian Spruce tree. It has the naturally bitter taste… of the Norwegian Spruce Tree.

Apparently, scientists are just discovering, what has been known by “bush” doctors all through the ages.  


Example:  Some bitter- “compounds exhibit health beneficial effects, which is manifest in the… cross-cultural believe that the bitterness of medicine is correlated with the desired medicinal activity. The bitter taste receptors…  physiological effects exerted by bitter compounds.”


FOL, retains its’ natural bitterness. It contains, as of this writing, about 7 different elements or strains… of antioxidants known as 7-hydroxymatairesinol.

They are considered to be super high-performance antioxidants. But it has other elements such as:

*** Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside 

*** Alpha conidendrin 

*** Lariciresinol and more.

As you can see, it is not simply any of the following individual vitamins known as antioxidants:

  • vitamin A having some controversy.
  • vitamin C.
  • vitamin E also now having controversy
  • beta-carotene leading into some controversy
  • lycopene.
  • lutein.
  • selenium.
  • manganese.

Antioxidants: Health benefits and nutritional information

Fountain of Life Antioxidants with Lignans has been praised for its apparent many benefits… akin to the following discoveries:

“Researchers found that the sap from the Norwegian Spruce contained a high level of phytonutrient… lignans that did not exist in any other foods from nature. It was the Norwegian Spruce that grows in Northern Finland that was significant, as it has adapted to live in the harshest of environments. It is this adaptiveness, that has been known to indigenous people, who have been taking and using Spruce sap for relief from many ailments over the ages.”


“The patented extraction process, creates a food safe product that can be ingested. Recognized by many food and drug administrations as a food product, the extract in Fountain of Life has proven to be the perfect adjunct to everyone’s diet.”


The people you share FOUNTAIN OF LIFE lignans with, especially those passionate about their natural health:

***  will cherish this formulation

*** will cherish the higher quality functional food supplement in their diet

*** will cherish that it adds value to the thinking that beauty goes beyond skin deep

*** will agree with this claim that Beauty starts from the inside 

*** will appreciate its contribution to the right diet.


You will be able to have the right supplement, not readily known to many. Lignans one of the ingredients of FOL, were once plentiful in our diet.


They are found in the cell walls of many plants and so was in many of our food sources.   Sadly, today, many people have never heard of the term lignans.

They don’t even know the importance of this phytonutrient in their diet.


Researchers believe that lignans influenced the quality of our health and the lack of this nutrient has… impacted our well-being. 

Understanding this is where you come in.


 Get Paid to Take the World’s Most Powerful Functional Food FOL!


Once you understand the above, I believe it will be easier for you to share this with others. 

I believe you would feel good, to share this with people looking for a safe and effective way to maintain the preservation of their health. 


I don’t need to tell you about the importance of preserving your health, especially with the constant outbreak of malicious health viruses.  


Have you paid attention lately?  Currently, as of this update, the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19… is running rampant.

Take a look at what they are saying here about the Coronavirus.   But that’s not all you should be concerned about.

There seems to be a pattern or cycle taking place with no end in sight.


Here in 2020, we have the Coronavirus running amuck.

Around 2016 it was Zika.

And in 2014 it was Ebola.

And a few years earlier in 2009 it was the Swine Flu.

But that’s not all way back around 2006 the Ecoli scare was out.

In 2005 it was the Bird Flu.

Not to be outdone there was SARS around2003. 

And West Nile in 2002.

What will be next?  Who knows?


But wouldn’t you want to be in a position to get paid when folks … discover the many benefits of Fountain of Life Antioxidants?

FOL with their customers and potential customers and are getting paid for sharing.


But how do you get paid to take FOL Antioxidants with Lignans?   Maybe the question should be why would you get paid from FOL? 

The answer is simple.

FOL works to assist with a number of maladies for folks in all walks of life.  


It works especially well for folks who want to improve their health and lifestyle.

Probably not scientifically tested, but allegedly

*** It works for folks who just want to be healthier 

*** It works for folk afflicted by various health maladies, 

*** It works because the lignans has many nutritional values and supports:

*** It works for folks with colon function challenges 


***  it supports General Well-Being at its optimum 

*** It works for you who wants to Maintain Healthy Body Weight 

*** It works for people experiencing hot flashes 

*** by using FOL lignans you can maintain healthy hair and possible hair growth.


*** by using FOL lignans you may maintain healthy glucose metabolism 

*** Most of all FOL lignans may help you to generally be free of pains and aches 


As such their product works for you as an athlete too. 

It helps you have a faster recovery and better absorption of the supplement and…

the food you take


As a matter of fact, the company founder and CEO is a former World Class Athlete a Gold…

Medal Olympian.

It was his vision from a chance encounter that brought about the new and improve…

Norwegian Spruce Tree Fountain of Life Antioxidant


Norwegian Spruce Antioxidant was already in existence, for thousands of years,

but the Fountain of Life is a New and Improve version.

Get Paid to take antioxidants

Fol Lignans- click on Image to Enlarge

So if you are an athlete of any sort, concerned about optimizing your nutritional intake, this may help you.

If you are serious about getting paid to take high-performance antioxidants, today is your lucky day.

Today you can join those Who are taking  FOL Lignans & those getting paid to take it.


This is possibly a weird but extremely lucrative way, to…

Get Paid, to take Fountain of Life High-Performance Antioxidants.  

You can take them with confidence, knowing you are taking possibly the best of it’s kind.

And get paid handsomely from around the world.


Why Get Paid to Take Antioxidants?


Why get paid to take antioxidants? Well, why not? We are constantly being bombarded by a barrages of infectious viruses.

Keeping your hormones in balance and your immune system up seems like an excellent solution to staying healthy and possibly alive.

Wouldn’t you like to possibly increase your chances of survival in the event you get a virus outbreak?


In the case of the Coronavirus, we now know that there is a high rate of survival by people, in good health.

If so be the case why not help yourself and others and get paid in the process?

 If this makes sense to you, what are you waiting for? 


Be the first of your friends to get paid to take FOL high-performance antioxidants/lignans. 

Take action and claim your paid to take, high-performance antioxidants lifestyle today.


Opulence Global has Lifestyle advisors in over 200 countries, but the market is wide open for you where ever you are.  

This is still a major opportunity for the right person in you. 

Let me ask you, are you one who loves to get dressed and look your best?

Then maybe just maybe you can get paid in the process of you going out meeting people when you are out and about? 


And with social media worldwide reach, you can get paid from outside your community, from around the world and bring income into your community.

So now the question you may be asking is…

How Do You Get Paid to Take Fountain Of Life Antioxidants? 


Through a simple 3 step process:  

Step 1: Join My Free Opulence VIP Shopper


Watch 3 short videos: Get to know Opulence Global and the opportunity it offers with its Fountain of Life Antioxidants.  

Get started with the first video… a short company overview video .  It gives you 25 reasons to look at and join Opulence Global. 


And here is the second video, part (A) intro to the compensation plan…. at the end of this video scroll and read the information on the page.

& (B)Three Ways to Earn.


ere are 2 videos  Fortunately for you the company is in three Evergreen Niches …

Health, Fashion and Beauty. However, you are free to concentrate on anyone you please.  

At the end of those videos please return here for step 2.

Step 2: Congratulation, your next step is to get set up for a…

35 minutes interview to let us get to know each other…

and to see if you qualify. 

Part of the interview will consist of your answers to…

the following questions:

Start preparing for the interview process, now, then come back here.

Step 3: The interview:

(A) At the end of the interview should you decide you want to follow through with this, we will prepare you for training.

However, if you are already a social influencer  and a health enthusiast wanting to get paid to take antioxidants,

are free to continue with your way of doing things.

Now get started don’t delay another minute but if you are still wondering why you should join Opulence Global opportunity. 



Recently, there has been a lot of information being put out about antioxidants.

Some are positive some are negative.

What folks seem to fail to realize is that antioxidants are only an extension of the nutrients…

that are normally in your,  food, vegetable, fruits and meats. 


When you are getting a certain level of nutrients from your food, your overall health …

composition is at or close to its optimum.

You don’t suffer from many maladies, aches, and pains. Your overall energy is high.

You sleep better.


You are more alert, throughout the day.  You think faster. 

You are more generally pleasant to be around.

You heal from cuts, burns, and bites faster. 

Your sexual prowess and fertility is generally high. 

You build up muscle tone easily from exercise or certain work. 

All of these are natural to you. Your blood pressure is normal or at its optimum.

Your heart rate is normal.

However, your general well being may be quite different from someone of a different…

personality straight and energy level.


Best Strongest Antioxidants

FOL Lignans allegedly, Support Prostate Health

So taking antioxidants is not generally going to give you a caffeine boost or a…

vitamin B12 shot boost. 

You may just feel energized all day.

But if you are the type who pays attention to your body, you will feel and sometimes see…

the physical difference.


Fountain of Life antioxidants, allegedly, harmonizes your hormones so your overall body…

gets back into sync, if it is out of sync and allows your body to protect and preserve its self.


Now I am not going to try and convince you nor dispute any research that anyone has out…

about the value of antioxidants.

I believe if, they are not all-natural, then, they may have a different effect on your body. 


We know what free radicals are. They are actually antioxidants, missing an electron.

So if you are taking an antioxidants with any synthetic ingredients, it is possible that it…

will work in your body like a free radical creating a certain level of oxidative stress.


Now I will tell you that I worked in a hospice environment for more than 21/2 years.

I saw people who doctors had sent home to die, lived and recuperate after their loved ones…

showered them with love, and changed of diet to veggies and superfoods high in antioxidants.

Somehow something worked. Did everyone survive?  No!

Get paid to tak antioxidants

FOL Lignans



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