Get Paid Amply to Wear Luxuries by Opulence Global Products


Get Paid well to wear GWT Corp luxury items

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Get paid amply, to wear Opulence Global products, luxury products, that work as hard as you do.  

Welcome to your opportunity to get paid to wear Opulence Global amazing products.


Join the thousands of folks who wear and promote, FERI luxury designer fashion.

Such as FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care and Fountain of Life-lignans…

and other items that you will learn about later.


The video below is a full explanation of how you would get paid by this company.

I can understand and respect that it is not for everyone.


But you won’t really know that until you put your hands on it.

Not from reading someone else review… that is actually designed to stir you to their promotions.

I don’t know about you…but I am from the country and I learned very early in life that not…

because the fox said, that,  “the grapes are sour,” means that they are sour.


Comp Plan Full.   

This may be your first time hearing about FERI Designer’s Lines, FERI Flawless or Fountain of Life.

However, FERI is known in over 200 countries and loved by over 300 celebrities worldwide.

And as you now know, loved by over 300 worldwide celebrities.  


Get paid to wear GWT Corp luxury items



Yes, people love these fashionable gems, like the hot pink shoes above, from Opulence Global.

That is now on sale for about 60% off.


In a moment I will introduce you to some more of them.

But for right now let’s explore the getting paid to wear industry.  


It’s an industry whose face is constantly changing.

For the most part it was closed for you and I. It usually was only open to celebrities, models,…

famous athletes, …who made the real money.  


Recently we have had some YouTubers, bloggers, social media genius;

*** on Instagram,

*** Pinterest and

*** Facebook, who have hacked the industry.

They are now known as influencers.


get paid to wear Opulence Global luxury items

FERI Primavera Collection- Morning Glory Sold Out Wallet – Aqua Blue


The social media influencers have found ways to get in through side doors, back doors, windows and…

even loading docks.


And that’s where Opulence Global comes in.

They have created a unique way, for you if you are that right person, to really shine. 

This is not for everybody, even though almost everybody can do it. 


FERI, has created a subset, that as you now know is paying folks in over 200 countries.

Some of these are ordinary folks, who just loved wearing name brands, but were never paid.  


They switched their brands and are now being paid.

I extend this private invitation to you, to join the ranks of those once ordinary people, now being…

paid to wear FERI.



A cool way to make money without money

FERI – Perces  Watch – Gold Tone with Blue Face and Printed Strap


Many around the world, are getting paid $100. and up and some  $30k Canadian weekly…

from wearing and promoting FERI Designer’s lines luxury brands.


You may have heard of people other than fashion models getting paid to wear luxury products.

Such as tennis-shoes, jewelry, makeup, hats and other items of clothing.  Now you can do the same


Continue reading to learn how people, are getting paid to wear and promote luxury goods,

like the products, you are seeing here, today.  

One such person, getting paid, is my friend & mentor who is now famously known as FERI Sherry. 


An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Janice Purse Brown Monogram 


According to Sherry:


An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Golden Sunset – Ring


For her Opulence Global, made sense.

It is in the business of Gold, Silver and Diamonds and other luxury designer’s accessories, and now…

a Flawless Skin Care line.

She recognized that these are the things that the wealthy collect as a safe asset to grow their wealth…

and invest in to look younger.


Get Paid Wearing Luxury Items & Save on Taxes 



Sherry saw that Opulence Global would afford her the opportunity to get paid extraordinary…

well to wear luxury items. To her it was elementary.

She could purchase desired items at a deep discount, just as you saw in the video above.




She can wear those items and enjoy them and get paid for promoting them.

Plus she can take advantage of all the tax benefits of having a home-based business.  

It’s easy to see why she went with Opulence Global, a winner.


Just the tax advantage alone could save her $3,000 to $9,000. yearly on taxes.

Wow! That made perfect sense!


Plus it allowed her to build an opulent global fashion designer’s business.

She realized that she could build a $Million Dollar business into a $Million Dollar portfolio,

without spending an arm and a leg.


Using products that she could pass onto her family. That for her was no brainier.

She is now well on her way to doing so.



An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Ankara Gold – Optical


A few years ago Sherry went over the $1,000,000 mark in career earnings, with Opulence Global.

She is loving what she does and her motivation for building her Opulence Global business.



100 Top MLM Companies for 2018

Opulence Global Male Model

Sherry took a chance in joining this MLM company.  

That chance has paid off big time for her.

She is getting paid multiple streams of income, from the company.

 Plus getting huge bonuses and extraordinary incentives. 


LOL! You are hearing about Sherry and maybe you wondering, “How do I get paid to wear from Opulence Global?”

That’s a good question and I am glad you ask.


You now know that Opulence Global has thousands of people around the world, in 200 + countries…,

getting paid to wear.  And you would like to be next. Right?



gwt corp getting paid to wear

Opulence Global members from around the world at GWT 10th Anniversary, getting paid to wear


Getting Paid to Wear Was Most Popular With Celebrities & Models


Getting paid to wear was most popular with celebrities and fashion models.


Can fashion lovers get paid to wear ladies high fashion shoes?

FERI – Jaime Shoes Red-


Now that you know and are still interested we can get you started in 3 simple steps


Step I.  I am going to ask that you set aside at least 21/2 hours to go over all of this material. 

Then  I trust you’ll take whatever amount of time you may want or need to do your own due diligence.


Next, I have 4 short videos for you to watch on the companySome of them you may… 

have watched already you may skip the ones you have already seen. 

Here is the first video: Entitled 25 Reasons Why Opulence Global:  


Second video: Entitled Opulence Global Product & Opportunity Overview:   


Third Video Opulence Global Company Distribution Overview:


Fourth Video Company Full Compensation Plan:


Following that are 2 other videos. One on FERI Flawless Skincare & the other on the company Fountain of Life product.  


Step II.  Go sign up for a free Opulence Global VIP Club Account.

It offers perks and will come in handy for you later on.

On that same page scroll down halfway and 

click fill out short survey here.  


Step III.  Requesting the interview:

Once both steps above are completed, the final step is to request the interview 

Once all of the above are done we will introduce ourselves, and when we move forward I will introduce you to other successful and busy company leaders.  

I will introduce you to at least 5 team leaders

These are team leaders that you may potentially work with.

by setting you up for a 35 minute more or less interview.

Leaders who may work with you to ensure your success in getting paid to wear Opulence Global luxury items.

We trust all of this make sense to you.  This is your moment now.  Don’t wait any longer.  

Go do Steps I, II & III now.  Do it today.  

Thanks a billion


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