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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressAn Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear Opulent Items Opulence Global Welcome Video   Getting paid to wear opulent items is now possible.  Here is your… opportunity to get paid to wear luxury items with ease and without stress.    If […]

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An Opportunity To Get Paid

To Wear Opulent Items

Opulence Global Welcome Video


Getting paid to wear opulent items is now possible.  Here is your…

opportunity to get paid to wear luxury items with ease and without stress. 


If you got here by my personal invitation, congratulations & welcome. 

I am about to introduce you to Opulence Global. 


Their foundation was established in Canada in 2005, with a dedication…

to design and manufacture products that matters to you.


Opulence Global, raised up from a humble beginning to become one of…

Canada’s largest designer manufacturer. 


The welcome video above gave you a welcome message with a quick,,,

introduction to what Opulence Global is all about. 


I trust it opened up some curiosity in you because that’s part of the…

reason I reached out to you and invited you here.


You are already getting paid to wear and you know how wonderful…

it feels to get paid, from your recommendations to your fans.


You have already figured out how to have a following of raving fans.

My goal is to show you how you can possibly earn several million…

dollars annually from those raving fans.


Imagine how happier you would be, if you were being paid 2 to  5….

times more for the same amount of work you are putting in now.


Imagine how happier you’d be, especially if you were getting paid…

to wear Opulence Global luxury items and got-paid generously.


How generous you asked? Up to the tune of $3+ million Canadian annually.

I gotta ask you, would your life be different, with a potential residual income…

of $3mil  plus?  


benefits of having a home-based business




Here’s your opportunity to:

wear and promote luxury and designer fashions

jewelry & accessories,


FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skincare products and even a health product-

FERI Fountain of Life Antioxidants, which is probably the best antioxidants…

around today.


As you now know, Opulence Global is in three major niches:

*** Fashion… jewelry and accessories

*** Beauty… anti-aging skin care

*** Health… the world’s most powerful concentration…

of antioxidant-Fountain of Life Lignans. 

Incidentally you get all 3 for the price of one.


Friend, this is your opportunity to turn up your wealth thermometer.  

Let me cut to the chase, this is not for everyone; however, many

of those who get to fully understand it, have said that…,


build a global business


“they have had some sleepless nights because they were too excited, about this.”


Well I don’t want you to suffer from sleepless nights but I need to let you know…

that this does consist of work.

What type of work?


The same type of work that you are already doing, that is communicating with…

your social media followers.

But you are able to get paid handsomely for your work. 


Opulence Global is currently on an expansion run and I have

been commissioned to assist in that expansion campaign. 


The good news is…

I have world wide distributor licensing rights, from Opulence Global.


As you know, I said earlier, this is not for everyone, but I trust

you are motivated & wanting to live up to your full potential.


Then you will understand that Opulence Global was created, with

people of your talent and caliber in mind. 




People in over 199 countries around the world have endorsed this

company’s, business &  marketing model. 


I trust that everything you have read here, saw and heard on the

video resonates with you.


And you are ready to move forward to learn and fully understand

how you’d get paid to wear Opulent luxury items.


As you have learned these are fashion, jewelry & accessories,

anti-aging skin care products and a health product.


Incidentally, the jewelry and accessories are loved  by over 300

celebrities in Hollywood.


Now you are probably asking or wondering, how do you get paid? 

For that I have another video for you to watch.    


This video is a little bit longer than the one you watched earlier. 

It is narrated by my friend and business partner Mr. Rene Liaw,

a lifestyle director with the company.


He just happens to be, one of the company’s millionaire earners. 


Business tax advantage He made his first million dollars with less than 5,000 members

or followers in his entire organization. 


Now if you were able to get paid from the efforts of people all

around the world, would that interest you? 


Well, then this is your private invitation to take a closer look

and learn here. Then come back here for some clarity. 


Come join the ranks of happy people, who are getting paid to

wear & promote, from around the world.


An opportunity to get paid to wear luxury items

FERI MOSH – Violetta – Stilettos– Only available to OG Partners.


As you know the paid to wear industry now has windows of opportunities. 

You have already broken down some of the barriers to these windows.


This industry was once dominated by celebrities and super models,…

who worked very hard. Then sports superstars entered the game.


That made it more difficult for ordinary folks to get a piece of the pie.


Thanks to some new medium and innovative thinkers like you,

today, some of that celebrity hold has changed. 


Social media came along and changed the dynamics .

YouTube and other avenues, produced some exceptional stars,

people like you who got paid very well.



As you Now Know, it is easier for you to get a piece of this pie

through social media etc.


We are a part of this unconventional disruptive marketing and

promotion, but as you saw in our compensation plan video,

with a twist.


We are offering you an opportunity, that can pay you very well and

the ability to use leverage to magnify your paydays.


Monetary Disclaimer: Any amount of money spoken of here is in reference  to money that has been paid and an example of what you can get paid and not an indication of what you will be paid.

Your income generating activity efforts and your work ethics will be a major contributor to what you may get paid”


An Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear Luxury Items

FERI – Round Splendor Earrings-


 Everyday people like you, social media influencer’s are making money from online efforts.

That’s According Mashable Lifestyle,  


“Influencers can earn anywhere from below €100 ($110) to 100 times this amount (€10,000, $11,006) for content they create in collaboration with a brand,” the spokesperson confirmed.



“Jenny Woods, founder of the social media startup for marketing teams Zaapt, told Mashable that a fashion and lifestyle Instagram star with 1.3m followers was recently paid £5,000 ($6,104) for an Instagram post.


“Another brand paid £17,000 ($20,749) for a reality TV star to tweet and Instagram about their brand in a series of posts. The influencer has 1.2m followers on Instagram,” Woods continued.

“Woods says that an influencer with more than 1 million followers can expect to earn between £5,000 ($6,104) and £20,000 (£24,406) per post.

When it comes to adding a price tag to an Instagram post, the more followers the better. And, the massive reach commanded by social media savvy celebrities like Kim Kardashian West can carry a six-figure sum.”


The more you understand the more better off you will be; however, the more you understand and know your why for…

doing this the better & more successful you will be at it. 



FERI - Daniel Shoes - Monogram Beige

FERI – Daniel Shoes – Monogram Beige


Heck click this  link getting paid to wear and see some of…

the ways Google have listed how people are getting paid.


However, not many are  getting paid like my friend & mentor

Mr. Rene L, formerly of Toronto Canada, whom you met in

the compensation plan video.  


These days Rene and his young family are living the life of jet setters.

Traveling the world having fun and owning their own lives.


Apart from the hold their creator has on them, nothing is holding them back.


An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Abigail Purse Brown Monogram 


You can say he has it made, considering 10 years ago he was

at what he considered a dead end job.


He was working, as an IT tech for a large Toronto based firm.

You may think otherwise


Now why would an IT tech leave what was considered, to be a high…

paying job paying $80k to $85K a year in one of Canada’s largest

service based computer firm?

Why Would he do Such and Leave Such Opportunity? 


Well he got the bug but we will leave that talk for another day.   

At Opulence Global, he met Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO & founder of…

what was known as Global Wealth Trade Corporation.


He met company Senior VP of Product Design Ms. Sanaz Hooman,

and the gentleman who later became the company’s first millionaire,

Lifestyle Director Mr. Reza Mesgarlou.  


They shared with him the concept of using the most desired and…

lucrative products on earth, to build a global business,

for residual income.  


That caught his attention and he went to work.

According to Rene, he has been very fortunate to have had the 3 of…

them as mentors for his success.


An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Golden Sunset – Ring

For him Opulence Global, made sense


Get Paid Wearing Luxury Items & Save on Taxes 


Rene, soon discovered that Opulence Global would afford him

the opportunity to get paid extraordinary well to wear luxury items.  

To him that was elementary.


He would purchase desired items at a deep discount.

Wear them and enjoy them and get paid for promoting them.

Plus take advantage of all the tax benefits of having a business.  


An Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear Luxury Items

FERI MOSH – Erberto – Shoes – Denim Blue


It’s easy to see why he went with Opulence Global, business model a winner.

Just the tax advantage alone could save him $3,000 to $9,000…

yearly on taxes.


Imagine what you could do with an extra $9,000. every year for

the rest of your life in savings from taxes. 



Business tax advantage may not be available everywhere.


Wow! That made perfect sense for Rene.  Today he is enjoying life.

He has embarked on teaching others the tax advantages & benefits of…

having a home-based business, especially one like Opulence Global.


He realized that he could build a $Million Dollar business into a…

$Million Dollar portfolio, without spending an arm and a leg.


Using a business model that he could pass onto his now two young sons.

That for him was a no brainier.

An Unusual Opportunity To Get Paid To Wear

FERI – Ankara Gold – Optical


I trust everything you have read and seen on this post and in the videos…

make much sense to you. 

And you are excited to learn more and get started. 


We can do this through a simple 3 step manner. 

First: I am going to ask you to connect with me through the

business by joining our VIP program.


If we are friends on Instagram: #germey3of7 

DM me saying Opulence for me. 

If you are on Facebook, message me saying, Opulence for me too


Note: if you got here on your own—please connect with me…

through this blog by creating an account here on this site.  


Look up to the left hand corner of your address bar.

You will see a light green colored square with 3 bars , click on it,

then click register.


Create an account and enter your name and a user name.

Note:  You can always easily close your account down


I will  immediately send you information, with instructions on

what you need to do to continue, to get paid to wear opulent items. 

Thank you. 


Not able to sign in Click this link  then follow the instructions. 


Imagine, getting paid $3 million plus yearly, in residual income. 


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