Global Wealth Trade A Huge Success in Nigeria

Global Wealth Trade A Huge Success in Nigeria

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Global Wealth Trade A Huge Success in Nigeria
Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressWhy is Global Wealth Trade a Huge Success in Africa?     Global Wealth Trade Now Opulence Global: Had a huge success in Nigeria from its early beginnings there. >>>>> Note: Global Wealth Trade has now Revamped Itself & Has Re-launched […]

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Why is Global Wealth Trade a Huge Success in Africa?


GWT Corp Nigeria Success

GWT Corp and ILC’s Jet Setting in Nigeria


Global Wealth Trade Now Opulence Global:

Had a huge success in Nigeria from its early beginnings there. >>>>>

Note: Global Wealth Trade has now Revamped Itself & Has Re-launched as…

Opulence Global


Over 1,200 people attended the company’s first summit in

 Abuja, Nigeria, making it a success.


For a Multi-level-Marketing, a direct sales/network marketing company

in Nigeria, that was a huge success. That was unprecedented.


In the past, network marketing companies had a hard time getting a

foothold in Nigeria.

GWT Corp Nigerian Success

FERI – Janice Purse Brown Monogram


So why Opulence Global?  Simple.  Their products are:

*** visual

*** high glamor

*** luxury and at that time ultra-luxury designer brand such as:


Is Africa becoming direct selling, mlm next hub?

FERI MOSH Star of My Heart – Not Available to General Public


Those along with goods and easy to understand yet powerful

compensation plan has been a catalyst for the company’s success in Nigeria.  


But the preemptive catalytic disruptive success generator has to

be. (Note: you will need to read the

article to see her credit) She saw the mountain top and overcame

disruptive, uncompromising challenges, to boldly go out with

passion, enthusiasm, and loving pioneering vigor, to spread the

word about Global Wealth Trade/ Opulence Global. 


Whatever the reason, Nigerians have gravitated to the visually

appealing products and the unique GWT FREE Flowing pay plan.

Get Paid to Look Good

FERI – Theia Watch – Rose Tone with Brown Strap Was $3686—Save $1696


Sometimes ago, Mr. Ted Nuyten, publisher of the online 

authoritative newsletter Business For Home caught up with Mr. 

Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO and Founder of then Global Wealth Trade whose

products are reported, “adored by connoisseurs of fine jewelry across

the world.” ABJUSA


Get Paid to Look Good

POSH – Sunglasses Kenzo – Gunmetal/Black


A fireside chat ensured where Ted wanted to know why Global

Wealth Trade is such a huge success in Africa, where the company is

currently in over 15 countries there.


The following is an excerpt from that Fireside chat.  


Nigeria Embraces Global Wealth Trade


Led by Nigeria, which is not a traditional MLM market, Global

Wealth Trade is being embraced by the African continent.


Insane is the new slogan, which accordingly is the highest level of

accolade you can receive in GWT and Africa.

Global Wealth Trade Nigeria Success

FERI – Rafael – Boot – Red-Black –

Over 1200 people attended Global Wealth Trade’s first major business

presentation in Abuja and, “for a new market that is just INSANE”

Ramin Mesgarlou

Why Global Wealth Trade is a Huge success in Nigeria


Answering the question on insane Nigeria, Ramin had this to say: 


Well Ted, I think the normal GWT attributes such as Visual high

glamour designer goods and the industry’s most rewarding distributor

compensation plan that has led our operation to 86 countries plays a

strong role here however, the secret I believe is GWT’s exclusive

FREE-FLOWING and VARIABLE compensation plan.”  


Get Paid to look Good

FERI – Golden Sunset – Ring



No Breakages is Part of Global Wealth Trade Success  


Ramin, went on to tell Ted, what he did to make an impact or changes

to the industry. “In 2005 when I finally decided to launch my own

company Global Wealth Trade Corp, I created a compensation plan

with DISRIBUTOR MENTALITY and not a corporate mentality.”  


If you’ve ever heard of “the butterfly effect,” what you sow is what?

What you reap today. This is partly why GWT is embraced by

the newly emerging markets where before, no other company had. 

Global Wealth Trade A Huge Success in Africa

FERI – BRIDGET – SHOES – Red Patent Sold Out

Apparently, the people in these new emerging countries sees right

through these attributes and that is why Global Wealth Trade as an

 opportunity is a huge success in Africa and especially Nigeria.  


That interview was from GWT first Nigerian Summit Tour.  If history

repeats itself, we are about to see in GWT Nigerian Summit Tour 2015,

comparable or exceeding that first summit.


Nigeria Brace yourself, because GWT is looking to close 2015 with a

Huge Bang in Nigeria.  See the Flyer below.


UPDATE:  The GWT Nigerian 2016 Summit is over and it was an insanely successful

summit. Over 5000, curious, excited and qualified Nigerians attended the Global

Wealth Trade Corp Nigeria 2016 Summit.


The summit is over but the opportunity is still open to you, should you decide

that you want to get involved.


If you are not yet a member you should join our Opulence VIP Club  now and be able

to enjoy an exciting and rewarding program in the palm of your hands.



Go ahead and do that and discover why over 5000 excited Nigerians attended and

made the GWT Corp Nigerian 2015 & 2016 Summits a huge success.


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