opulence-global-awesome-father’s day-opportunity

opulence-global-awesome-father’s day-opportunity

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opulence-global-awesome-father’s day-opportunity
Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressOpulence Global Awesome Father’s Day Gifting Opportunity (Update)     Father’s Day 2018 is right around the corner and Opulence Global has an awesome Father’s Day gifting opportunity. An opportunity to express, I love you, I appreciate you I care and I […]

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Opulence Global Awesome Father’s

Day Gifting Opportunity (Update)


Opulence Global awesome Father's Day gifting Opportunity

FERI Moonstruck Fathers Day half price sale


Father’s Day 2018 is right around the corner and Opulence Global has an awesome Father’s Day gifting opportunity.

An opportunity to express, I love you, I appreciate you I care and I love You more on Father’s Day.


Opulence Global Awesome Fathers Day Gifting Opportunity

FERI Alpine Racer – Ring


For Father’s Day 2018 from now until June 15th all men FERI Tungsten rings,  Stellite, Plangsten & Hi-Tech Ceramic Rings are 50% off.

But the opportunity is there to take control of a dynamic, complete eCommerce store loaded with over $10 million CDN, worth of

luxury jewelry and accessories and goods ready to fly off the shelf.


FERI Rings Trio of Rings Click on image to enlarge.

FERI Tungsten Hearts

FERI Plangsten Ring

FERI Fortitude Ring

Opulence Global awesome opportunity brings calmness to people. Especially around Father’s Day & birthdays for men. 

A  new visitor to the block is I Appreciate You Day.

Around these times, some people are a nervous wreck.

Some just  don’t give a hoot, while others are cool and collected.  

FERI Trio of Rings. Click Image to enlarge

FERI Orbit Ring

FERI Exquisite Ring

FERI Tungsten Ring

Not that they are heartless. Well, at-least for those who are members

of Opulence Global VIP Club and its members.

They ran a Direct selling designer jewelry business opportunity.  They are a very giving people.

They find themselves to be calm, cool and collected.  They have got it all wrapped up.

You see they are able to shop, from their own virtual…

eCommerce store at special members prices.


And they can set up a layaway account and have money from $35 a month up to a $1,000.

a month set a side towards the purchase of the luxury designer products they love.  

They are happy to be able to get gratifying, luxury FERI jewelry and accessories at special member pricing and saving money.


But that’s not all, the sheer fact that they are involved in the biz opportunity allows them to be able to share in  

the revenues and world profits of the company.

One member Mr. Mesgarlou put it this way:

Opulence Global Awesome Father's Day gifting opportunity

FERI – Aether Watch – Gold Tone with Blue Face and Printed Strap

I was looking back at the last 10 years and how my life has changed and can not understand as to why people continue

to complain without doing anything about the complaint.

What if this coming Father’s Day, you just go all out and get your dad or loved one , his own luxury designers,  virtual eCommerce shop. 


At first he or she may not be too pleased. 

However, when he/she realizes, that they have a complete Opulence Global business building system, with over $10 million Canadian, worth of inventory sentiments will change.

Opulence Global Awesome Father's Day Gifting Opportunity

FERI Father’s Day half price sale.

And when they realizes that this opportunity consist of luxury and ultra luxury designer jewelry and, and accessories and fashion jewelry, health and beauty, wow!   

A Virtual Designers eCommerce store With All The Luxury Gifts That BeFits Fathers Day & Other Special Occasions  


That like the ultimate gift, filled with the special things that the Holly Wood’s celebrities and the media, cherishes.  

So, let’s think about this coming Father’s Day gift for  your loved one. 


Opulence Global awesome Father's Day gifting opportunity

FERI Rings on Sale 50% Off Click Image to Enlarge.

What you say about his or her own virtual designers eCommerce shopping mall, …

loaded with products that sells for $16.00 CDN to over $164,000.00. and pays out up to 70% commission.

A virtual designers eCommerce shopping mall for personal shopping or to make sales around the world. 

You get this with all the training necessary to be successful.

With practically, every aspect of the business being taken care of.  

Would it be nice if the mall was hosted and replenished with inventory and new products.

Orders are taken…, products shipped, insurance and handling all taken care of by Opulence Global.


Here is an opportunity for you to be the first one with these fabulous

Opulence Global luxury products around your friends.  

Here is an opportunity to have new beautiful holiday gifts available yearly.

Available for special occasion, available to your love ones for the rest of their lives.  



The beauty about this, is that now you can find gifts for every-one you care about in the eCommerce store. 

And guess what?

At special pricing and you would never be out of gift ideas.  


I invite you now to take a look at some of these luxury designer products nested inside this awesome Opulence Global Father’s Day gifting opportunity.

Look around in the galleries, I assure you, you will find something there that you will be happy to give to your love one along with the gift of a Opulence Global business opportunity.  


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