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8 High-End Dress Shoes a Perfect Gift For-a-Man 

05/05/20 by Germey

Can dress shoes be the perfect gift for men?

FERI Alexio Dress Shoes Black See my note at bottom of this post.

Are high-end dress shoes a perfect gift for a debonair man?

Yeah! Actually quality luxury shoes are a perfect gift for…

any man… liking style.


Give that man them high-end dress shoes, you want to see him in.

Nay! Nat! Ney! Nay!


Guy, you have got to take responsibility on this one.


Are you single? Are you out or about to venture out into the…

dating scene? If you are pay, heed. 

You may just, want to gift yourself, a nice pair of shoes. 


“Why? Because, if you have seen the woman of your…

dreams but you haven’t met her yet, this might be…

a good thing to consider.  

You’ll be surprised to know that women are like eagles…

perched on top of a tree, they don’t miss a thing.”


Well, while some people will say “Yeah!”  To the above…

Others may say, “Nay.” 


But I would like to believe, that you being here means …

that you are a lover of nice shoes.


But you are not the only one who likes nice shoes.

A survey was done some years ago by KTLA 5 News AT 3.


Of the top 5 things, women look at when they first meet you.

You’ll be surprised to know that Shoe was number one.


High-end dress shoes make perfect sense as a gift for any man.

But it all depends on the person getting the gift.

I hinted earlier that you should just gift yourself a nice …

pair of shoes.


Especially if you portray the qualities of being debonair.

But let me ask you, what are your priorities and attitude…

towards being well dressed? 


Are you the type of person who would spend your money on…

something good, that you like, when you see it?


Below is the FERI Rodrigo black shoe. It makes a perfect gift.

It is a Men’s genuine leather monk strap with real calf hide and…

patent leather upper with leather sole. 

Sole also has rubber for non-slip properties.




It has often been said, that every man needs at least one good…

pair of properly-made dress shoes, in his closet.


Look closely on the FERI Rodrigo Black Shoe, a patent leatherman…

it is sitting there looking majestic.

A straight high-quality leatherman!


I have seen some guy’s personalities changed, to be more…

confident, friendlier, and charismatic when wearing a great…

pair of dress shoes. 


There is just something about a nice looking guy wearing a …

nice pair of shoes.   If you have got some hidden debonair…

qualities, having a pair of high-end shoes,…

“may just be what the doctor ordered.”


What about you, the one looking to give the gift?

Are you giving it because you would also love to see him in it?


Then what about you, debonair man?

Would a high-end gift to self, be out of your consideration?


Would you splurge on nice-looking high-end shoes for your…

birthday or for the New Year or as an I deserve this gift? 


Gifting is a wonderful way to achieve that.  And you never know…

what a gift to self will do for you.

I have a friend who gave herself a home-based business as a …

birthday gift, to self some years ago.


Today her home-based business has given her many of the…

finer things in life.  Including:


*** a husband, 

*** upgrade cars

*** a million dollar baby,

*** yearly vacations

*** millionaire status 




Above is a Men’s genuine leather laced shoes made with Real…

calf hide leather upper with leather sole.

Alluringly, the Leather is imprinted with crocodile skin texture.


The Sole is made with rubber for non-slip properties.

This is a FERI shoes, it has Custom sole imprint with FERI design.

The leather is also Hand brushed to create the unique look)



Please note, I am not saying you are going to achieve the above…

from gifting to yourself.


It is an illustration of what happened to a  friend of mine who gave…

herself a birthday gift.

I mentioned it because some people think that self-gifting is absurd. 


But let’s get back to the high-end shoes.

What type of high-end shoes am I talking about? 


I am talking about really well-made dress shoes. 

Not the cheap type you usually find on Amazon or at some…

department store.


Those usually are not the best of dress shoes.

They usually are not all that comfortable nor very well made.  

 Now listen, if you don’t know what good quality shoes are,…

it’s not your fault.


I suspect all men have been there, done that, not knowing what…

real good quality shoes are.


Good, high quality, men’s wear, and other accessories have been…

taken over by “cheap, imported, mass-produced consumer goods.” 




And they seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper every day and…

for some, the prices keep going up for poor quality, trendy…

shoes and menswear.


It is sad to see “poorly-fitting fused together suits and plastic

-looking “dress shoes.”

Gone are the days when you saw your favorite men group, sharply…

dressed wearing killer shoes, performing their hit records at concerts.


Gone are the days when you saw a well-dressed couple going out to…

a fancy restaurant. 

Those were the days when men knew how to dress.

Men knew their local clothing store and tailors…

and clothing was made custom fit to last for decades.


But alas, I get it.  Times have changed.  We live in an era when:

*** Most people just want to be able to travel anywhere freely

*** Most people just want to work from home and anywhere with…


*** Most people want to shop from anywhere, including the…

comfort of their bedrooms with ease.  




Thanks to the internet all of that is now possible.

But geography is constantly changing.


Today the environment makes it easy for you the debonair man…

to look up high-quality shoes online and read what others have…

to say about them.


The colors and designs and fit, the comfort, their durability and…

can even watch videos of how they are made and where.


You can get the full specification and description on practically…

any high-quality shoe online.


You now have social influencers some knowledgeable and some…

just entertaining doing reviews on shoes and folks are buying them.


This free flow of information online is providing, some …

lost-knowledge and is making it easier for you a man with a…

flair for style- and quality to re-learn what every man knew years ago.


But hey, while we probably won’t go back to wearing suits all the…

time, there are still a number of debonair men out there.


Men who know the value of a well-made dress shoe to wear on…

a first date, to a Christmas party.

Are those still around?


Going out to somewhere fancy with, who can be considered, the…

it-girl or potential partner.


The shoe below may be perfect. It is a genuine leather penny …

loafer with real cowhide leather upper and leather sole.


You gonna be dancing all night long, all night.

Oh! It also has hand-brushed leather that creates that unique look. 


The FERI Leandro Black Dress Shoes Makes a Perfect Gift



It’s been said that “men’s style is all about timeless design as …

opposed to trendy seasonal fashions.


This encompasses not just styling, but also considerations…

like materials, construction, and pedigree.


Dress shoes are one of the most important parts of a men’s…

outfit and are worthy of some thought before you run out and…

buy the cheapest ones you can find.”


But if you can find expensive shoes at discount-50% off or…

even eventually get them for free, now that’s a real cool deal…

for a cool debonair man. 


If your birthday is coming up or you just looking for a…

timeless gift for self, or for your BFF we have got you covered.


We’ve already picked out six great dress shoes that cover a range …

of styles.

Your shoe here below is a genuine leather, longwing, balmoral shoe.


Made with real cowhide and python leather upper, making it…

super comfortable.

It has a genuine leather sole for strength and stability.




Now Mr. Debonair, if you are showboating your qualities of cool,…

confident, charismatic and interesting to talk to, a woman…

isn’t going to reject you because your shoes are too expensive.


Bu nice shoes certainly will  Big Up your game.

It certainly will say you have good taste and boost the way she…

feels about herself, knowing a man of your caliber asked her out.   


All of our selections boast the material and construction …

considerations outlined above (full-grain genuine leather, …

python skin, patent leather and leather soles, etc.).


And all come from established European shoemakers in Portugal…

that are well-known and highly regarded for their quality.


Our Insider,s Pick team at FERI, have personally tested many of…

these shoes. And would most certainly regard these high-end…

dress shoes a perfect gift for the debonair man in you. 




Note: To order just click the link on any of the shoes or the…

shoe image.

You will be taken a company website from which you can place…

your order on the company’s secure website.


Before you place your order, you will have an option to join the…

company’s FREE VIP Shoppers opportunity and earn some…

privileges discounts from future purchases.


Note: You are already here. No need to leave empty-handed. 

Join our FREE VIP Shoppers program and when I get …

notified that you have, I’ll send you two digital money…

making products in the Affiliate marketing space.


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