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How To Save A Bunch of Money

on an Engagement Ring


how to save money on engagement rings and diamonds

FERI MOSH Star of My Heart – Ring-19K Gold


How to save money on an engagement ring and diamonds.

NOTE: FERI MOSH Ultra luxury jewelry and accessories are ONLY available to Opulence Global partners—not available to to the general public anymore. 

When it comes to engagement diamond rings…,

if you are like most people…,

you want the best possible value you can get, don’t you?


What if everything worked out just fine on a brilliant and gorgeous, engagement ring, for the apple of your eyes?  

How special would that ring be if you had it custom made for your loved one, from the bottom up? 

What would it take for you to know you are getting the best possible value at the best possible price?


I’ll tell ya.

That’s like looking for a needle in a hay stock.

At any day of the week, there is someone trying to get rid of a wedding ring.

At any day of the week there is a jewelry store or center with an 80% off sale.



At anyday of the week there is someone who may have gone through a divorce and maybe in distress and may be interested in selling a gold or platinium diamond ring for up to 80% of its original cost.

But you may never find that person or that store even if they advertise online…


Why would someone want to sell a diamond ring at such steep discount?

Emotionally distressed and may be in need of the money.



There is another factor that most people never consider, I’ll get to that in a minute.  

Today most marriage counselors, will tell you that both parties should go shopping for the engagement ring.

Yes, it’s great to have that element of surprise with a ring.

But imagine, what it would feel like, for both of you to go out shopping for an engagement ring holding hands.

Imagine finding a ring that you both love and can afford, without compromise.  

Imagine what an awesome, loving experience, that would be.


And for what I am about to share with you, it doesn’t matter how much the ring costs, as long as it is what you both want and you can afford it.

On this page I am sharing with you engagement rings that are available in over 167 countries.

But that’s not all, you are going to love what I show you, later on.

You’re definitely are going to want it.


These Countries Canada, USA and Australia,

Can Save You Big Money on Engagement Rings 


How to save money on a engagement ring and diamonds.

FERI MOSH Ethos – Ring


Would you agree, that, when you get something you can love and cherish for practically  free, that is the ultimate best price.  

Do you know of any other value to beat  free?

That’s what can happen for you if you live in the USA, Canada or Australia.

And that’s not all you will be getting.

What if everything I am telling you here is true and achievable? 


Would you like to know the legal loophole, that those three countries mentioned above provides…,

that millions of their citizen aren’t taking advantage of? 

I first learned of it in college, yet many college grads don’t know about it.

And millions of citizens don’t know about it either.  


Are you in any of the three countries, mentioned above?

If you can afford to pay for it you can get it for free.   

But there is more.

If you can’t pay for it we can put you on a lay-away type program to get your loved one ring paid off.  


Let me give you a little hint it’s similar to a school tuition reimbursement program on some jobs.


But the crazy thing is, you will discover the more you try to justify not spending the original money…,

the more you realize you’re selling yourself short.

But more on that in a moment.


By now you’re probably thinking this is a scam. Well you aren’t alone.

What I have found is that for most people everything is a scam, that they have not heard of on tv.

Well recently, we have been hearing about fake news on tv.


The funny thing is, they’ve been around for awhile.  

The problem was that no-one was talking about them, eventhough folks knew about them.


How to save a bunch of money on an engagement ring

FERI MOSH Star of My Heart – Ring


If you have pondered the question about how to save money on an engagement ring, you are not alone.

A recent Google search brought back about 1.9 million searches.

And there are a whole lot of people who thinks they know what’s best for you to save money on an engagement ring and diamonds, including me.

After all, I just told you, I believe getting it free, is best for you.


Ways to Save a Bunch of Money

on an Engagement Ring


The top results on Google  are saying…

How to save money on an engagement ring,  The Guardian… Their post originally was made on Nov 22, 2014.

They are sharing with you how you don’t need to spend more to get bigger diamonds.

Yes, even if you only spent $1,300. That is $1,300. you didn’t get to save and can’t recoup.


how to save money on engagement rings and diamonds

FERI MOSH Arc – Ring


How To Save Money On Engagement Rings And Diamonds…This is a recent one.  Posted Jan 25, 2017…

Talking about how savvy buyers can save money on engagement rings and other diamond jewelry…yes, even if you only spent $5,000.

That is $5,000. you didn’t get to save and can’t recoup.  


Engagement Ring Prices: 10 Rules for Saving Money.  The Plunge

Their advice….to save some money without sacrificing much look, you are to push your color out one additional grade. Really?


Engagement Ring Budget Tips – The Knot…wants you to be strategic with the settings.

If your budget won’t allow for the larger stone, you have your eyes on, don’t worry.

Pick a prong…They also wants you to consider pave diamonds. I don’t know about that.

How to Save Money on Diamonds and Engagement Rings…


The millennialmoneyman, thinks he got the best advice for you.

He is positive that you will save money on diamonds and engagement rings if you follow the guidelines in his article.


How to Save Money on a Diamond Engagement Ring – NerdWallet,  According to NerdWallet, getting a deal on an engagement ring doesn’t mean you love your bride-to-be-less , it jus means you’ll have money left over to spend.   



Those are a few of the ideas available to you on the first page of Google.  

And you know they are all valid and great, but are they the ultimate savings?

In your opinion, what would be the ultimate savings to you?

If your first instinct said free, you are right.


But the silent voice in your head, may have said that’s not practical.  Yes, I agree it is free.

And I am going to have to say something, that for some, may not be appropriate here.

But I have to address it because more and more people are being affected by it.  


I am talking about the disposal, of the ring in the event of a dissolution of marriage.

Some people keep the ring and some just want to get rid of it quickly.

What ever amount you spend, is gone, in normal conditon that amount spent, cannot be recouped.

I will touch on that, some more a little later. 


How to save money on an engagement ring and diamond

FERI MOSH Ethos – Ring


As you now know, I believe the ultimate savings would be for you to get that beautiful diamond ring the one you ultimately desire for free.  

No compromising.  If you start compromising on your brides to be ring, what else will you compromise  in your relationship, in your marriage?


After all, we are looking for the best possible way to save money on a diamond engagement ring, not the best compromised ring.  


Understanding the 4C’s of Diamond And Save Money


I would like to believe that you did some research and do understand the “4C’s” of a diamond and how they equate to price. 

4Cs”: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Each diamond is priced individually according to the mix of the 4Cs.


how to save money on engagement rings and diamonds

FERI MOSH My Love – Ring


Online jewellers, has a useful pricing matrix which shows the effect that tweaking the 4Cs has on price.  

So let’s start on the process.

What I propose you do is look at your budget.

How much can you afford or are willing to spend?

Then find the best ring you can find that you both love at that price.


Be mindful that there are situations where you may find a ring that you love, that originally sold for $10,000, but because of the current situation the owner may be willing to part with it for $2,500.  

If the ring has an intrinsic value of $4,600 or more, that’s a great deal.  


The whole idea is to find you a ring, that you love without compromise and get it at a price you can afford.

Coming back to the 4C’s of diamond,  

Let’s look at the first “C” Cut. It is the defining factor for how much a stone sparkles.


Today a stone can be cut to give illusions, such as mke it look larger, hide flaws and be more brilliant, giving off more sparkles.

This is what  Vashi Dominguez, TV diamond expert and founder of, has to say about cut. “A better cut means more sparkle.”  



Now I would like to introduce you to a company that may be able to offer you all you are looking for and more.

You won’t see a lot of designs, because that’s not what they do.

They custom make your ring from scratch.  

You give them the design you want and they make the ring for your love one.  

In the end that ring is the only one of its kind in the world.

They even give you the mold from which the ring was made. 


Shop for Solid .925 Sterling Silver Rings by FERI Save Up to- 84%

FERI Loves Treasure – Rings 950 Siledium Silver Ring…Commercially made.



On this page are a mixture of their FERI MOSH 19K gold, 19K Special Project and 21K gold engagement and wedding rings


If you don’t mind opening up your creative juice a little… you can be richly rewarded.

The company also have luxury .925 Sterling silver AAA Cubic Zirconia wedding  and engagement rings and bands starting for under $50. Canadian and 950 Siledium Silver rings.


These are on clearance sale so you need be quick if you are interested. You will be saving up to 80% off on some of them.

Please keep scrolling because they are mixed in.

And for those with discerning taste, they have FERI MOSH Now- Only available to Opulence Global partners.

These are 19K gold and 21K gold costing up to $157,700 Canadian.

What’s the quality and what type of diamonds do you get, you ask?


how to save money on engagement rings and diamonds

FERI MOSH Light of My Life – Ring


Their 19K gold jewelry are solid metal with a minimum of 6-8 grams of gold.

It is as strong as 14k gold.  So you are able to put a high quality stone savely in it.

FERI MOSH jewelry uses only conflict-free diamonds, with a minimum of SI clarity and a minimum of FGH grade quality. Those are really high quality stones.

The FERI MOSH 21K gold line is their masterpiece.

Every  piece uses a first generation mold and uses a 22 step creation process.

Making this extremely exclusive and very special.

The industry average is 5-6 steps using commercial molds with multiple pieces of jewelry per mold.  

For diamond Clarity, their range is VVS to VS for 19K and for 21K gold, FL to VVS.   

Diamond Color range for 19K is EFGH and 21K is DEFG.

These stones are GIA stones and they laser engrave a serial number in your diamond, that is registered world wide.

How to get the greatest savings on engagement rings diamonds

FERI MOSH Majesty – Ring-

You also get a GEM lab appraisal certificate, authenticating the appraisal value of the diamond and the composition of the metal.

You can see more of their engagement and wedding rings here.

But I promised you that you can get your ring for free yes. 

That is true, currently, if you live in the USA, Canada and Australia for sure.  

What I’ll be sharing with you is totally legal, I am just not ready to openly share it with all my competitors.

I am going to ask you to join Opulence Global VIP program and I will share with you how you may get a FERI MOSH Engagement ring and wedding ring for practically free.




You know, there is something special about meeting a designer.

That reminds me, you can also use other peoples design as a model to create your own design and FERI MOSH ring designers will build it for you. 

Pick out the stone you want on your ring, get properly sized and what ever advance illusion you want put in your ring.  

Note you can get their .925 Sterling silver or their 950 Siledium silver engagement ring for free also but the FERI MOSH rings are the ones with the greatest impact.

And if you can save a bunch of money on an engagement ring like $5000.  or more by getting it for free why not?  

Now discover the 411 about our paid to wear blog.

Brought to you by an Independent Opulence Global Lifestyle Advisor


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