How a MLM Business Can Save You



A MLM business can save you money  and save you Big through the 

Tax Benefits of a Home Based Business: Wow! You may not have

thought of it that way.  


Especially since you may have heard, read or been conditioned to

believe that 99.999% of the people who get into network marketing

fail and lose money?


A MLM business can actually save you a lot of money, and if it is 

saving you money, you are not losing money.  


Saving you a ton of money, is probably a secret that most people

tend to keep to themselves or just don’t know about.


Successful network marketers and direct sales people always claim

profits and losses from their business, which they treat as a business.  


how a mlm business can save you money

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And as a business, they are entitled to some special tax deductions

for home based business. Is it intriguing to know that a viable way

to reduce your taxable income, is to have a home based business?  


The focus of this article is on the tax benefits or some of the

deductions that may be available to you, who run a network

marketing home business.  


Did you know that there are roughly 137 tax deductions strategies,

available to mlmers, that most people do not know about. These 

tax reduction strategies are available to you a home based 

network marketing business owners.


However, you probably won’t be using them all, in your first 3 to 5

years in business.  Unfortunately, that’s the time frame when most

people quit, which is a shame. 


Heading Out of dodge, I quit mlm

Heading Out of dodge, I quit mlm

Before we get any further I need you to know that the information I

share with you is simply for educational purpose.  


To inform you of some of the tax write off strategies, that are

available to home based business owners in network marketing.

You need to follow IRS rules and regulations to properly implement


The following IRS Publication contains some general info

on tax deduction.

Tax Write Offs For Home Based MLM Business


The list below is but not limited to what you may write off for tax

purposes, as you engage in a home based business.

*** Eating out, including going to nice restaurants 

*** Entertainment: including having parties

*** Fun activities: going out and engaging in fun activities

*** Sporting events: basketball, bowling etc., golfing 

*** Travel:  by air, water or land  

*** Gifting: giving away gifts  


*** Online work: spending business related time online

*** Education: learning new things that you have to pay to learn

you may find this interesting.

*** if you have out of pocket medical, health, dental, vision and

certain insurance expenses, you may be able to deduct some of them.  


Not too many people think about Long Term Care insurance, which

can be very expensive. Here is a way for you to purchase it and be 

able to write it off on your taxes and save money.  


Publication 502: Is an IRS Publication 502, that provides a fairly

long list of examples of medical expenses that qualify for tax



Long-term care have limited deduction, as explained in Form 2013,

the maximum deductible amount for long-term care insurance



Just a reminder, the key here is tax reduction… not tax evasion.

Business start up: The cost of joining the business, along with

any other expenses, you had from acquiring supplies, equipment,

furniture, business building tools and marketing and promotional



The more you spend that are legitimate business start up expenses,

the more you can write off.  


Write off more save money

Write off more save money

More Home Business Tax Write Offs

Ordinary & necessary: Later on you may have a whole list of 

bills connected to running your network marketing business.  


As long as they are ordinary and necessary you may be able to write

them off, some at 100% depending on the IRS rules as applied to

your business structure and the expense being written off.


You’ll be able to write off your monthly phone bill and internet bill

the portion that is associated with your use of those equipment in

your business.  


You may write off the hours you spend online sitting at your 

computer conducting business or that is business related.  


Mileage: And if you use your car for any business purposes you 

can write off the mileage at a rate of $.57 per mile in 2015.


An example you go to a Net Cafe and pass out business cards, meet

people and share what you do with folks.

 You can write off those mileage.


Each time that you go out or are out promoting your business, you

can write those mileage off, as long as you follow IRS guidelines.

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Friends and family. If they live across town, there are guidelines for

you to be able to write off mileage, to visit them and conduct



And you may be able to write off the cost of any fun activities you

may end up doing or going to a restaurant, etc.  


IRS have guidelines, on how to write off your mileage to and from

and other business activities. Such as entertainment and fun



Deduct fun activities: You may even deduct 50% of the cost of

any fun activities you paid for, for your prospect or business

partners, if you discuss business prior to the fun activity or after 

the fun during the same 24 hrs. That’s an actual  guideline.


Wow! Hey, think about season tickets to football games and even

away games, basketball games, golfing, soccer, ballet etc., and the 

travels associated with them. Some of these activities can be written

off at 100% and some at 50%.  


Again there are roughly 137 tax deduction strategies available and

again you may not qualify for all of them right away.  


But once you get to know them and see how you can use them, you’ll

be kicking yourself in the butt, regretting that you had not done this 

long ago.


What about taking your significant other out to wine and dine or 

entertainment and write the cost, off your taxes? No Way, you say!

YES! You can do that.

 Tax benefits of a home based business

How about hiring your spouse to work in your business and

offering him/her medical insurance and using a certain technique

to write off 100% of the cost of your medical insurance?  


That one stuns a lot of people but it’s allowed by the IRS.


Just think about it, all these new entitlements, from activities that

you normally spend money on.  They are Now putting money back 

into your wallet and bank account.  


Before they were lost expenses,  now they would be deductible 



And because they are deductible expenses they may lower your 

taxable income or adjusted gross income.  That can be huge.


Now as a network marketer you can have prospects or business

partners, wherever your company is in, or you can go open up a

new market.


This allows you, if you have the money, to travel wherever your

business is in and write 50% or more of your business expenses off, 

some expenses up to 100%.  

The IRS have guidelines for specific deductions that you wouldn’t

believe are deductible.


What you think about gifts? Some business gifts have limits for

deductions and some are 100% no limits deductible.


A lot of people, stay away from home based businesses because they 

just don’t know the tax advantages and are conditioned to believe 

that the business is a scam or is illegal.


In running a home based business, the IRS wants you to do 3

simple things and they will love you.


Everything that you claim, that you will learn, to be a legitimate

business expense or deduction needs to have a story behind it.  

Telling them where, when and why.


Now if, its money going into your bank account. They want to know

where it came from and how you got it.


In other words they want you to track and keep records and

receipts to show legitimacy. Today this activity can easily be done

using an apps.


Tax apps: There is a great tax apps an electronic diary that you can

use to manage and record everything you do that pertains to your

business, on your smart phone.


You can take pictures of all your receipt and store them digitally.

Record all your business mileage, expenses and activities.


Listen, IRS allows you to go 3 out of 5 years in business without

making a profit as long as you are actively, working your business

to make a profit.  


You may write off all legitimate deductions for your business 

losses, during those years.


Business loss: A business loss starting out is not a failure. It may

be a failure if you quit the business, at that time. Who knows the

write off that you take may lower your taxable income so low that

you end up coming up ahead with your tax refund.  


Think about it, if you didn’t make a profit your first year, that 

doesn’t mean your business is a failure.


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You may write your losses off and create a huge tax deduction. 

So your first year in business could very well be a year of learning;

however, now-a-days many people are making first year profit in 

their home based business.  


Coming back to the apps, this apps just makes your business life a

lot more easier, simple and wonderful. Tax season you print 

everything out and they are in order and categorized and annotated 

for your accountant. Your accountant will love you.


But you are not an accountant and you don’t know anything about

taxes.  That’s the sweet part, you don’t need to be an account, to

do this.  You don’t need to know taxes…


but you will eventually learn a lot while having fun. 


Anyway, everything you need to know can be provided to you

by the same maker of the tax apps. This person is a tax attorney and

CPA a former IRS Alpha Dog of the IRS attorneys trainer.


If anyone knows the ins and out of the IRS tax codes, he does. Of

course, he doesn’t provide all of this to you for free, but  the cost of

the training and apps may be 100% tax deductible.


But the beauty of all this is, if you are able to deduct an extra 

$9000 or more a year for the rest of your working life, would it be

worth it to have a home based business?  


What if your home business started paying you $1.56 million or

more annually and you are able to write off even more in taxes, 

such as an extra $400,000.00.  


I am talking up and beyond what people who do not have a home

based business pays in taxes. Would having a home based business

be worth it to you?


Now, I am often asked for my opinion on a certain type of home

based business, that lowers the chances of you losing your initial

investment. This is, even if you did not make a profit your first year.


I must confess, I am partial to companies that provides products

with true commercial value that may even appreciate in time

without expiration dates, yet provides an immediate opportunity

for resale and to reduce your, adjusted gross income.


If what you read here makes sense to you and you see the tax

advantages of having a home based business, please be nice to your

finances and get started in a home based business today.  


In this context, I would suggest a company like but not limited to

this one, that offers real products with real commercial value, that

may actually appreciate in value and doesn’t have expiration date.

With that, I can only trust that this information on how a mlm

business can save you money, has opened up your eyes, your mind

to tax savings and tax write offs available to you in this business.