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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressCome Join The Amazing FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity Hurry Shop 2019 Black Friday sale up to 80% off on certain products sale end Mon 12-02-19  Conducting FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity Updated 11/30/19 Come join the amazing FERI paid […]

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Come Join The Amazing FERI

Paid to Wear Opportunity

Hurry Shop 2019 Black Friday sale up to 80% off on certain products sale end Mon 12-02-19 

actively looking to improve your life's situation

Opulence Global Opportu.nity. Click Image to Enlarge

Conducting FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity

Updated 11/30/19

Come join the amazing FERI paid to wear opportunity.

It’s changing the lives of people with vision in over 200…

countries around the world. 

If you are someone with a vision? Then FERI paid to wear…

opportunity, with its global marketing & distribution plan, 

may be perfect for you. 

This maybe so even if you have no prior experience in:

*** Self employment,

*** MLM, Network Marketing

*** Direct Sales.

Yet it can be an acre of diamonds” for you with previous…

experience, in the above or if you are hungry to change your

financial situation. 

join the amazing GWT Corp opportunity

FERI MOSH Majesty – Ring Not for general public anymore.d

What is the FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity? The best way…

I can describe it is to say that, it is a hybrid Direct Selling…,

exceptional MLM opportunity, that is changing the lives of…

people in over 200 countries. 

It is built on the foundation of 3 huge niches. 

Note: This affluent opportunity is now being administered…

through Opulence Global, as of February 1, 2018.  

Opulence Global VIP

Opulence Global Join VIP Club

The company now offers products in the following 3 niches:

*** Fashion $1.2 Trillion a year Industry

designer jewelry high-profit designer lines

*** Beauty $127 Billion a year Industry

designer's luxury jewelry and goods

*** Health … estimated online sales to reach $1.7 Trillion

Direct Selling business opportunity

By combining these three industries Opulence Global

created a lifestyle without limits opportunity.

A rock solid opportunity. To help you help others to be:

*** Happy 

*** Healthy 

*** Get reasonably prosperous 

*** Secure

They offer products that range in prices from about…

$20.00 Canadian to roughly $56,000 Canadian

and pay out about 43% in retail commission.

But up to 70% of company’s profit gets paid out to its…

independent luxury advisors.

Imagine making a sale for the 

Wedding Ring below.

It sell for a little over $2,000.  

What if Your commission was up to 43% of  that sale?  

You could have made up to $860.00 just on that one sale.

Direct Selling experience and great field distributor leadership

FERI – Perces Watch – Silver Tone with Brown Face and Printed Strap

Imagine also getting paid monthly residual income from as…

low as $50 a month to up to $3+ million Canadian yearly.  

Internet marketing: This is very powerful and amazing way…

to make money.  And best of all…

you are not limited to your local surroundings.

You have the world as your oyster. 

As a matter of fact Opulence Global is already in 200 countries.

But guess what all those countries are still wide open to you.

Most of all  as you can see you don’t need to 
depend only on…

your local friends  and family

You can be online utilizing social media and your followers…

and you share what it is you are doing with your followers.

Imagine the power of YouTube and all its video applications.

Imagine the power of online webinars.

You can be anywhere, even at poolside and connect to…

thousands of people around the world and do an effective…

and successful webinar.

Imagine the power of live social media videos, such as…

Facebook live, Instagram live or even being on LinkedIn…

to name a few. 

Discover and Join The Amazing GWT Corp Opportunity

FERI Luxe – Stingray Purse – Silver & shoe is sold out.

Is this easy? No… It can be challenging.  And I like the way…

the late Zig Ziglar puts it. “Don’t think you can just take an

elevator to success. That elevator is out of order.

You have to take the stairs.”

Are you the type of person who likes challenges?

Are you the type of person who’d love to get paid what you are…

really worth verses what someone else thinks you should be paid?

Are you the type of person who loves to challenge yourself to be…

more, do more in order to have more?

Do you feel that if given the opportunity, you could be doing…

more than what you are currently doing?

Now let me ask you the same questions from a different mindset.

If you thought you could make a difference in other people’s life,

would you be willing to do so?

exceptional mlm opportunity

Opulence Opportunity Packages

If you discovered, that you had leadership mindset, qualities…

and skills, would you be willing to use them?

If you knew that you could motivate others to make a difference,

would you be inspired to do so? Good!!!

I know you answered yes to all of the above, because…

you are filled with awesomeness.

​I know you are on this page because you are the type of

person, to astoundingly say yes, to all of the above.

And I know that you have the mindset that nothing…

is impossible and that given the opportunity, you can…

make a difference.

 I am here to tell you that with FERI Designer lines, you can…

make a difference, in your life, your home, your community…

and in your work and the life of others. 

Would You Join A MLM Marketing Company-For-Retirement Income

Operate with Wisdom get FERI NYX Watch Gold Tone

Maybe you have already  spent some time, serving in some …

leadership capacity, as in:

*** Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts

*** 4H Clubs 

*** Sports 

*** Community or Civic activities

*** at your school 

*** at your church

*** on your job or even a

*** Social Media Influencer

You Can Become an Effective Leader With FERI

You can become a more effective and powerful leader.

You can build up your leadership skills and use them to…

influence and motivate other people.

Can fashion lovers get paid to wear ladies fashion shoes

FERI – Eliotte Shoes Black-

You are probably aware that there are men and women just like…

you, from every walk of life and every socioeconomic level…

making a difference because they, like you, care deeply about…


They are using their leadership skills to make a difference.

Even though they did not realize at first that they were leaders…

in a league of their own.  So let me ask you…

Do you know what sets them apart from other people? 

*** Definitely not their education…

*** Nor the amount of money they make 

*** We can rule out their age, sex, and occupation 

*** It’s not their background, ie, where they came from or…

who they know. 

*** So what is it?

*** It’s their awareness of the needs of others. Read that again.

increasing the retirement age


*** It’s their awareness of the challenges they face. 

*** It’s their enthusiasm for improving things and creating…

new opportunities. 

*** They have a natural passion for a cause and just to give…

something back to society.

*** As the Universe would put it, they are reaping the rewards…

of serving others. 

*** Above all in seeking ways to make a difference, they have…

tapped their personal power and leadership potential. 

What does all of the above means?

It means that in discovering and utilizing their natural gifts…

they have also discovered a business system that  makes…

complete sense to them. 

It means they have discovered a way to achieve…

everything they ever wanted in life, by serving others

join opulence amazing opportunity

FERI Prestige – Midora Purse – Red

They discovered that their success in life could be directly…

proportionate to the level of service and support they provide…

to other people. 

They have tapped into Zig Ziglar’s famous quote,

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

You must know though, that not all of these people are…

wearing FERI.  

But With FERI Designer Nothing is Impossible

Many are in other MLM and direct sales companies.   

However, you must know that FERI designer lines, sits on…

a platform that was designed, built and developed with the…

mindset and belief that nothing is impossible.

That’s the mindset of its founder Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou,

when he started his company in 2005, in Canada. 

That mindset is active today and is being incorporated into…

his new company which will be Opulence Global.

Like the mystical Phoenix bird, Mr. Mesgarlou, phased out…

his beloved company, after 12 magical years and brought birth…

to a new company on February 1, 2018.

But for now you can find the, nothing is impossible mindset…

in the video below. It is the company’s over view video.

It is 2 plus minutes long.

Following that, are two other videos One on Fountain of Life….

The other on FERI Flawless. 

I invite you to watch the Opulence Global opportunity video now.  

After this video, you should watch the other two by the company…

CEO, I told you about earlier. 

By now I trust you got a good picture of who, what and…

why from those videos. But that’s not all I have their…

incomparable binary infinity compensation plan for you.  

Watch the company’s compensation plan, by Mr. Liaw…

also, on YouTube.

But that’s not all.

There is still more to add to the excitement.

My friend, mentor and business partner Mr. Rene Liaw, who…

also to date, happens to be the company’s youngest millionaire,…

has a special video as he explains Timing & Positioning.  

Earnings Disclaimer & Disclosure

FERI – Gaia Watch – Rose Tone with Pink

That video by Mr. Liaw, ties all the previous videos together.

Now, before I continue, I need to ask you. Did you watch all the…

videos above? If you haven’t please stop and watch them. 

Doing so, I trust will help you to understand, why people in over…

200 countries worldwide are excited about and have joined. 

 Join today and enjoy this  special opportunity going on for a…

limited time as Opulence Global, takes shape.

This special ends 04/30/18 Get an extra $966 in retail…

product value.  Join NOW.

Now, I trust you have watched all the videos and have a clear idea… 

of how this company work.  From what you have seen and heard…

let me ask you, does this resonate with you? 

Then let’s take this a step farther.  Let’s set you up for an…


The interview is for us to learn about each other.

See how we can help each other to be successful in what we do.

We will also explore your qualifications for me to introduce you…

to Mr. Liaw and other busy successful leaders in the company.  

Why Join Opulence Global

Opulence Global Mega Promotion ends 4-30-18

There so many amazing things about FERI paid to wear…

opportunity. One is that you are able to work with their…

amazing leaders all over the world. 

They have a culture of no members left behind.

I trust this excites you and you are ready to prepare for the…

interview, click this link  then come on back over here.

This is a network marketing 

Network marketing company gives you the…

ability to use leverage to build teams and grow your…

income exponentially.  

That’s one of the major advantages that gets overlooked..

the use of leverage in growing your income.  

Another advantage that gets overlooked is the tax advantage

of owning a MLM home based business.  

For folks living in the USA,  Canada and Australia…,

you practically get all your current MLM paid business…

for free.

Connect with me. On Facebook, 

On Instagram @germey3of7

send me a message saying-I wanna know More.”

I trust what you have read so far makes a whole lot of…

sense to you.

If so, I’d encourage you to take this a step further and apply…

for an interview to see if this fits with your core sense of…

what we like to  call your tripod of belief

And by the way, do you know anyone who could benefit by…

what this company offers could you share this with them?

When you are ready you can go straight to:

 start the interview process, from here.

This is what, said about MLM and retiring.

As you now know, this MLM Co. is already doing that for many…

people all around the world. 

I trust that what you have read so far and have seen in the videos…

have caused a shift in your mindset about MLM. 

But that’s not all.  


But for now lets get ready for your interview.

Brought to you by an Independent Opulence Global Lifestyle Advisor

Income Disclaimer 

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits

for over one year are forecast ed to be between  $2,500 and $15,000 per year. However there are GWT members that  

earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment  and effort. A typical GWT member is one who has the right

to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others and has been a member of the plan for at least one year.” 

Discover the 411 about our paid to wear Blog


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