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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressCome Join The Amazing FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity Updated 10/14/20      Announcing FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity   Come join the amazing FERI paid to wear opportunities. FERI paid to wear opportunity is changing the lives of people […]

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Come Join The Amazing FERI

Paid to Wear Opportunity

Updated 10/14/20 



Announcing FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity


Come join the amazing FERI paid to wear opportunities.

FERI paid to wear opportunity is changing the lives of people with vision in…

over 200 countries around the world. 


If you are someone with a vision? Then take a look at FERI’s get paid to wear opportunity.


It has a global marketing & distribution plan, that may be perfect for you. 

No prior experience is needed in:

*** Self-employment,

*** MLM, Network Marketing

*** Direct Sales.

Yet it can be an acre of diamonds” for you with the above previous experience. 

It may be perfect for you who is hungry and ready to change your financial situation. 


But what is the FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity? 

Before I attempt to answer that let me introduce its founder. 


Founded by Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, a hall of fame author of the book, “The Forensic Networker.”

He is a “master networker,” and has been featured in Networking Times. 


He discovered a love for direct selling long before he founded Opulence Global in 2005.

His over 30 years of experience in the MLM industry, gave him insights of the plight of…


the average MLM enthusiast, direct sellers and entrepreneurs in terms of their inability…

to achieve and maintain an affluent lifestyle despite working hard and trying various…

marketing strategies to make and boost sales.


Because Ramin care for this industry and wanted to help more people to succeed, he devised…

a high-performance system to directly benefit a greater number of people through…

optimum health, beauty, and fashion.


He has been garnering some success over the past 15 years, running a successful business…,

with an exceptional contribution, to the Direct Selling world through Opulence Global. 


The best way I can describe it is to say that, it is a hybrid Direct Selling…,

exceptional MLM opportunity. 


It has changed some lives of people in over 200 plus countries. 

It is built on the foundation of 3 huge niches. 



Opulence Global VIP

Opulence Global VIP Shoppers Club Join Now!


The company now offers products in the following 3 niches:

*** Fashion … A $1.2 Trillion a year Industry


designer jewelry high-profit designer lines


*** Beauty … A $127 Billion a year Industry


designer's luxury jewelry and goods


*** Health … estimated online sales to reach $1.7 Trillion 


Get Paid to take FOL/Lignans

FOL/Lignans 90 Days Pack. Click on image to enlarge


By combining these three industries Opulence Global created a…

lifestyle without limits opportunity.


It is a rock-solid opportunity. To help you help others to be:

*** Happy as they wanna be

*** Healthy to some extent

*** Get reasonably prosperous 

*** Secure somewhat financially


They offer products that range in prices from about $16.00 Canadian…

to roughly $67,000 Canadian and payout real retail commission.

And they are all easily available to you to enjoy and share.


amazing opulence global opportunity review

Opulence Global Opportunity Click on Image to Enlarge


If you are saying this sounds good but how am I going to share this?

Relax you have got Internet marketing. It has turned out to be a very powerful medium to make money.


By using it you are not limited to your local surroundings, even though your backyard could be open…

You can have the world as your oyster. 


Incidentally, Opulence Global is already in over 200 countries. But yet it is a ground floor opportunity.

It is an opportunity where you don’t need to
depend on your local friends and family

You can utilize different social media platforms and create new friends and followers…   


and share what it is you are doing with your followers. All this will be taught to you.

Imagine learning the power of YouTube and all its video applications.

Imagine learning the power of online webinars.


You can be anywhere, even at the poolside, connected to thousands of people Online.

Imagine the power of live social media videos, such as Facebook live…

and Instagram live or even being on LinkedIn to name a few. 


Marketing and business building methods have changed and we can teach you.


Discover and Join The Amazing Opulence Global Opportunity

FERI Luxe – Stingray Purse – Silver & FERI shoe


Is this easy? No!  It can be a challenge.  I like the way the late Zig Ziglar puts it.

“Don’t think you can just take an elevator to success. That elevator is out of order.

You have to take the stairs.”


Are you the type of person who likes challenges?

Are you the type of person who’d love to get paid what you are really worth?

Are you content with what someone else thinks you should be paid?


Are you the type of person who loves to challenge yourself to be more…

do more, in order to have more?

Do you feel that if given the opportunity, you could be doing more than what you are currently doing?


Now let me ask you these questions from a different mindset.

Given the opportunity would you be willing to work to make a difference in other people’s lives?


If you discovered, that you had leadership mindset, qualities,  and skills, would you be willing to use them?

If you knew that you could motivate others to make a difference, would you be inspired to do so? Good!


I know you answered yes to all of the above because you are filled with awesomeness.

You are on this page because you are the type to astoundingly say yes, to all of the above.


And I know that you have the mindset that nothing is impossible.

 I am here to tell you that with FERI Designer lines, you can make a difference…

in your life, your home, your community, and in your work and the life of others. 



Would You Join A MLM Marketing Company-For-Retirement Income

Operate with Wisdom get FERI NYX Watch Gold Tone


Maybe you have already  spent some time, serving in some leadership capacity, as in:

*** Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts

*** 4H Clubs 

*** Sports 

*** Community or Civic activities


*** at your school 

*** at your church

*** on your job or even a

*** Social Media Influencer

Become a Leader With FERI Paid to Wear Opportunity


You can become a more effective and powerful Opulence Global leader.

You can build up your leadership skills and use them to influence and motivate other people.



Can fashion lovers get paid to wear ladies fashion shoes

FERI – Eliotte Shoes Black-


You are probably aware that there are men and women just like…

you, from every walk of life and every socioeconomic level…

making a difference because they, like you, care deeply about others. 


Imagine using your newfound leadership skills to make a difference.

Even though you did not originally realize that you were a leader…

in a league of your own.  So let me ask you…


Do you know what would set you apart from other people? 

*** Definitely not your education…

*** Nor the amount of money you make 


*** We can rule out your age, sex, and occupation 

*** It’s not your background, ie, where you came from or who you know. 


*** So what is it?

*** It’s your awareness of your why, your needs, and the needs of others.

Read that again. But it goes deeper…


increasing the retirement age



*** It’s your awareness of the daily challenges you and others face. 

*** It’s your enthusiasm for improving things and creating new opportunities. 

*** You may not realize it yet, but you have a natural passion for a cause and…

just to give something back to society.


*** As the Universe would put it, you are to reap the rewards of serving others. 

*** Above all in seeking ways to make a difference, you’d have …

tapped your personal power and leadership potential. 


What does all of the above mean?

It means that you don’t need to imagine discovering and utilizing your natural gifts…

you are here and have discovered a business system that makes complete sense to you. 


It means you have discovered a way to achieve…

everything you ever wanted in life, by serving others


join opulence amazing opportunity

Sold out..Green Available FERI Prestige – Midora Purse – Green


The folks ahead of you discovered that their success in life could be directly…

proportionate to the level of service and support they provide to other people. 


They have tapped into Zig Ziglar’s famous quote,

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

You must know though, that not all of these people have reached the…

pinnacle of their success with FERI.  


Is FERI Paid to Wear Designer For You?

I now invite you to watch the Opulence Global opportunity video, presented by…

my good friend and upline leader, Mr. Rene Liaw, Opulence Global youngest millionaire. 

In a moment I am going to give you the opportunity video link.


But first this is some of what you will learn.  He will tell you of the simplicity of…

the business, the company operation, how to get started, and examples of how…

you get paid, bonuses and incentives. He will also tell you how to get started.


I am now going to give you several links the opportunity link I promised you above,

plus a couple more.  Please return here after watching each video.


Here is the first one, The Opulence Global Compensation Plan link. 

The second one is a special video where he explains Timing & Positioning


The last one is Opulence Global opportunity video in which you get…

a deeper insight into this amazing company.



But that’s not all. You can

Connect with me. On Facebook, 

On Instagram @germey3of7



Feel free to send me a message saying-I’ve joined your VIP program etc.

I trust what you have read so far and seen in the videos makes a whole lot of…

sense to you.


increasing the retirement age

Monogram FERI Beige Luxury Pippa Dress Shoes


Brought to you by an Independent Opulence Global Lifestyle Advisor

Discover the D4U Complete Marketing Funnels turning Internet Marketing inside out. 

Income Disclaimer 

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits

for over one year are forecasted to be between  $2,500 and $15,000 per year. However, there are GWT members that  

earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment and effort. A typical GWT member is one who has the right

to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others, and has been a member of the plan for at least one year.” 


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