How To Join Opulence Global 


Opulence Global – Distribution Overview with Lifestyle Director 4 Rene Liaw


Thank You, for your interest in joining Opulence Global. I trust you had a chance …  

to look around this site and have found what you saw interesting and have an idea…

of how you can make some money with the products and services and tools provided.


If you have congratulation. Your courage and trust will not go unrewarded.

But before I give you all the pertinent information to get you completely enrolled,  

let me share the following with you. 


I’m honored, and grateful that you have chosen Opulence Global as your opportunity…

home and financial peace of mind vehicle.


You have made the right choice and my team is waiting for you to come across from…

the dirt road to the highway of success. 


We are ready and able to help get you on your journey to success. Success in your…

own Opulence Global business as an independent lifestyle advisor. 


When you do come on board, we will have an inroad map for you to follow with success…

checkpoints in increments of 7days for a 90days run. 


Let’s start from now with the mindset and core beliefs that are to drive everything…

you’ll be doing during those first 90 days and beyond.

Those 90 days will set your growth spurt in gear. 


We recognize that you have no legal nor moral obligation, hehehe not even logical…

reasoning to settle for less than your full potential. So we will nudge you on to success…

whenever you are ready.


We aren’t going to babysit you, nor force you to take the reigns of your success in your…

own hands. That mindset should be paramount to you already.


I myself am under the impression that you are not the type who wants to settle for…

small, marginal incremental growth. 


Being on this page on your own give me the feeling that you are one with the ability…

and desire to multiply your performance quickly and achieve goals on a scale, that in…

the past seemed impossible. `


I also believe that you have already recognized, that you’ll need to give up some …

activities and any mindset of false assumptions about how fast you can change your life.


You’ll need to let go of any self-limiting beliefs that can undermine your progress …

and let go of the comfort zone that may hold you back from unleashing your greatness.


So my question to you, are you ready to do all of the above? Yes then let’s get started.


WHAT TO DO NOW About Joining?


Thanks for coming this far…what I am about to say is not for everyone.

It may not even be for you but if you were to take the initiative and move forward…

on your own.


This is a little unusual; however, some folks, a very few numbers have done this. 

They went ahead and joined on their own. If that is you, I would make sure it is worth…

your while, your courage, and your trust. I Would do something special for you.

Are you someone of a special caliber? Then send me an email…with the heading…

“Fast Action Bonuses.”

and I will send you an outline of a special bonus I have waiting for you to take ownership.

As a reminder joining Opulence Global, puts you in a position to have three different…

and distinct businesses and websites. Their mission is to provide you with:

*** optimum lifestyle,

*** optimum beauty and

*** optimum health

To help them accomplish this, I have set up a simple 3 Step Process, to help you…

to be benefited by this opportunity.  Let’s start with the  3 Steps here.  

Step 1. Visit my post Get Paid To Wear Luxury Things…Read everything on the post…
and watch the videos.
Then Join Opulence Global VIP ShoppersClub if you haven’t done so yet.
When I get notified that you have joined the VIP Shopper program, I will send you…
two digital online money making Apps for free.
You’ll find instructions on how to do that here in STEP III
Step II.  Step:  Visit Myopulence Global opportunity page and watch the 3 short videos. 

Follow the instructions within and scroll up to read the rest of the information on…

the page and decide what level you want to join at that you can afford.


Then come back here and go to STEP III.



About Us




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When you decide to become an Opulence Global Independent LifeStyle-Advisor

or other levels from inside your VIP portal… all you have to do is click upgrade,…

choose your position/package and you are done.

How to Join GWT Corp

Opulence Global Drop Cards – Pack

Now here are instructions on filling out the Opulence Global Application.

I am available to go through this with you.

How To Fill Out Opulence Global VIP Shopper & Member Application

STEP III: Before you click Launch Online Shop or Launch Today, depending on…

which paste you are on…Please Read the company Policy & Procedure

Once you are satisfied with what you have read then proceed to the application…

by clicking upgrade in your VIP Shoppers back office or if you are still on the…

opportunity page…. Launch Your Own Opulence Online Shop!

Once you click on that page you will find clear, simple instructions, on filling out…

the online form.

Step 1:  You will be asked to Create Your Login… username.

You want a good username because it will end up being the name on your…

Opulence Global shopping portal or business website.

It will be the name people use online to find you.  So make it a good one.

This, in essence, becomes your business name.


Then create your password

use a mixture of alphabet & numbers…-Example:14*bJm2Cr#Za… 

Enter your password again at Confirm Password  

Then go ahead and fill out the rest of your information.  



joining Global Wealth Trade

Look Books Volume III

Filling out the Opulence Global Application To Join 

STEP 2:  Enter the following information:

your contact information,

Your First Name Your Last Name

Your street address 1 & 2 if any,

Your City, County, State,

(USA) applicants Postal Zip Code if any

Your email address:

Note If for any reason you have some difficulty with your email address,…

go create a new one …. and enter it.

Next…Your phone number: 

WhatsApp Number

Virtual  Opportunity Plan 

Shop For High End Designer Watches

FERI – Ophion Watch – Gold Tone with Red and Printed Strap


STEP3:Launch Your Online Shop

Select your Opulence Online Shop… that is the Plan you want:

Normally the plan you want would be up already.  

If not click the arrow and select the level you want. 


Monthly Smart Buy level: 

Also select the level of your monthly Smart Buy contribution.   


I have read & agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

Read the terms & conditions then check the box. 

Click the box for I wish to receive email communications

Click: Launch Your Online Shop

Note: At this point, if any space is missing or not filled out properly,

a message will come up telling you the highlighted space is missing.

Next: You will get a summary of what you signed up for. 

Follow any other instructions that may show up. 

Some times you may see the following…

Existing Payment Method… You shouldn’t have any, so go to ADD a New Payment Method.  



If you have used your credit card on another application or to purchase products before

this is a new application, so choose New Payment Method.

Click Next: Enter your credit card information.  

Your billing address is the address that is connected to your credit card.  

Whatever level you sign up at let’s work on getting you to the next level quickly.

You can reach me by email: or by text @ 510-239-6735 

Note: You are already here. No need to leave empty-handed. 

Join our FREE VIP Shoppers program and when I get notified that you have,

I’ll send you two digital money making products in the Affiliate marketing niche.