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 Why Join Global Wealth Trade Business Opportunity?

Why join Global Wealth Trade corp?



Why join GWT Corp business opportunity, you asked?  Really?

I should  be asking, why haven’t you joined the Global Wealth Trade corporation business opportunity?

Founded in 2005, GWT Corp has evolved to be Canada’s largest & the world’s fastest growing luxury designer’s brand.  


Of course you may not have heard of it, up till now.  

The company is in over 167 countries as of the time of this update.  

The company came to life out of its owner’s Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou’s, displeasure with what he saw was going on in the industry.

In most companies only a few were making money.


And those who were making money were being abused and had to work extra hard to keep their organization.  

As a master compensation writer, he saw and knew that most compensation plans were written, in huge favor of the company, and not the distributors.

That really displeased him.



GWT Corp current Diamond Launch 7Days-get-away promotion.

So Ramin decided to create his own, mlm, direct selling company, Global Wealth Trade Corporation.

True to his character, he inserted freedom into GWT Corp compensation plan & the overall company structure. 

He did that while providing value to GWT Corp members.


Why Join Global Wealth Trade Business Opportunity

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With his vision, Global Wealth Trade Corporation was born, to be sorta of a redemption, to the challenges faced by many mlmers.

The strange thing is that on the surface, it seemed that GWT Corp would be much more riddled with all the obstacles one would 

find in mlm companies.  Not so. 


Let me ask you, if someone recruited you into a business under false pretense and you discovered it.  Would  you work with or under that person?  

No, you would quit quickly.  And in real network marketing that peron who deceived you would lose Big Time.  

Why? And how?  Network marketing success, is about building organization and teaching your organization to do the same.  

Folks don’t really talk about this, especially pyramid schemes.

There is a life time value for each person who joins.


Why join GWT Corp

GWT Corp Members Getting Paid Click to Enlarge.


Getting a Global Wealth Trade Business Opportunity Membership


When you join a company like GWT Corp, your membership is good for a year.

Within that year, a portion of every business income, that you create get shared with everyone who qualifies in your upline organization.

So it behooves them to work with you to succeed.

That’s what Mr. Mesgarlou created as the focal point of the GWT Corp payplan.  

But he went beyond that. He also implimented a culuter of no member left behind.


One of the greatest challenge plaguing the MLM industry, is too many companies are selling different versions of the same product.


This causes many novice independent reps to embellish their products, benefits, value and worth, in order to make a sale.


FERI - Cannes Gold - Shield

FERI – Cannes Gold – Shield


Mr. Mesgarlou, originally created GWT Corp in a league all of its own.  

The luxury designer, fashion industry.  Howevr, he has moved into anti-aging skin care, a $200 billion industry and very soon into nutritionals.   

Now that you know a little about the company, let me ask you, are you new to network marketing, direct sales or have not made the type of money you want in this industry?


If you are not where you want to be in the industry, why not take a look at GWT Corp opportunity, it may be an excellent fit for you… but I don’t know.  

They don’t guarantee your success, make it easier but not guaranteed.


why join global wealth trade business opportunity

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You are here reading this, obviously looking for something. I trust you will find it here. 

You want to know why you should join GWT Corp, and not one of the thousands of other mlm companies out there? 

In my humble opinion, only you can answer that.


Only you know, if you should join or not. Only you know, what your pain is and what you are willing to temporarily give up in order to have some success.  

There is some sacrifice to be made for every success in life.  

The question, now is, how much sacrifices are you willing to make? 

The founder Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, has been in 4 different companies in 2 subset of this industry. He made millions, of

dollars in those companies.



why join Gwt corp business opportunity

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He also mentored more than a dozen other people to become millionaires.

Now he is working on creating 1,000 millionaires in GWT Corp. 

That is one of his focus and the highway is still wide open to you.


Ramin, as he fondly, like to be called, is an extremely generous & masterful trainer. 

He really wants you, when you join GWT Corp to succeed in this industry. 


Part of his contributions to make that happen:

*** He has taken his 30 plus years of experience

*** his likes and dislike

*** his observation of what is beneficial

*** and what is down right abusive in this industry

*** molded the good kept them

*** tossed the bad & the ugly out the GWT Corp doors


why join gwt corp

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*** It is not enough that GWT Corp is Canada’s largest and fastest growing luxury designer’s fashion house.

*** It’s not enough that they are the only luxury designer fashion house created to pay you to wear.  

Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, has created a hybrid business model that’s worked, for 11 years now; while keeping GWT Corp debt free.


why join GWT Corp business opportunity

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It also just added a couple more new millionaires to its roster & several would be millionaires are trailing closely behind. 

Interestingly, also is the large numbers of successful members who are very new to network marketing.

There are also  those who had failed miserably in other companies but now succeeding in GWT Corp.


Why join GWT Corp.

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Global Wealth Trade Corp, turned one of its independent luxury consultant into a millionaire, 27 months after he started 

working his business…


GWT Corp, youngest millionaire, (a different mbr) walked away from a $80,000 a year, corporate check, after joining GWT and 

4 short years later made his first $ million.


MLM is growing fast in Africa

Some GWT Corp Officers & Leaders on Private Jet 2015 Nigerian Summit

Another member, new to network marketing, after earning over $15,000 in his first 3 months, walked away from his 70 hour per week JOB to build… This was someone without experience.


Join Global Wealth Trade Corp Business Opportunity

and Get The Opportunity of a Life Time


When you join Global Wealth Trade Corporation, you’ll get the opportunity of a life time.  

The alluring GWT Corp, business opportunity with its mlm and direct selling, network marketing facet.

What that means is that you can work the direct selling branch of  the business and still get paid residual income.

That is huge.

Why not Join GWT Corp

POSH Vibe – Hayley – Necklace $240.

You get the rare opportunity to possibly turn $3599. into $1.56 million of yearly residual income.  

How long will that take you? Who knows maybe in less than 8 years.

The important thing is that today you have an opportunity similar to the one that took place at the turn of the century, when a “wild-eyed mechanic” named Henry Ford and his backers turned $10,000 into over $25 million. 

GB06222014 191-0


*** GWT Corp, is the only company of its kind operating in the $ Trillion luxury designer’s fashion industry.

*** GWT has seen average annual growth of 190% + per year over the past 10 years…now in over 167 countries.

*** The success system that’s making it the  fastest growing and expanding luxury designer, in the world, is awaiting you.


GWT Corp, through its FERI designer lines has excellent, evolving, luxury and ultra luxury jewelry and accessories.

In the short span of 7 years, GWT Corp had created its own proprietary metallurgy & products.

Products that have set new bench mark for sterling silver and 14k gold and 18k gold.


In management, its corporate officers, are led by founder Mr. Ramin  Mesgarlou.

He has spent 26 years dedicated to improving peoples lives.

He relentlessly pursued to correct what he believed to be the most important industry in the world.

 As you now know a part of that is creating GWT Corp.


Amazingly and quietly, his efforts didn’t go un-noticed by people of influence in the know.

For his dedication, he was amongst the first to be entered into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame, in 2016.    

In 2014, Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, GWT Corp CEO, an MLM millionaire, who has made over 14 other millionaires, was nominated for ERNST & YOUNG Entrepreneur of the Year..


Now he is working, on and using his company to create one  thousand more millionaires.

Since you are here I invite you to become one.


FERI - Diana - Earrings

FERI – Diana – Earrings $1518.


Ramin, built his company, for you who is with or without experience in mlm. 


Ramin, has done what he can fathom, without jeopardizing his company financials, to make it easier for you to succeed in 

Global Wealth Trade Corporation.

According, to Ramin he started in the health and wellness industry, where he became very successful.


FERI Eterna Collection - Feminine - Wallet

FERI Eterna Collection – Feminine – Wallet


Then he saw some major distress in the industry, that kept some people from making it, to the top. That bothered him.

He later,  retired from the field & went into management & wrote compensation plans. There he saw more clearly, the obscured

obstacles, that kept many people from succeeding in mlm.  That bothered him and you now know the rest.



Why not join Global Wealth Trade Corporation Business Opportunity

FERI – Abel – Boot – Black-$1128.


You are seeing some of GWT Corp products here. Imagine wearing and promoting some of them.  The good thing is they have products in different categories.

You can decide which niche you may want to concentrate on. Imagine making up to 67% commission on the Abel boots above.

Imagine also making up to 67% commission on the FERI MOSH Ethos Ring above.  

Why join global wealth trade

FERI 950 Siledium – The Diva – Bracelet

But don’t just take my word on GWT Corp. They have been given major media accolades by several 3rd party media

outlets with no affiliation to GWT, example the ABJusa.  “

why join Global Wealth Trade Corporation Business Opportunity

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As you can see GWT, has it all. They’ve stayed relevant and innovative, within the luxury market place.


Global Wealth Trade Unique Distinction


Another Unique Attribute of Global Wealth Trade, they service two distinct industries simultaneously:


Why join Global Wealth Trade Corp. business opportunity?

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*** The luxury designer’s industry and

*** the mlm, network marketing, direct selling industry.

Putting those two attributes together is simply astounding for you, the right person with vision, the GWT opportunity has it all:

Imagine getting monthly residual income that can pay up tp $1.56 million Canadian.

Imagine getting paid multiple streams of income some of which pays to infinity,

Imagine getting paid bonuses that pay into infinity

Imagine getting paid great profit margins on product sales, up to 67% profit on retail sales coupled with tremendous long term potentials.  


That’s Not all About GWT Corp Though

mlm industry first impression

FERI – Madrid Green – Optical Blue Sold OutClick for Green

GWT Corp., was built from the ground  up with your success in mind.

Practically all of  the daily challenges, you would normally faced in network marketing/mlm, direct selling or if you are new, to the industry, been minimized. 

Some times ago, Warren Buffett, suposedly indicated that he wasn’t buying any of the new XZY stocks, (that were creating

millionaires) because he doesn’t understand them.

Likewise, most people do not understand the relevance of GWT to MLM/direct selling success, so they stay away.  If only they knew?


why join gwt corp opportunity

Your road to Freedom With GWT is not Congested


Oh! It just gets more and more interesting. Become a Diplomat in the company and start a road to huge incentives.



GWT Corp also gives back cash rewards in the form of IA points, that can easily add up to hundreds of dollars in free products. 

Now that you know can you see why you should join GWT  Corp? 

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