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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressAn Excellent Way to Keep More of Your Money   Keep more of your money: This awesome way to keep more of your money is for you, if your are thinking about making some changes in your life, in order to […]

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An Excellent Way to Keep More of Your Money


An Awesome Way to Keep More of Your Money

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Keep more of your money: This awesome way to keep

more of your money is for you, if your are thinking about

making some changes in your life, in order to save more

of your money.  

If you are already making hundreds of thousands or millions

of dollars, you may want to look into estate planning because

your needs maybe beyond the scope of this post.  

Start a Home based Business Keep More of Your Money

One excellent way to save more money is to start a home based

business, but not just any home based business.  

an excellent way to keep more of your money

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A home based business can have several structures and each

have different levels of tax saving strategies and advantages.

A home based business offers a lot of tax benefits through tax

deductions. The focus of this post is on the tax benefits of a

network marketing home business.  

Yes with all the hoopala about network marketing, the business

format is recognized by the IRS.  

If you are like most people you are probably unaware of the

roughly 137 tax reduction strategies available to home

based network marketing business owners.  

Getting the maximum advantages or being able to use them

all depends on the structure of your business. 

I am by no means a CPA or accountant of any measures.


I am simply sharing educational material with you here. If you

can imagine how much you can save, using as many of the

available tax deduction techniques, great.

The following list contains some but not limited to what can

be written off from some everyday living activities that most

people do spend money on.  

What if you can cut your spending or totally eliminate some

cost from these activities? Would you be able to keep more of

your money?

An awesome way to keep more money

Enjoying a Lobster dish

*** eating out, going to nice restaurants and paying for the

meals and tips

*** entertainment, entertaining and regularly having parties

*** recreation, engaging in fun activities 

*** sports events, football games, basketball games, ballet or


*** travels, traveling anywhere you want to go, by air, water

or land

*** gifting, giving away gifts 

*** visiting, business visits to friends and family

*** socializing, taking friends and family to fun places

*** phone, talking on the phone  

*** being online, spending time online conducting business or

business related  

*** service expenses, expenses relating to your business,

maybe partial or up to 100%

*** education, learning new things or teaching certain things

to other people  

*** commuting, your direct drive to a regular w2 job is not tax

deductible, but any legitimate related business conducted in

between your drive to and from work may be tax deductible

*** out of pocket medical expenses, medical, health, dental,

vision and certain insurance expenses, you may be able to 

deduct some of them.  

Do you have long term care insurance or paying for long term

care? This is one way that you may pay for it and be able to 

write it off on your taxes.  

Here is a a fairly long list provided by the IRS, of examples of

medical expenses that qualify for tax deduction. This list can

be found in   Publication 502

These regulations changes all the time so be on the look out for 

changes and updates. The following link, out line the maximum 

amount that can be deducted for the premiums of 

long-term care insurance .

Let me re-emphsize that this post is about tax reduction…

not tax evasion. 

Join Multi-Level-Marketing Keep More Money

An Awesome Way to Keep More of Your Money

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Right now is an excellent time to join a multi-level marketing


Many office supplies or business equipment needs, are on sale

now. If you are in the US or Canada, every dollar you spend on

starting the business, including office supplies, equipment and

promotional materials are tax deductible.

So lets review, spending money to start a business, when you are

trying to save, may seem counter-intuitive, on the surface. 

However, all the new entitlements may save you a bundle in the

form of tax deductions.

What are some of the benefits to you? You may be able to: 

*** write off some expenses up to 100% on your tax return

*** offset your business loss or start up cost from your regular

wages or your spouse wages

*** spend more on legitimate business expense, write off more

on your taxes,  

*** the above may really lower your taxable income

Note: The IRS have tax laws, codes and guidelines that you 

must follow to take advantage of the up to 137 tax reduction


The above are just some of the new entitlements, you may gain,

from activities that you normally spend money on. 

Before they were lost spending, now with a certain home based

business, they can become deductible business expenses, 

and an awesome way to keeps more of your money.

Learn more and get a clearer view of some of these 137 tax

reduction strategies at  how a mlm business can save you..


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