Opulence Global Direct Sales & MLM Best-Network Marketing-Opportunity

Posted by Germey B.

Name: Opulence Global Opportunity

Category: MLM Luxury Designer Fashion House

Website: www.myopulence.com/jovialdesigns

Opportunity Price: From $270.00. Canadian to $1,800.

Products Price: From $16.80 Canadian to $67,780.00 Canadian

Type: MLM, Direct Sales, network marketing

Opulence Global, is direct sales MLM network marketing opportunity created in 2018 but has an early start in early 2005 in Ottawa, Canada.

The company provides you your own eCommerce store, preloaded with over 1200 products.

It offers you and your customers an opportunity to purchase luxury designer products, luxury anti aging skin care system and the world most powerful anti -oxidant directly from the manufacturer.

There are currently three products niches offered by Opulence Global as of this writing.

A) Fashion jewelry and accessories from the FERI Brand

B) Beauty in the form of anti-aging skin care system 

C) Health in the form of Fountain of Life

Discover The Excitement of Opulence Global 

Currently Opulence Global & its lifestyle advisors are on a successful

flight, jovially cruising high above the horizon.

Accordingly, many lifestyle advisors refer to themselves as “getting paid to wear”

and the ones who are jet setting all over the globe say, they on paycation.”

Get Paid to Dressup

Get Paid to Dressup

who knows you may end up like one of the following member:

 Sherry Zhao, who heard of the concept of residual income and went about looking for it.

She found it here with Opulence Global.  

If I can tell you anything, it is that in my opinion, Opulence Global is cruising high above the others.

It reminded me of a recent flight I had on American Airlines coming from a Opulence Global training Toronto.


The in my seat compass showed me a clear video of the path the airline

was taking. The picture below can attest to the assurance I felt as I

watched the clea path and analytic s of the journey in amazement.

It told me where we were, our height, direction, speed and estimated

time of arrival and air temperature of our destination.

Opulence Global was built for Success from the Ground up.

It provide you a clear path, a success GPS with heightened assurance.

Their Motto is,”No Member Left Behind.”

What does that mean, it is a simple but powerful strategy that the company…

CEO implemented from the very beginning, again to assure your succes.

Now I’ll be more than happy to share, this strategy with you.

I know that when you see it you will have an ahhh ha moment.

You will realize, that this is one of the missing link from your online


I’d like to offer you a complimentary Opulence VIP club account, that can

actually earn you some cash rewards.

Go here and take access of your Opulence Global VIP club account.

With your VIP account, you will have direct access to me.

I’ll be happy to share with you what, no member left behind is all about.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that even with a clear visible compass

some do get lost. Probably due to the internal conversation they have

with themselves. I don’t know.

Now let me share some Opulence Global resources to help you get an educated

understanding of this company.

These are all videos, simply because you can rewind, if you hear some-

thing that is not clear. Before you get started, get some paper and

pencil or pen to take some notes.

Here is the Business opportunity, video.  Enjoy the video.

Now take your shoes off and watch the business opportunity videos keenly.

Trend setters

I trust that the enclosed videos that you just watched gave you a

keen understanding of who we are and what we do and built

up your curiosity to want more.

To help you establish more I would like to reach out to you through

your Opulence Global  VIP club . There is no obligation & you can always cancel when you like.

Now in regards to what Opulence Global is doing, they are expanding world wide,

they are looking for new independent luxury consultants, leaders in your area.

It is possible, that you would actually be in an excellent position to

be the pioneer in your city. You can be the leader over there.

I trust that’s a responsibility you are ready to take up, because your

success or failure with the company will be directly of your own doing.

Opulence Global,  is that company, with unique products, training

and a success system in place. They provide the success mechanism

but you need to implement them.

It is in a league of its own in the high fashion and jewelry industry.

When you come on board you will be in a league of your own too.

Opulence Global is Transforming Lives. This can transform your life

your financial situation.

This will give you an opportunity to serve and support and of course

you will not be alone.

You will practically have a number of partners in Opulence Global to help and support you. 

Within the company we are a unique family. You will love us and we will love


Opulence Global upgrade their products and restock your VDM, your

virtual designer mall, automatically for you. 

You get a complete virtual designer mall, with automatic payment

processing and I mean everything is done for you to make sales from

every corner of the world.

Now I gotta ask one little favor of you. Please close your eyes and think

about everything you just read or heard.

Take a slow deep breath and exhale likewise slowly yet comfortably.

Look within yourself and see you doing this business.

When you do go ahead and take access of one of our complimentary

OG VIP club membership. It will be a start of a wonderful relationship

between us.

Next email me at jovialgwt2@gmail.com

Text me 510-239-6735

Catch me on Facebook. Germey.Baird…

I look forward to connect with you later on today.

Have a blessed and successful day.



P.S. Sign up here for your complimentary VIP Account or To

Join Opulence Global. 

“Direct Selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location, and a $2350+ Billion worldwide market with more than 150 million people involved, and we love that.” 🙂 Businessforhome.org

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