The Opulence Global  Shopping Credits

is a VIP Rewards Program 


GWT Instant Flex compensation plan

 VIP Rewards Program Click on Image to Enlarge.


The Awesome Opulence Global VIP Rewards program …

Is now a continuous save more as you shop VIP program.


How do you get your VIP Rewards?   

You have got to join the VIP program. 

The certificate is automatically given to you upon reaching…

or passing a certain shopping amount.

When you check out you get your certificate good for your next…

shopping pleasure.

Join Opulence Global VIP Rewards Program


Become an Opulence VIP Shopper

Opulence VIP Shoppers Click on Image to Enlarge.

I welcome you to the Opulence Global VIP Rewards Program,

where Every Dollar spent, gets you closer to more FREE Shopping…

Credits and receive up to $675 in FREE products. But that’s not all…

Opulence VIP Shoppers Save 10% on all shopping starting with..

your fourth order.


Become a VIP Shopper and Save

Become a VIP Shopper

And that is 10% off entire inventory.  With that…”Why shop anywhere else”?

Their VIP program rewards you on your first online purchase, when…

done within 24 hours of joining.


But that’s not all- You can GET` to Earn a Top VIP Trip with Champagne…

& Limo Reception plus FREE Meals…Plus $500 shopping Gift Certificate…

to shop from the FERI Gallery.


But that’s not all. You can and should share your Opulence Global VIP ID#…

with others, when they purchase using your ID#, they will be linked to you…

and you will get a 10% shopping credit.


Your referrals will always be linked to you. If any decides to partner with…

Opulence Global they will still be linked to you and you will earn credits.

If you should also decides to partner with Opulence Global, you will then…

earn a referral fee from all of the purchases of your referrals.


But keep in mind, the more shopping credits you accumulate the more…

products you’ll be able to buy, possibly all for free. 


Just ask yourself “Why shop anywhere else”?

Our VIP program rewards you with a Welcome Bonus on your first…

online purchase, when done within 24 hours of joining. But that’s…

not all…


GET to Earn a Top VIP Trip with Champagne…

& Limo Reception

plus FREE Meals…Plus $500 shopping Gift Certificate to the…

FERI Gallery.

But that’s not all…you need to join and see the full package…

Joining Opulence VIP has its REWARDS….


If, you are like most people, you will be proud of your FERI products,

you will love them..

FERI - Sergio - Shoes
FERI – Sergio – Shoes

That’s it Go Shop.

FERI - Adore - Ring
FERI – Adore – Ring

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Whose graduation is coming up?


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Opulence Global even have a layaway type plan  for you

to save up for that beautiful piece of jewelry you want.