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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressDiscover  Paid to Wear New Luxury Designer Opportunity     Discover this paid to wear new luxury designer opportunity blog at…  jovial luxury designs, where you have an abundance of opportunities to … get paid to wear luxury goods.    […]

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Discover  Paid to Wear New Luxury Designer Opportunity


About US-Discovery New Luxury Paid to Wear Designer Items



Discover this paid to wear new luxury designer opportunity blog at… 

jovial luxury designs, where you have an abundance of opportunities to …

get paid to wear luxury goods. 


As the name implies we are here to help you find opportunities to get paid…

wearing designer goods.

Plus get more eyes to discover the wonderful things you do online.


This get paid to wear blog, is here to help add the joy of Opulent Living to your daily life. 

Maybe you are stressed out by the rigors of daily living. Yet there are some…

people who seem not to be affected by all the challenges most of us face daily.


My goal with this blog is to help you discover, vehicles to help carry you to…

a healthy lifestyle that is free of worry, stress, and financial burdens.  For this… 

we are using several vehicles… that lends to marketing, promotion and …

personal branding.  



Get Paid to Wear New Luxury Designers Goods

FERI – Helios Watch – Rose Tone with Red/Black Printed Strap


One of the vehicles we are using is Opulence Global

More about Opulence Global can be found throughout this blog. It has three…

major areas of commerce in its FERI product line, consisting of the following: 


*** Fashion from dazzling to exquisite paid to wear


*** Health products designed to protect and preserve your health.


*** Beauty finally a product created without compromises that deliver…

on its promises. 

Google may give an SSL certificate warning but your visit is safe.

All orders are done on the manufacturer’s encrypted secure site. 


Discover Your Luxury Bag of the Year Ostrich Print Faux Leather "Stingray" Bag

Save %%% on FERI Luxe – Stingray Red Now Must See. Price in $ CDN


With your help, this blog can be an excellent platform from which you can…

successfully acquire leads, promote, and market your online business. 


If you don’t currently have a business, as you now know, this is designed to…

introduce you to…and allow you to explore Opulence Global and its hybrid…

business model and more.


About our paid to wear blog

Opulence Business Platform placement mat. Click on image to enlarge.


About Our Paid to Wear Discoveries


I have had this paid to wear blog’s model in my mind for a few years now …

but I didn’t have the right platform nor business model to connect it to.


But Opulence Global came along with Vegan Grade FOL/Lignans

Antioxidants, to protect and preserve your health. That is hard to resist.   

Talk about High-performance Natural Vegan antioxidants, for your health.


At that point, I knew I had to update this blog but I just didn’t get to it.

I had my tools but not the time I wanted to revamp it. But here we are.


I trust you’ve had the time to look around here and have visited my…

Opulence Global company Online Shopping site. 

I am sure you’ll fall in love with their brash new, hybrid business model and…

their luxury products and fashion designer’s lines.


What they offer is a different kind of network marketing but very applicable to…

the ease at which a person can get started in their home-based business, …

anywhere in the world. 



 Posh Shampoo & Body Wash

Posh Shampoo & Body Wash


Opulence Global is in over 200 countries. That would offer you a lot of…

flexibilities in running an online business.  Are you looking a something to…

be your primary business or to supplement a business you already run? 


Or are you just looking to get paid from a job? 

With all the uncertainties going on you may find this a lot more appealing than…

you may have suspected.


The two companies here are viable, flexible well managed, have excellent…

products and a strong operational platform.

You’ve met Opulence Global the luxury designer company whose products ….

you’d be wearing, to promote to get paid.


Now meet Royaltie AI an artificial intelligence company that you can use to…

automate your whole marketing, promotional, and branding experience.


It is a tool I have been looking for and waiting for. 

It’s a digital marketing and promotional tool. It uses artificial intelligence … 

with intelligent automation to save you time, money, and your sanity,… 

while building your business and branding you.   


It is 3-fold. You can use it to: 

*** promote your business or this business when you come onboard…

*** promote other people’s business…

*** promote it as an affiliate and get paid. 


There is even an agency sector, where you can hire others to do all the work for you. 

You will love all bout Royaltie AI and its 3 Click Marketing

saving you time, money and your sanity.




Click on Image to Enlarge. FERI NYx  Save %%% off Watch previous listed price


You may be now asking why of all the companies out there, I would be…

working with Opulence Global? 

Well, I chose Opulence and its FERI lines…

because it just makes real sense to me.


Its hybrid marketing model makes sense. I encourage you to look deeper into…

this business and see if it makes sense to you.


Does it align with your core belief, your passion?

Does it align with your character, your inner, and outer spirit? 

Does it align with you emotionally, psychologically, enthusiastically & socially? 


You really need to ask yourself the above questions and discover where you stand. 

Or other people here online will talk you out of a business model that may be…

perfect for you. 


And lead you into a business that you will be marginal in and probably out…

within a year. You will then say, “the business doesn’t work.”  So know your…

why for joining any business.


Never join a business just because your friend is in it and he or she is successful.

His or her success doesn’t mean that you also will be successful.


You may find elements of the business that are not in line with your inner …

beliefs, spiritually nor psychologically and you won’t have the inner drive to… 

go over hurdles.


I will tell you this network marketing can be simple and easy…

yet psychologically difficult.

That’s the part affecting most people failure, in this business.

The combination, I have put together here will help you with that.


Paid to Wear Luxuries Business Model


The Opulence Global business model offers a residual income opportunity.

It is inline with some of the best in the direct sales industry with incentives.  



opulence global

Leadership Incentives


Jovial Luxury Designs is located in the US, where having a home-based…

business may have tax advantages.  That makes perfect sense for us. 


If you live in the USA, would you agree that writing the cost of things…

such as:


***  shoes 

*** clothing

*** jewelry and 

*** accessories…

off your taxes for business expenses, is huge?


When you can save on taxes then, the more of your money you can keep.



Global Wealth Trade Corp Best Review – Luxury Designer MLM

Tax Benefits of having a home based business


That is probably partly, what keeps some people from taking advantage of…

all the tax loopholes or benefits given by home-based MLM marketing…

structure, at-least in the US. They don’t know they can.


If you are in that group, here is to your peace of mind.

Opulence does offer small business tax understanding traininthat…

can help you understand, what and how to take MLM business tax…

deductions and recording.


I trust all of this is making sense to you, but they go way beyond that.


Get Paid to Wear For Your Health

No Medical Advice

Please be mindful that I am not a doctor, nor a health care professional.

I am only sharing my own personal experience, my observation, researched…

material and testimonials from other users of the health product/s…

mentioned here.

Strategic management

FOL/Lignans- Personal Supply


My goal is to inspire you to make conscious & complimentary health…

decisions after consulting with one or more qualified professionals.

I can not offer any advice for a specific problem or condition.


When you join you will get access to a private Facebook Group of 10,000…

or more members, with many talking about the success they have attained…

from using the health product Fountain of Life/lignans.


Again be mindful that the information contained on this website, is for…

educational purposes only.


No information on, is or should be used for the…

purposes of diagnosing, treating, preventing, or curing any disease.


Be mindful that the information on this website has not been evaluated by…

the Food and Drug Administration.

NO Information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or…

cure any disease or condition under any circumstances. Everything here…

is for educational purposes only.


I trust what you have read so far has sparked a little interest in you…,

then why not look into our life-changing and lucrative program it is …

simple and relatively easy to learn and master.

You can start now.


Note: You are already here. No need to leave empty-handed. 

Join our FREE VIP Shoppers program and when I get notified that you have,

I’ll send you two digital money making products in the Affiliate marketing niche.

This site belongs to an OPULENCE GLOBAL Independent Lifestyle Advisor


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