Opportunity Business Questionnaire


Warning! Before Going Through This Page Please Make Sure You Have Atleast

11/2 hour, 90 min to Spare.

This page is going to have 3 steps to completion.





Thanks for your interest in the Opulence Global Business Opportunity.

I believe Opulence offers one of the best home-based business opportunity,…

around today. Take 23 1/2 minutes to view the video above & get the Opulence…

Global advantages, if you haven’t seen it yet. 


Please Do return here after watching all the videos.

If you have seen all 3 videos skip to #3, directly below.


Reasons Why it Maybe the company for you.


Step #1 Watch the Opulence Opportunity video above. It is about 23:14…

min log. Then following 13.22 min long video and go through that video,

page to get a th0rough understanding of the company, comp plan & another…


Opulence Global Opps Comp Plan. … 

at the end of this video scroll and read the information on the rest of the page.


And here is the second video, part (b) intro to the…  Three Ways to Earn


Step 2:  Thank you for your time and energy. I truly appreciate your initial…

interest in my getting paid to wear offers



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Please join our FREE VIP program and reap some nice rewards every…

time you shop.


You will get your own shopping portal from where you’ll be able to make purchases…

and to easily upgrade to an…

Opulence Independent Global Partner to the level of your choice.


It may be a good idea for you to sample the products out before joining. 

FYI: You will get a product package of various products when you join as a paid member.


You watched, the 3 videos on Opulence Global? Excellent! As you can see the …

company is in three Evergreen Niches  Health, Fashion & Beauty.

However, you are free to concentrate on anyone you please.  


Step 2b: Congratulation, your next step is to get set up for a…

35 minutes interview to let us get to know each other and to see if you qualify. 


Part of the interview will consist of reviewing your answers to the following survey

Start preparing for the interview process, now, then come back here for….


Step 3: The interview:

(A) At the end of the interview should you decide you want to follow through with… 

this, we will prepare you for training.

However, if you are already a social influencer and a health enthusiast wanting to…

get paid to take antioxidants, feel free to continue with your way of doing things.


Here is #3 for Opulence Global Opportunity

After you have watched all 3 videos please return here for Step #2…  below.


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Step #3a. Fill out the following questionnaire.  

Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and save it.

You will need it for the interview.


When you are done send me a text message by messenger.

Your message should say…,

“JovialGuy/Gal Ready 4 part 3”


You can find me on Facebook:  Germey.Baird

Instagram: germey3of7

I Will respond back to you and set up the interview date. 


While you are waiting for your interview please attend one of Opulence’s… 

online training events, either their North American training or their Asia…



I will send you the time and meeting address to the email address you use…

when you join the Opulence VIP Shoppers member.

Or the email address you used for joining this site.



In order for me to have a better understanding of you & how I may

better serve you. Should you decide that Opulence Global is a good fit

for you, please fill out the following questionnaire.




Be prepared to answer these 3 questions on our interview.

(A). Please, tell me where and how you found Us?  

(B). What is the best way to reach you?

(C).  Are you on Facebook or any other social media channel?

(D). Are you on Skype? What is your skype address?


Please answer Y =Yes  N=No and give a short explanation where appropriate.


(1) Have you had a chance to watch all 3 of the videos above? Y-yes or N-no


If no please do so. Scroll back up and watch. There are 3 videos.

I recommend you watch them and return here.


POSH – Claire – Handbag – Grey


A)  Did anything excite you in the videos? Y/N  …..explain below


A2) Could you see yourself being a part of this movement of getting paid to…

wear or sharing the benefits of FOL?  Y/N


B)  Have you tried other Direct Selling, paid to wear ventures or MLM before?



B1) How did that work out for you?


C) Do you have any other questions on what Opulence Global is all about? Y/N  


FERI Flawless - Totale Package

FERI Flawless – Totale Package


D) In your opinion do you feel that this is something you can do successfully,

with the proper training? Y/N


Why not?

If your answer is no and you can’t see yourself doing this then stop right here…

scroll back up to Step 2. and join our VIP program if you haven’t done so…

and get your gifts. Thanks…


(2) Do you currently have a business?  Y yes N no

A) If Yes, what type of business?


A1) How many years have you been in business?


B1) If not in business in your opinion, what has prevented you from starting your own business?


(3) Apart from yourself are you responsible for other people?  Y/N



Opiulence Global VIP Rewards-Click on Image to Enlarge


B1) Do you enjoy making money? Y/N


B2) How would you feel if You were able to make all the money you ever wanted?


B3) How would you feel if you were never able to make any money anymore?


B4) What do you like about money?


B5) What don’t you like about money?


B6) Do you have any money to invest in starting a business?  Y/N


B7) What is your thoughts about investing money to start a business?


C)  Where are you located?


D) How did you hear about Opulence Global?


E) If from another person is that person a member & have you been in touch…

with that person?  


E1).  If no why not? What happened between you two?


E2) If all is well between you two & that person is a member of Opulence…

Global, I suggest you stop here and go get in touch with that person.


And  I want you to know I appreciate your initial interest./..


F) If you were able to do anything you wanted, what would you like to…

do For Yourself?


Fa) If you could when… would you like to accomplish that?


F3) When would you like to see yourself getting started?



(4) Can you see yourself being successful in the Opulence Global opportunity?



(5) How would you rate yourself as having good people skills?

On a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best.


(6) Would you describe yourself as a team player?  


B) Have you ever organized anything, like a group picnic, a fundraiser or …

community event or family and friends outing?


(7) Would you say you are the type of person that other people go-to for…

answers to problems they may have?  Y/N


7A) Do you like to start up fun activities?   Y/N 


POSH – Carolyn Necklace


(8) Do you believe in personal development? Y/N  


A). Are you practicing personal development right now? Y/N


(9) Have you actively participated in any team sports? Y/N


(10) Have you read any books on personal development lately? Y/N


A) How was it?


A1) What would you say was your biggest take away from it?


POSH – SUNGLASSES Honey – Twilight


(11) When you are in a crowd… do you just listen or do you actively participate? 


(12) Why would you want to join Opulence Global?


(13) What attracted you to Opulence Global & what do you like about it?  


(14) How would you want to work this business?


(15) How many hours a week can you dedicate to this business?  


A) Why should my team and I work with you?


B) What is your monthly income goal?



(16) What 1 thing do you like to do the most for fun or in your spare time?


A). When was the lost time you did that?


(17)  What would you give up today in order to have a better tomorrow?


A) Would you give up some TV. time for a better tomorrow?  Y/N


Congratulations You are done with this section  


Now on to Step 3:  Save your answers above

Save them, then send to me by email: 

With heading “Jovial Guy/Gal”

Message…JovialGuy/Gal ready 4 part 3.


Or find me on Facebook and send me a message or friend me Germey.Baird

You can find me on Facebook:  Germey.Baird

Remember you will need your answers to the questions here, for the interview.


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Note: some people have made money the same day they joined us.

Maybe you are thinking about getting paid quickly.  No problem.

We have the company, products, training and success system in place. We just

need you to implement them.?


I will set up an interview To Go over your answers with you.

In the meanwhile check my bulletin board to see what’s going on around…

the world of Opulence Global that you can attend online.


Most people at this point also take a look at our About This Blog page…

to get a head start on sharing it with others..