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GWT Opulence Better Residual

Income Opportunity


Our Residual Income Opportunity


GWT Opulence formerly, Global Wealth Trade, now better residual income opportunity, offers superb peace of mind to those embracing the opportunity.


This better residual income component of GWT Opulence business opportunity provides comforting and an abundance mindset,

that is hard to come by in most other networking opportunity.


Mr. Rene Liaw, explains this clearly with his illustration and interview in BusinessForHome.org.  

Below is one of his response to his interview questions.

“I know there are other six figure monthly earners in MLM but I challenge all of them to even come close to my E/D ratio. Why is this important?

One of the first things our CEO thought me was not to get impressed by the guy who flashes big cheques on the stage unless you know how many people it took to get to those incomes.

When you talk to other leaders at my income level, they are always ready to brag about how they have 150,000 users in their teams to get to six figure monthly incomes.

I did it with 7000 LCs, the industry has never seen outrageous numbers like GWT numbers in its history.


Number of users is even more important than the $100K/month because 7000 is very ATTAINABLE for the average person like me but 150,000 isn’t and this is what has made GWT Opulence opportunity the GOLD standard in home business opportunities.

I had one leader from another company tell me that, 7000 in 7 years is slow growth, I have over 75,000 distributors in my team. My response was short and sweet and pure mathematical.”

“You have 75,000 distributors and make $25,000/month

I have 7000 LCs and earn $100,000/month



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I WIN … the fact is WHO CARES how big is your team. To me that means more casualties you are creating in your business because if it takes 75,000 to make your income, how many people in your team will realistically do that?”

My favorite quote from our CEO is

 “ I rather have 26,000 LCs with 52% retention than 260,000 distributors with 6% retention (DSA averages), GWT IS NOT ABOUT MASS ENTRY – MASS EXIT and leave behind 94% casualties.

We have a real FREE FLOWING compensation plan that pays out up to 70 cents of every dollar in commissions.

We have real VISUAL, real UNIQUE and real VALUABLE products that people in every country want, desire, and dream about.

Simply put where other companies try to create a NEED for the products they market, GWT products are WANT products that comes naturally in our day to day lives”.

You can get the full interview at BusinessForHome.org.

This component of the compensation plan falls in line and is well thought out to provide maximum benefits to GWT Corp luxury consultants. 

residual income opportunity

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The company boast true residual income because of the nature of their business model.  

They are the only business opportunity that provides a pre-loaded online luxury designer, shopping mall.

It’s loaded with over ten million dollars worth of the:

*** hottest  fashion

*** luxury goods

*** jewelry

*** beauty products

*** health products


To top that all you can start for $100 Canadian right now..  


You immediately get your E-Mall, when  you join and it is available to conduct business in over 170 countries in the world right away.

There is no waiting.  That is powerful. I like to call it an online luxury designer shopping mall.


It comes as a complete e-commerce mall with easy to use shopping cart and credit card processing systems that can be utilized from anywhere in the world.

Its platform alone cost up to about $297. monthly with other companies.

It has a built in world wide-tracking system, Shipping, cross sell system, bulk edit system, cart recovery system and many more technical components that other companies charge a premium for.


In essence, one minute after you join GWT Opulence you could be sending visitors to your mall and possibly make sales 

over and over all around the world.  ​

Yes a couple people have done just that, for the record.


Residual income opportunity

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Your VDM’s cutting edge Pearl technology software keeps track of all your global sales in real time and issue your commissions

daily, weekly and quarterly. There are no other hidden costs that no one is talking about.


The generation of sales provides a comforting cycling of payment and a mindset that keeps luxury consultants devoted to making

their monthly I. A. contributions to the residual income component of the business. 


Commissions are then loaded on to a customized GWT Opulence provided Visa Debit card, that can be used for retail purchases

or ATM transactions in any country around the world.

Imagine owning your very own prestige designer mall loaded with  thousands of the most fashionable and luxurious designer goods.




Generate Income With Global Wealth Trade 


Unlike other Direct Sales/MLM companies who offer only one income generating method, GWT Corp business can be 

conducted 3 ways:

1. Internet marketing with the most advanced marketing tools in the industry for Retail profits of up to 30%.

2. Home Branding parties where weekly or even daily events can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in Retail profits

plus an opportunity to earn residual income.


3. Building your MLM team and generate residual income opportunities with one of the most aggressive binary compensation plan  in the history of Direct Sales. 


You get a totally unprecedented up to 70% payout to Infinity in an industry’s first Variable Free Flowing Binary compensation  

plan. You earn residual income month after month from the total  group volume sales of your group.


Join GWT Corp Opportunity Online Webinar

FERI MOSH Empire – Ring- Never in his wildest dreams did the owner of a FERI MOSH Empire Ring below, thought he can afford a solid diamond ring until he joined this company.


Join GWT Corp Opportunity Online Webinar

FERI MOSH Empire – Ring….A beautiful ring. Originally Cost a Bundle but ended up being practically Free.


GWT Opulence, unique capabilities and the visual nature of their products may enabled valued LCs like you, to escape many

of the challenges and frustrations that are often associated with starting and operating a home based business.  


Is this a healthy business or industry to get into?  That depends. One thing we do know that Timing The Business is great.

Even in the risky stage GWT’s growth chart was impressive with a  whopping 297% average annual growth & five office expansions.


Global Wealth Trade Business Advantages  


Some of GWT’s Opulence business advantages includes:

*** Global Wealth Trade is a company like no other 

*** have no competition in the highly contested how-to-make-money-from-home business industry.

*** GWT does not compete in the overly crowded consumable product sector or telecommunication sector.

*** Freedom, not being burden by the latest and greatest health and weightloss products and telecommunication gadgets and

services being introduced almost weekly.


residual income opportunity

FERI MOSH Francesca Change Purse


With GWT Opulence, you simply do not have to engage in frustrating situations nor to resort to unrealistic and sometimes

illegal claims to promote your products. 

Global Wealth trade products advantages come from the fact that, they establish value while other companies try to establish



As a result, the team you build with GWT lasts and can provide massive passive and residual income much faster and easier.

Unfortunately, direct sales has two very vital statistics that  usually establish your success or failure.  They are the distributor

monthly re-order ratio and annual distributor retention ratio.


A low retention ratio means you continually have to build your team to replace members dropping-off, which causes you to lose

residual income. 

In both those categories, GWT’s stats are multiple times higher  than the industry’s best averages who market “consumable”



residual income opportunity

FERI – Tokyo Tortoise Shell – Optical



Another unprecedented industry record that GWT has set is the E/D (earning/distributor) Ratio. This record has never been

matched and will never be matched by any other company.

In most other companies you would earn the industry E/D average which is between .35 cents to $1.00/ distributor in your team.  


GWT averages are multiple times higher than the industry’s best averages.

In other words, for a distributor to earn $10,000/ month in wellness and telecom companies based on the current DSA averages, one probably needs to build a team of 10,000 – 30,000 members.


To achieve the same level of residual income  in Global Wealth Trade, members only need 800 to 1500 members based on our

current statistics.  


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIncome Disclaimerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“Compensation for the majority of Canadian members conducting activities 

necessary to realize the plan’s benefits for over one year are forecasted to be 

between  $2,500 and $15,000 per year. However there are GWT members that  

earn significantly higher incomes due to their commitment and effort. A typical 

GWT member is one who has the right to sponsor others in the plan, engages in 

sales to others and has been a member of the plan for at least one year.”



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