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What are your submission rules?


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1.  Attribution is MANDATORY! Don’t steal pictures from other site’s.

Get permission or give them credits.

2. Do not violate other’s copyrights! We find a post with violations we’ll remove it immediately.

Please let us know if your photo was mistakenly posted.


3. Original photography and content is highly desirable when available.  

Give proper credit to curated materials.

4. If you post non English blog posts, run them through…

an online translator and post translation also. 


5. Registration is required to submit posts.  See registration instructions below.

6. When possible please submit your original work, for branding and exposure.

7. Submit beautifully composed, properly exposed images.

Photos are automatically resized and cropped to 550 px by 550 px.

8. We reserve the right to remove posts at any time.


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Submissions are moderated


1. How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

Once you have posted, hold your horses.

 It can take up to 24 hours, but we typically review your submissions much faster.

Once we have gained your trust.  Your submissions goes up immediately.


You may appreciate us scheduling our postings.

It allow your pictures to appear on the first page as long as possible.



How To Use:

1. Hover over photo to see the post title.

2. Click on the photo to open submitter's blog post in new tab. 
If post doesn't open in new page scroll down to see contents.

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3. Hover over photo to display the social media sharing options.
4. Tap on the magnifying glass or View Post to open post
 permalink page to view categories and tags or report an issue.
5. Eye Image shows the number of times a post is favored and Gawkr/clicked.
6. Add the post to your favorites page, if you create a user account.
 7. You can also organize your favorites by tagging and saving notes on your favorite posts.


Note: This is a growing site.

We invite you to check back regularly as we continue to evolve.

Feel free to click our links to explore the site.  


How to Post


To submit a post, your original, copy the URL from your own blog or where you have it hosted.

Click on the light green square up at the upper left hand corner of your browser.

Click log in..Enter your User Name

Enter your Password submit



Click on Image to Enlarge


Click the green square again click

Click submit

Copy your post Link (URL) paste it in 1st  upper right hand space

that reads (do not link to home page). 


Next space post title.

Some people make slight changes to title some people don’t.

Test to see which works best for you.  

You may want to look at how to curate content.

Next write a short description.  


Next enter some Tags.

Next Category or listed name closest to the category.  

Next in Post as user… Enter your User Name 


Post status try immediately, see what happens.  

At this point you may want to go enter an image.


Click on Image to Enlarge. Some Folks have qualified in less than 30 Days


Next down at bottom right,

Click I am not a Robot   follow instructions then submit.


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