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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressShop Now Christmas Gifts Plus on Clearance (Over)   Note: The Opulence Global clearance sale is OVER. However as a new revised company Opulence Global had a major reduction in prices. So take a look at the company main shop […]

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Shop Now Christmas Gifts Plus on Clearance (Over)


Note: The Opulence Global clearance sale is OVER. However as a new revised company Opulence Global had a major reduction in prices. So take a look at the company main shop online site..


Note:  relaunch sale here


Where to shop Christmas gifts on clearance

Was $30. Now on Sold Out  


Looking to shop for after holiday gifts, that are on clearance?

Get  after Christmas 2017 gifts that are on clearance now.  

We believe FERI  have some of the perfect after Christmas gifts…

after holiday gifts on sale for you & your loved ones, within their…

FERI brands Reduction….updated info.  


They have around 1,400, one of a kind fashion products…

for you to chose from.  Products currently on sale.



FERI – Eliotte Shoes Black. Was $821 Now Sale $$$. CDN 


All purchases are done directly from manufacturer

Canada’s largest fashion house and their secure website.

Products are shipped from Canada. Shipping time about 5…

to 7 business days to the US. A little long to overseas …


Shop POSH - Giselle - Earrings-$10 sale

FERI POSH – Giselle – Earrings-jewelry on Sold Out

FERI POSH by FERI – Passion for Fashion…


Luxury fashion jewelry for the designer in you. 


But they go beyond fashion & luxury jewelry

They also offer you an opportunity to reverse your age,

clock as much as 10 years, with their Beauty-Anti

Aging products.  



GWT Corp FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care

Looking for post Christmas gifts ideas? 

Why not take a look through an E-Mall loaded…

with over $10 Million Canadian worth of luxury and…

ultra luxury goods.  Yes you need to Check out FERI


FERI is their  most popular brand…,

featuring wide variety of products including,

the following that are on 



FERI – Edward – Murse – Black was $911.Now 


*** 925 Sterling Silver jewelry 


Where to shop Christmas gifts on clearance

On sale now FERI Fantastic – Ring


*** 950 Siledium silver 

The next generation of Sterling Silver Jewelry – their


Where to shop Christmas Gifts on Clearance

FERI – Morning Stars Earrings


FERI exclusive formulation of Sterling Silver in 950…


Where to shop Christmas gifts on clearance

FERI Hades – Ring


purity, with Palladium, doesn’t tarnish.

*** Watches & Stellite  

except for The President Watch.



Shop Christmas/Holiday gifts on Clearance

FERI – Perces Watch – Silver Tone with Brown Face and Printed Strap Holiday Sale was $4269 CDN,


*** Day2Day Handbags & wallets Scroll down for these.


Collection of FERI Luxe – Stingray Purse-priced marked is 38% off original.  


*** Sun Shades/FERI Shields  29%



FERI – Barcelona Brown – Shields


*** Murses sale up to 50% off…Known as men messenger bags.


This Christmas 2017 Gifts for Him by FERI

FERI – Baldwin – Murse – Black On Sale price marked 50% off…original price 


FERI Murse- purses for men with alternative lifestyles.   

*** FERI POSH 28%

time pieces and shoes for him and her and even a proven anti-aging skin care system.  


If you live in the USA, Canada or Australia and you…

love to give gifts, this may be of interest to you. 

This is an amazing home-based business…

opportunity for you to become a lifestyle advisor.


What you may like about that is, that you can start…

for practically free. You get to purchase the products…

at a 30% discount. 


And you get to write off a percentage of the cost…

of each gift you gave away saving you some money.  

As an E-Mall operator you get access to over 1300…

FERI brand luxurious products.

How does that benefit you, you may ask?


Shop for Christmas gifts on clearance sale

FERI My Romance – Ring Sale was $238 Now…


Well it gives you access  to Canadian, fashion designs…

that are Italian and Portuguese made, quality luxury…

products. You have seen some of them here.  


*** Fashion Jewelry & accessories at a 28% discount

*** Luxury Jewelry & accessories Sterling Silver



Where to shop Christmas gifts on clearance

FERI Adore – Ring


*** Ultra Luxury Jewelry & accessories at …

*** Luxury Anti-Aging Skin Care System at …




FERI Flawless


*** The Worlds Most Powerful Anti-Aging Skin…

Care System


Shop affordaable Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care System

Few more weeks later on FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care System. Not on Clearance Sale

*** Luxury Watches at…

*** High end Luxury Optical at…




Global Wealth Trade $300 gift certificate

FERI London Black Shields-Sold Out.  See other sun glasses All At 29% discount 


*** High End Luxury Sunglasses all at ..

*** High End Dress Shoes at…


Global Wealth trade Corp opportunity

FERI -Xavier – Shoes – Black/Light Brown

*** High End Tennis Shoes at…

*** Luxury Belts & more all from your own…

 Online Shopping Mall at 30% discount…

makes perfect holiday gifts…but that’s not all…

once a year you can get some items at a huge up to 80% discount

Imagine if you only got 50% savings.  That is  great savings


Would You Wear FERI Shaun High End Tennis Shoes If They Were Free?

FERI Shaun High End Tennis Shoes Was $679 Now ….

But that’s not all you are able to share your store link…

and products links with other people all around the world and…

when they purchase you get paid. 


You also are able to get credit towards free products…,

as this also allows you to have affiliates…,

to share your Online Mall with other people, around the world.


Shop Christmas Gifts on discounts

 VIP Rewards Program Click on Image to Enlarge.

If that was all I would be dancing.  But that’s not all. 

Let me ask you. Do you live in the USA, Canada or Australia? 

If you do say yes…


You run this as a business and you are able to get…

excellent tax write off.  

that you purchased from your own Online Shopping Mall…,

share your mall links or products links with other people…,

do that and you may enjoy some excellent tax wright off.



A Cool Way to Make Money-Without-Money

FERI Luxe – Maria Purse – Stingray black  With Other Colors Was $1327


There are some restrictions, but we will teach you all…

about them and you can talk to your tax professional…

about them too.  


Global Wealth Trade Corp Best Review – Luxury Designer MLM

Tax Benefits of having a home based business


shop Christmas Gifts on Clearance

FERI Life Ring Holiday Sale 38%


Extremely Affordable Luxury Engagement Rings Sale $50.CDN

FERI Marquise Solitaire Engagement – Ring-Clearance Sale $10 to $50. CDN


You get to recoup a lot of expenses.

As a business many of the activities you normally…

spend money on may now become a tax write off

for you.

To the tune that you may recoup anywhere from…

 $2,000.00 to $10,000 extra on your tax return,

each year.  Take a look into this, it might just be…

right up your alley…

when you join this awesome opportunity.


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