shop-unusual-perfect-Christmas-holiday-gift-by feri

shop-unusual-perfect-Christmas-holiday-gift-by feri

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shop-unusual-perfect-Christmas-holiday-gift-by feri
Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email Address The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-GWT Corp   Shop for the perfect unusually perfect Christmas holiday gift by FERI. Christmas, holiday season is right around the  corner, have you gotten that special gift yet?  No!      No, worries. This can be all you […]

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 The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-GWT Corp



Shop for the perfect unusually perfect Christmas holiday gift by FERI.

Christmas, holiday season is right around the  corner, have you gotten that special gift yet?  No! 



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No, worries. This can be all you will need for the holidays and its the perfect unusual Christmas gift, that gives all year long.

Presenting FERI, POSH, FERI & FERI MOSH unique and unusual products and opportunity. 


a unusual and perfect Christmas gift

fm_banner-Click to enlarge.


When I say perfect gift, I am talking about that special Christmas holiday gift for you.

Perfect gifts for everyone you love.

This may enhance your lives and provide, a depth of benefits, that could  make your heads spin in amazement.

Just thinking about this perfect & unusual, Christmas Holiday gift  as I write this, is giving me goosebumps. It’s awesome.


perfect and unusual Christmas holiday gift

FERI MOSH Gentlemen – Ring$15241.


Why not GWT Corp for your holiday gift?  They have cool and unique Christmas gifts for him.

They even have an array of uncommon, yet cool, luxury Christmas gift ideas for her.  

This is unusual right? Let’s take a walk down this gift giving alley.


perfect and unusual Christmas gift by Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI-image- Johnna & John


Meet Johnna, (not real name) twenty sumpt’nish. Educated, college grad who loves gift giving and exchanging.  

Giving cool Christmas gifts has been a  part of her family culture, ever since she can remember. From grade

school all through college and still going strong



Over the years, she have spent thousands of dollars on gifts.

There were times, when finding the most appropriate gift at a reasonable price was nerve wrecking and exhausting.

But not to disappoint her family she always manged to get it done.  

After college, Johnna, went to work for the federal government, dealing with numbers. In her mind, working for the federal

government offered some job security.  



Four years later she was laid off.  Fortunately for her a college friend, referred her to a higher educational institution.

Laugh out loud, another supposedly, secured job.  

According to Johnna, she was on  the job for two years.  

Then it started all over, they hauled her and about 200 other employees into a conference and handed all of them pink slips, on

the spot. Strange, but who would have thought so.



This time it wasn’t too rough for her because she had been working part time at a large hospital.

The crazy thing about all of this is that she had learned to create new feelings, perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes in her inner world that  affects her life.

Something she learned from reading,  Hal Elrod’s best selling book The Miracle Morning” “The not so obvious Secret Guaranteed to

Transform Your Life Before 8 AM.” 



The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – Abigail Purse Brown Monogram-$1862.


Johnna, is one of the few enlightened ones.

At an early age, she has realized and vowed not to let, “the extraordinary, fulfilling abundant life that she really wants, to elude her because she is so overwhelmed, and overrun with day today life situations.”

It was around that same time that she was invited to a home party, red carpet event, dealing with luxury designers jewelry and

accessories.  She took her best friend, John along. The idea was  that, he would talk her out of everything. 


FERI Products sample

FERI Products sample


At the party she learned about GWT Corps, 1,500 luxury and ultra  luxury, jewelry & accessories that makes awesome Christmas gifts.

She learned about the GWT Corps awesome opportunity and  products that makes great gifts for any occassion.  

She tinkered with the thought, that since she loves jewelry and gift giving, it would make sense, for her, to be able to buy gifts from her  own store.

She had been tinkering with the idea of making more more for investments. 

In this case an E-Mall to give away & possibly make some money.


An unusual and perfect Christmas holiday gift by Global Wealth Trade Corporation

FERI – Daniel Shoes – Monogram Beige-$1052.


At first, the whole idea was crazy. The products were more costly, than what she normally gives away. Plus the company wanted $169

Canadian, just for a basic, yearly membership.

She could buy gifts on sale for free practically anywhere Online.

Of-course, she said nooooo! The bottom line is that, it was one of those pyramid schemes, where she would bother friends and family,

so she thought.

“Who got time for that?”  She’d rather go out and have fun versus, bothering friends and family.



The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – Celio – Boot – Red -Black $1010.


But you know things aren’t always as they seem.

 Kim, now a traveling nurse, who only takes strategically, placed assignment, & Johnna, would be sponsor, invited her to an  eye opening GWT Corp tax educational webinar. 

Have you ever had something, that on the surface, just didn’t look good?  

But your instinct said to look deeper and later on you were happy you did. Read on.


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI THE ROM Ring-$719.


Kim told her, watch the webinar and I’ll take you to lunch or dinner wherever you may want to go.

Hey that was a nice bribe, so she did.

She, yes she did invite John, to watch the webinar and a light bulb went off in there heads.

 “Eureka,” this has got to be it.

Things aren’t always as they seem.  And what you see of a thing, maybe distorted by the biases of other people. The tax webinar was

an eye opener for both of them.


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – Melody Shoes Red-$866.


They were clueless of the tax benefits of running a home based network marketing business.

They were amaze at the number of tax  write offs a network marketing company like GWT Corp offers.

They investigated more & decided to join.

That was August of the year 2015. Well it wasn’t quite Christmas time, but the money they spent was considered a Christmas gift to

themselves. Both of them joined and have been happier, ever since.  



Johnna story.  My perfect, unusual, Christmas Holiday gift by Global Wealth Trade Corp, purchased in August, really paid off last

March, when I got my income tax return.  

I live in Tracy California and work in Berkeley.  

The commute and wear and tear on me and my car is rough.

She smiled  sheepishly, with my home based business, I now legally get paid mileage to go  to work.

There is a way to do that.


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – PRISCILA – SHOES – Black Patent $935.


For tax purposes:

*** I wrote off the cost of joining as a business expense.

*** I wrote off the mileage I used for going out to promote my business.

*** Every time I go visit John who lives in Hayward CA, we discuss business and that became a write off. 

*** I wrote off all entertainment expenses and lunches we did while  discussing business


Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise


*** We went on our first cruise, a business educational trip to Jamaica & Grand Cayman, in January. I will write that off.  


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – Midnite Express – Earrings-$439.


*** I worked two jobs previously as an employee. I was able to offset my previous year income tax…saving me a lot more money

*** But the weirdest thing, I bought all my Christmas gifts from my own store, at a discount, got paid a commission from group sales 

and then I wrote my purchases off my income tax, as business gifts.

Imagine, I now give away higher quality gifts…folks love them and a few have went on to buy more from my E-Mall.  Not everyone

has, but the ones that have are highly appreciated.



Where as, before I used to buy gifts on sale, that was money spent  never to return.

Now I spend money, gifting but get a return on my money. Oh!!! “GWT Corp, it’s a sweet life.”

I can only say, you have no idea how much I got back on my tax return.

Is it worth it?  Yes! Yes! Yes!.  Am I bothering friends and family? No.

They are coming to me wanting to know what am I doing? My co-workers are beginning to ask, “What am I doing?”


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI – Barcelona Black – Shields $802.


My business has expanded into 13 other countries.

Thanks to my team’s effort and the company motto of no member left behind.

She chuckled,  I think, it’s time for me to start paying more attention to it.

For real, since I am practically getting paid to wear FERI Designer Lines.  

But do you know what’s the weirdest of it all?

With the Internet, I am getting paid from around the world.  

That is money coming into my neighborhood, my community.


the perfect unusual Christmas holiday gift

FERI – Exquisite Sparkle Ring$146.



I love the idea of being able to buy jewelry and accessories at a discount anytime I wanted, without waiting for a special sale date.

I create my own sale dates now.  

GWT Corp, even have a lay-away program, where I set money aside monthly for future purchases

It gets weirder, locally, I get a lot of rejections.

Those rejections  pay for my gas to go home, 72 miles round trip at $0.56 per mile. 



I also get credit towards free products monthly.

But what’s even more weirder?

I now have a relatively small but growing to $1.56 million annually, residual income check.

It comes in monthly  regardless if I made a sale or not.

Can you say hurrah for Johnna?  I am so glad she didn’t take the biases of others and own them.

She exercised her own inner intelligence. 


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI Abel Black Boot $1128.


Well, that one person’s perspective. I must let you know that GWT is not for everyone.

It may not be for you, that’s okay. It involves & requires some investment in time and money.

Today, more and more people are shopping Online and more and more luxury goods are being sold Online. Whenever you are

now ready to take hold of your own E-Mall, loaded with over $10  million Canadian, this is it.

I am ready, willing and able to work with you.

Go join their VIP  Rewards club. You will get access to your own E-Mall, plus a GWT

Corp, $100 gift certificate.


Global Wealth Trade Review

With GWT U Can Hold the Money


Now let me ask you if, you got back $3,000. to $9,000 extra on your income tax every year, could  you make that to be a perfect and unusual Christmas holiday gift?  


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI-Conquest-Automatic-Ocean-Watch $5567.


Oh! What if you were able to write off your:

*** computer,

*** internet connection,

*** phone & phone bills,

*** vacations to exotic places,

*** your luxury blings,

*** high end shoes

*** luxury watches


FERI - Helios Watch - Silver / Deep Blue with Printed Strap $3202.

FERI – Helios Watch – Silver / Deep Blue with Printed Strap $3202.

*** luxury wallets

*** luxury belts  

*** your travels & entertainments  

*** sporting events


The Perfect Unusual Christmas Holiday Gift-Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI MOSH – Orazio – Belt – Denim Blue $1129.

*** luxury briefcases & more


Shop unusual perfect Christmas holiday gift GWT Corp

FERI MOSH Opulence – ARISDTIDE Briefcase$5433.


Of course there are rules and regulations & guidelines to all of this but they are easy to master and darn worth it.

The last time I checked IRS gave you 3 out of 5 years to make a profit, in your business. Most people who don’t make a profit in

MLM within 6 months cry scam and quits.  If they were only to educate themselves on the tax benefits.



One good news is that GWT Corp products are visual, people sees them and some are going to want them. And as more and

more people get to hear about them and trust them, your Internet  sales are going to be easier.  


Shop unusual eproC TWG tfig yadiloh samtsirhC tcefrp

FERI – Herminio – Shoes – Blue $912.


When you get to understand what you just read, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from you saying, tell me more about GWT Corp.

I would be happy to do that.  


The Reason Behind GWT


I believe when you grasp the 2 reasons and the culture behind GWT Corp, you will clearly see now that the dark cloud is gone.

When you fully understand that Mr. Ramin, GWT CEO, created Global Wealth  Trade Corporation, with you in mind.




You will appreciate what he has created. He created GWT a business built from the ground up to offer some assurance of success. 

To do that, he  also teaches the same training techniques he used to become a millionaire in the MLM industry. So the infrastructure

of the company is to make you money and the products are to make  you money.







Put all of the above together and you have the perfect, unusual Christmas gift or a perfect gift for any occassion. 



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