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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email Address5 Health Benefits of  FOL Lignans   Why Fountain of Life Works so Quickly?   Embrace the top 5 health benefits of Lignans, FOL/Lignans to be exact.  One of the top 5 health benefits of Lignans is that they may […]

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5 Health Benefits of  FOL Lignans


Why Fountain of Life Works so Quickly?


Embrace the top 5 health benefits of Lignans, FOL/Lignans to be exact. 

One of the top 5 health benefits of Lignans is that they may help…

protect & reduce breast cancer risk.


Lignans apparently block enzymes that are involved in hormone …

metabolism and interfere with the growth and spread of tumor cells.   


Some scientists believe our food has lost a lot of their nutritional…

values including a key component.

That is anti-oxidants, also known as lignans. The video above tells…

why they work and this post is telling how they benefit you. Enjoy both.


That idea stemmed from long studies and research on high performance…

antioxidants and the increase in the maladies affecting people today.


Some scientists now suggest that antioxidants can make a difference in the way…

our bodies function and so, affect our health. 


According to some researchers, lignans are known to be beneficial to us as they: 


*** Promotes heart health: Heart disease remained the top…

killer in the U.S. in 2018, accounting for 23.1% of registered death.


*** Support breast health: Cancer remained the No. 2 killer of…

Americans in 2018, accounting for 21.1% of overall deaths.

Its fatality rate fell from 152.5 in 2017.


*** Benefit fight against dementia: In 2018, Alzheimer’s accounted…

for 4.3% of deaths and saw its death rate decreased from 31.0 in 2017 to 30.5.


*** Anti-inflammatory: Lots of people suffer from bodily inflammation…

antioxidants with lignans is proven to help relieve inflammation. 


*** Support healthy glucose metabolism: accounted for 3% of …

total deaths in 2018, with the death rate for the disease…

not changing significantly between 2017 and 2018.


*** Support prostate health:  According to the Mayo Clinic…

Whether you can prevent prostate cancer through diet….

has yet to be conclusively proved. But eating a healthy diet with…

a variety of fruits and vegetables can improve your overall health.

Antioxidants with lignans can supply the lignans that may be…

missing from an ordinary diet


But that’s not all Lignans also help to counter the effects of…

your body being overwhelmed from the following:


*** daily stress

*** pesticides in food,

*** pollution

*** environmental stress,

*** poor nutrition,

*** and many more variables affecting your health.


You have probably seen the recent move to healthier, vegan-based diets. 

A diet now being practiced by many people.


A vegan diet is believed to provide your body with adequate …

supply of antioxidants.

Some test shows that antioxidants may overwhelm oxidative stress.


The practice of treating major ailments with a vegan diet is being picked up…

by some major doctors.


A couple of years ago Texas Midland Memorial Hospital made the news.

They had moved to treat folks with a nutrition-rich vegan diet.


Some scientist now believes that the major causes of many illnesses are from a…

lock of adequate nutritional nutrients in the food we eat.



Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Defense

Vegan Diet



That”s an impressive amount of ailments, maladies and conditions…

antioxidants with lignans, such as the Fountain of Life, seem to help with.


But don’t just take my words for it. Here are some references to some of the…

work-study that was done. 


Oxidative Stress And Diabetes lignans benefits

Live Veggies lignans


We’re not talking basic antioxidants such as vitamin C, or vitamin E or…

flax seeds and fish oil, we are talking hybrid such as Fountain of Life.  


This combo is currently the most powerful antioxidant lignans known to…

scientist-Fountain of Life  on YouTube. Watch, then return here.



Over time a certain organ in your body may break down if it is not getting…

the proper needed nutrition. 

You are now susceptible to catch and you may suffer from maladies, and…

signs of aging prematurely, with abuse and malnutrition.


As you may have heard on the news, the majority of the Coronavirus…

fatalities are older folks and folks with compromised immune systems. 




But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Taking Fountain of Life regularly,…

may prolong your optimum freedom from aches, pains, and chronic, …

disabling and cardiovascular ailments.


In other words, once you are free of aches and pains, you can possibly be…

emotionally happier.


The good news is, that I’ve introduced you to the 22 patented, high-…

performance antioxidant product featured in the video above.


Take a look at this.  The Opulence Global Fountain of Life, is essentially,…

the best spruce tree extract for you available today. 


You may find the following info interesting.


You can't afford not to be healthy in 2018

Fountain of Life FOL.. Click on Image to Enlarge

“In a recent French study conducted over 7 years with 58,049 women…

concluded that high dietary intake of plant lignans correlated with better health.”

“A 30-year study in Finland demonstrated the same, as dietary lignans supported heart health.”


All studies so far show that FOL is a safe, natural, consumable & nontoxic…

and easily absorbed antioxidants.


Incidentally, antioxidants, are gaining more foothold in our day to day life,…

especially, the 7-Hmr lignans from the Norwegian Spruce Tree, from which…

Fountain of life is made.


Every day we are learning more of the important role lignans play in every aspect…

of our health.

Lignans have many health benefits & usages and more are being discovered.


I invite you to try Opulence Global Fountain Of Life and make it an integral…

part of your efforts and reasons to getting healthier, in 2020. 


While others give you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, we give you 90 days…

satisfaction guarantee, because we are confident that you will see drastic…

changes in 90 days.


But I need you to remember that, just as the video above explains that this …

is not a drug.

It functions to balance your hormones, & produce a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Once your hormones are balanced they go to work on harmonizing the…

maladies that may afflict you.


Don’t be surprised, if you were to see some improvements in different areas of…

your health, that you didn’t notice had some deficiency.


We don’t promise cure… again, this is not a drug.

It helps to regulate your hormones and your organs, which may allow your…

body to improve its functions.  Shop now and see how this would work for…

you and receive a welcome bonus on your first online order.


Test this out here… click this link.  The link will take you to our VIP Shopper…

enrollment page.  There you will be able to join our VIP program for free. 

As a VIP shopper, you’ll get to enjoy some wonderful benefits.

Take a look. 😊😊😊😊😊


You will be able to purchase multiple bottles and pay one low shipping fee.

Your order is in Canadian dollars and is on the manufacturer’s secured site & is…

shipped from Canada. Placing an order is simple.


It’s done right from inside your own personal shopping portal.


This site info is brought to you by an independent Opulence …

Global lifestyle Advisor, who is solely responsible for its content.


Side Note: You are welcome to be a part of this new movement to healthy…

Opulent living. We trust you have the foresight to understand why you need to…

work on getting healthier in 2020 and beyond.


Note: You are already here. No need to leave empty-handed. 

Join our FREE VIP Shoppers program and when I get notified that you have,

I’ll send you two digital money making products in the Affiliate marketing niche.   


“Any statement here concerning FOL have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure no ailments or disease.


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