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FERI Designer Lines at Toronto National Women’s Show

Updated 10/16/20


Welcome to Opulence Global independent marketer, Jovial Luxury Designs, get paid to help others.

We are an innovative marketing company, promoting an awesome Opulence Global, network marketing business opportunity. 


This is where you get paid to help others, where luxury and fashion meet network marketing.  


The video above is an epic introduction to the amazing opportunity Opulence Global provides.

The interview above features Ms. Sanaz Hooman VP of Product Designs.   

Please enjoy FERI Designer Lines at Toronto National Women’s Show.


This is an opportunity built around: 

*** Fashion,   

*** Health,     

*** Beauty 



Get Paid to Wear luxury purses

FERI Luxe – STINGRAY Purse – beige. Click on to Enlarge.


The company Opulence Global is real.  Being a Canadian company all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Founded by Canada’s own master networker’ and hall of fame author, Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou in 2005.

His original company has evolved into the new  Opulence Global.


Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, has over 30 years in the MLM industry.

He was aware of the plight of the hard-working and average network marketing entrepreneurs; …

their inability to achieve an affluent lifestyle despite working hard and trying various marketing strategies to boost sales.


His solution, his own training the “Forensic Networker” training system. 

It’s simple, effective but can be time-consuming.


However, those who religiously, used the Forensic Networker training, have found the elusive MLM success.

I love the “Forensic Networker Training,” but I wanted more for you.

I wanted something simple, easy to use, modern, effective, and extremely duplicatable.



Because I have always been interested in how network marking can affect people’s financial and social well being. 

And in starting this blog my core mission was to support entrepreneurs interested in supporting others in many ways.  


I wanted to find a simple duplicatable system, that others, in any network marketing company can use, to make money online. 

A system oozing in success.

So you won’t get caught up in confusion, doubts, fear, and regrets.


I have spent some years putting my own business on hold, looking for a simple, duplicatable, and innovative marketing system. 

A system from which everyone who uses it has at least a 75% chance of success. 


Get Paid to look younger by FERI Flawless

FERI Flawless Devotion Package. Click on Image to Enlarge


A system that makes life and business easier to manage. A system from which people are”


*** Getting paid to wear luxury

*** getting paid to take…

*** getting paid to help others achieve their goals 

*** getting paid to market, promote and brand themselves…


I am now happy to share with you an innovative “done for you” business building machine, as I originally envisioned. 

I originally envisioned a site helping like-minded network marketers.


Ordinary People who’d want to achieve everything they ever wanted in life by helping others.

People whose success in life is directly proportionate to the level of service and support they provide for other people. 


I envisioned a support system with the possibility of helping my new found friends and business…

partners to accomplish all of their life goals and as written in the classic book “Being The Best You Can Be in MLM.”


I envisioned helping you to experience a “richly rewarding, creative, and fulfilling, career…of developing your highest human…

potential… of…

generating the real and tangible experience of financial freedom… and of contributing…

to other people in a unique and special way.”


A way to help others keep their eyes, ears, spiritual, and emotional intelligence open to be able to allow…

new information and empowering technologies and discoveries to help you in your success battle.


welcome to Opulence Global

FERI -Was $1212.  Now        $180 …WOW! Unbelievable SaleVellutia – Shoes  



Scattered throughout the pages of this blog are posts featuring some of Opulence awesome products.

As you are aware this blog is about getting paid to wear, use, or take products. 


Please look around and enjoy it.

Opulence Global is our core represented company. They offer products most people around the world wants. 


These are products you want and are made with care and quality by some of the world’s best craftsmen,…

that you’ll be proud to wear.


Achieve Success With Opulence Global Paid to Wear


Wearing the FERI paid to wear products is also a form of self-promotion from which you can be paid handsomely.

On the corporate site, you’ll find very low to high-end prices that are all in Canadian dollars.

They practically have something for everyone.


And of course, we are aware that this kind of business is not for everyone; however,…

anyone can be benefited from this awesome opportunity, which is worldwide…

when used with our done for you marketing funnels.


Yes, there are Opulence Global independent luxury consultants in over 200 countries in the world.

Yet this opportunity is wide open to you with vision.


This company is not yet a household name, nor are its products.

That makes this opportunity ideal for you to get started in and be paid.


Get Paid to be healthier by Fountain of Life

FOL – Personal Supply



Some people have a habit of disqualifying themselves from many great opportunities.

I trust you are not one of those folks. I trust you will look at what’s here in your face with an open mind.


Why? Because what we’ve got is ideal for folks of all different abilities and personalities…

and different opportunities.  

According to Google at  PersonalityPerfect.com, there are 16 Personality Types.  


We have the training to cover them all. But most of all…

My heart and spirit are contented knowing that I was able to reach you and share, …

this with you. It’s a way, for you to achieve success, in this Opulence Global Opportunity.


Please look around, investigate this company. That is doing your due…

diligence and I am looking forward to working with you, helping

you to attain the success that you well deserve.


Yes, you can be successful with paid to wear. 

Opulence Global has an effective training system but I have brought along its turbo boost.


The content of this page is of the sole opinion of the independent luxury consultant responsible for…

this blog and not that of Opulence Global. 


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