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This page is to titillate the crevices of your mind the inner portion of your brain, your whole being.

Are you working on changing your financial condition, using online sales, network marketing,  

direct sales, party plan etc…?

Have you gone through all your friends, and family, co-workers, church members and now your business is slowing down.

Are you having a hard time finding new people to talk to?

Have you noticed that some of the people listed above are beginning to be distant?

Are you struggling in your network marketing business or any other business for that reason?

Well maybe, it is because of the way you are approaching your prospects, friends and everybody else with your offers, your business.

You are going after them, aren’t you. That’s your first mistake. Don’t take what they do personally.

In MLM Your Center of Influence is Usually for Practice  

No disrespect here.  These folks are your friends and you should cherish them not alienate them.

Let me break this down for you.

The idea of you going after those people in your center of influence, is for practice.

It is not for them to be the bread and butter of your business.

 Not to build your business. Some of those people are going to be your worst critic. But you won’t know it and you won’t see it.

They know you. They have seen you in the realm of how they know you. So when you approach them with your new business venture.

A number of them will listen just for courtesy. Yes, some will buy, some will bye, and some will, some will hang by you…

hoping to see you flat on your face, that way they can console you. (I can go into details about that, but that is not the goal here.

I just want to stir up your thinking). The idea is for you to get some practice. Get some rejection. Get some sales.

Get the mindset that some will, some won’t….  go after next.

And in your mind they got your back… do they really?

Welcome, presenting an opportunity for you to take a look at what ever business you are in from outside the box…

You are probably familiar with what’s going on, on YouTube or

with videos online. If not I’ll introduce you to some very powerful business practices on YouTube.

Practices that are totally changing the way some people are

growing Online businesses and and making Online sales.

Those people are now happily, growing their business with ease and they are doing it without, bugging or harassing friends and family.

They are doing it in a fashion devoid of the old stigma that is associated with network marketing or mult-ti-level-marketing.

They are not chasing anyone in the more familiar sense. Yet they have endless leads.

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Get Endless Stream of Qualified Free Leads

The cool thing about the process that…

they are using, is that it can provide you with an endless

stream of prospective business partners and sales. In other words leads.

A store front needs traffic. With good traffic comes sales. Without sales there is no business.

If you have a business you also needs traffic people to see your offer, your goods or your opportunity.

Having no one to talk to is one of the biggest killer of dreams for people in a network marketing business.

If you are one of those people who is not comfortable talking to people face to face about your opportunity,

this system that these people are using may be a solution for you.

If you don’t mind having your face YouTube you too could use this powerful medium to catapult your business to success.

This could open an unlimited opportunity for you to make new friends, have a tribe of loyal followers,

make continuous sales and enroll motivated business partners.

As you now know, Opulence Global business is a network marketing, direct sales, party plan business model.

They offer an incredible line of growing designers fashion jewelry, luxury jewelry and ultra luxury jewelr and products.

Opulence Global business model and products are perfect for Online Marketing and sales.

Search around Online and you will see a growing number of channels being devoted to jewelry and luxury items sales.

Remember, when I told you to look outside the box? Well this

is not about you alone.

You may have a friend or relative or a neighbor or c0-worker or friends of friends or co-workers of relatives,

who have or know someone who doesn’t mind being in videos or in front of the camera making videos.

And that person would love doing what the people below in the videos are doing.

That person may enjoy talking about her purses, her shoes, her jewelry, her dogs and cats… You get the picture?

That person gets a hold of this business model and doing what the people, below in the videos are doing and Bingo,

that person is a millionaire and your business is unimaginably successful.

An Opportunity to Build Businesses

Study the videos below from a business persons perspective.

We offer you an opportunity to build your business in similar fashion, but with more leverage.

Take a look at the following videos and study what these people are doing.

(1). Look at how many views they have.

(2). Look at how many subscribers they have.

(3). What does having that many subscribers mean?

(4). Look at how many views, each video has.

(5). Look at the number of comments each video has.

(6). Look at the products being spoken of or reviewed.

(7). Look at the manner of dress in each video.

Would you agree that the potential here is limited only to your business mind imagination?

How can you do something similar with your company or services?

You can do the same thing with Opulence Global. They have over 1500 luxury, and POSH products.

Products that are visual and can be reviewed in front of a camera with ease.

Now the products you see in the videos usually pay the 8 to 15% commission.

What that means is that if you were doing the review the company would give you your own personal advertising link

that you post some where and send visitors to.

When people make a purchase using your advertising link, the company pays you 8% to 15%.

If you were in Opulence Global and doing the review and people purchased from your link, you would get paid a higher percentage.

What that means is that with the Opulence Global business model

you have greater leverage which means you make more money even with a smaller number of subscribers.

Imagine Your Sales Income Potential

And Opulencen Global products prices ranges from under $17.00 CDN  to about $67,000 plus CDN. 

Imagine the possibilities, imagine the sales potential and income potential.

Alright I believe I have gabbed off enough so here the videos for you to examine.

Look at the subscribers…. This particular video will open up your mind.

This is the only long one I will share with you. Please watch it, and take notes.

You will learn a lot. You may discover your own Opulence Global MLM visionary principle.

Han Fan must watch 48: mins. Listen to what Sean in the video has to say.

It may open your mind to a whole new look at possibilities, you will feel different about the MLM aspect of this company.

You will find the videos below. Get back with me on this, let’s discover together if this is a good fit for you.

Remember you can do this with, what ever business you are doing.

The videos will show different styles and format, yet huge views and subscribers.

The list of people you have or in these videos cases subscribers

are the people who may be your core customers. These people are making sales from the viewers who watch their videos.

And for some people from advertisers.

By building a huge subscriber list online your challenge of having people to talk to is all gone.

The way you communicate with these people is by writing. And I have got that solved for you.

Strong powerful sales letters.

These videos are only for example of what’s is being done or can be done online with YouTube.

Let’s talk let me answer any other questions you may have.



P.S. From what you have seen so far, does this business makes

sense to you now?

Phone/text 51-239-6735

How to put on your face

These people are ranking fast because they already have

followers. When we all work together we can do the same.

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