Outsourcing Of Irresistible Offers

By now, if you are like most savvy mlmer’s, direct sellers,

Internet marketers and small business owners, you have

discovered that:


*** to run your online business effectively

*** you need to delegate repetitious and time-consuming


*** in order to keep your focus on tasks that require greater

inspiration, initiative and brainpower.


Tasks these marketers usually retain for themselves include

planning and strategizing, creating ‘irresistible offers,’

establishing and nurturing relationships and joint ventures,

creating new products and similar tasks.


Tasks that they’ve usually been STUCK doing but don’t have to

be done by them includes:

*** email management

*** customer support

*** their day-to-day blog

*** and social media site updates.


Many marketers have been hesitant to hire a virtual assistant,

until now, there haven’t been many, if any, outsourcing

companies willing or able to offer them a virtual assistant on a

part-time basis.


Nobody wants their full time worker to be sitting around

twiddling their thumbs because either they are not fully trained

in a particular task or because they couldn’t currently think of

what to you’d have them do.


They are already so inundated with urgent things 

they themselves need to handle.


However, if you have watched the video that sent you here, you

are nolonger a part of that group of marketers. First I trust you

got a lot of ideas from the video webinar.


But Gonzalo’s services are not open at this time but do feel

welcome to try and see if he has reopened. If not the following

solution should work for you. I think you will be very please

that: 123Employee Offers Part Time Service. 


123Employee, has been offering a full-time 40 hour per week

service for years and have had many, many satisfied clients.




However, seeing the need for part-time assistance by many

Internet marketers, they’ve decided for a limited time to offer

part-time virtual assistants to help Internet marketers get their

online work accomplished faster and easier.


Not only that, they’ve also implemented an in-house training

program to get their agents up-to-speed in completing the

kinds of tasks Internet marketers need most — such as basic

Internet marketing skills, Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace,

LinkedIn, article posting, Twitter and more.


This way when you hire a virtual assistant from 123Employee

you hit the ground running, so-to-speak, where they can

immediately update your blog or create a Squidoo lens for you,

or create and maintain a Twitter campaign for you.


These tasks are in addition to the many other standard tasks

their virtual assistants have always been able to do such as sales

follow-up calls and e-mails, article writing, link

building, and much more.  


If there’s something highly specific you need, just train them

once and they’ll be good-to-go from then on out.


If you’re doing everything yourself, you’re literally burning

dollars. If your time is worth $25/hour and you’re doing tasks

that you can be delegating at $5 per hour, you might as well 

take a lighter to a $20 bill each and every hour as that’s 

essentially what it’s costing you.


If you’re ready for a full-time virtual assistant, great. They

have them ready to support you. If you need fewer than 40

hours per week, no problem.


They offer smaller numbers of hours such as 20 hours or

even as low as 10 hours per week. I suggest you check them

out right away. You can get more info now by

clicking here;


But don’t delay, 123 is in a serious growth spurt and space

is limited.


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As always, I look forward to assisting you in your online




Germey Baird

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