what-a-mlm-business-can offer you-financially

what-a-mlm-business-can offer you-financially

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what-a-mlm-business-can offer you-financially
Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email Address What Can a MLM Business Offer You Financially?     The Answer is simple.  That depends, on if you don’t mind a little… hard work, don’t mind a little verbal rejection.  You really enjoy… paying your own way. You don’t mind making […]

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 What Can a MLM Business Offer You Financially?  


The Answer is simple.  That depends, on if you don’t mind a little…

hard work, don’t mind a little verbal rejection.  You really enjoy…

paying your own way. You don’t mind making a difference in the…

lives of others. 

You don’t mind expanding your vision beyond the conceivable. 

We  believe that’s you.  So let us invite you to soak in every-

thing you find on this page. You can even get started FREE.


What can Multi-Level-Marketing (​MLM) business offer you.

The possibilities, in terms of what a successful mlm business…

can offer you and what you can accomplish with it are endless. 


This post is to shed mlm possibilities & to entice you to take…

a closer look, at the opportunities you can achieve through, mlm

direct sales, Network Marketing.

I believe you are going to love what I show you here.


You are definitely going to want it. I am going to take perfect…

care in showing it to you.

Note:  I’m using the terms MLM/ Network Marketing…

as one and the same.


This is not to say that you will achieve the same level of success…

achieved by others, through income or business growth.

Rather this is to impress upon you what is achievable.

What a MLM business can offer you.




Click on Image to See Lifetime Earnings in MLM


Your personal success will depend on your efforts,  your focus,

dedication & work ethics.  The company you chose will provide you,

the training, the products or service and the vehicle.

The MLM Average Top Earner Income


As a vehicle, MLM offers the possibilities of accomplishing life goals,

such as:

(1) Experiencing a richly rewarding and fulfilling life.


According to a recent article in Business for Home online magazine,

“The average Top Earner in Direct Selling is earning approximately…

 $20,000 per month/ $240,000 per year based  on 8,000+…

ranks and 500+ distributors are making $1+ million a year.” 


(2) You get to develop your highest human potential…

high self-esteem and living with passion.



The President Watch by FERI

The President Watch by FERI


(3) You can generate the real and tangible experiences of financial…

freedom work when and from where-ever you want, stress free.

You eventually, get to have freedom and time to spend with…

love ones.


(4) You are able to contribute to other people’s well being, in a…

unique and special way.

The list above and many more can be obtained through network…

marketing, MLM etc.


Your Network Marketing Business  


Network marketing seem to be going through a resurgence.

People around the globe are joining daily, in droves and many…

new companies and even the epic ones, that are still around…

are creating millionaires.


One Top Luxury Sneakers Brand Definitely-Worth-Spending-Some Money on

FERI Donald Shoes

MLM Companies are Creating New Millionaires 


But still there is a stigma in the eyes and ears of many people…

in the USA that MLM is a scam.

Even-though the distribution model has been sanctioned…

by the Internal Revenue Service, IRS.


But that’s not all, the IRS even gave MLM special tax breaks.

The feeling is understandable, we have seen a number of,…

other-wise, up-right, looking companies masquerading as MLM. 


Some got shut down by authorities, some on their own accord.

The reality is they deserved to be shut down.


So, if you are leery about network marketing, that feeling is…

quite understandable.  There are many reason to scrutinize and…

do your due diligence.   



How to save a bunch of money on an engagement ring

FERI MOSH The Classic – Ring- Available to Opulence Global partners only.


Let me tell you I am glad you are here reading this.  I believe…

it will open up in you a knowledge and possibility you never…

thought of before…you will not be disappointed.


If you are a little curious about what you read above about MLM,…

I’d like to recommend Opulence Global, to you to do your…

due diligence on.

The more you get to know about  this company Opulence Global… 

the more you get to realize you want to be a part of it.


It is currently a world power distributor of three growing,…

evergreen, exciting industries:

*** Fashion

*** Health

*** Beauty 


The combined 3 industries in Opulence are very new but the…

company has a successful 12 year heritage.

During that 12 year heritage the company created several…

millionaires. One of them made it in 27 months.


Luxury firms' online battle boosted by EU court adviser's Coty stance



When you become involved in the Opulence Global opportunity …

it opens the possibilities for you to generate freedom. 

Freedom can lead to spending more time with your love ones.


Who knows, it can lead to you and your family: 

*** traveling the world and enjoying life more

*** developing strong organizational skills

*** embracing and practicing personal development

*** developing strong business ethics 


Can fashion lovers get paid to wear ladies high fashion shoes?

FERI – Jaime Shoes Red-


*** be more outgoing and entertaining

*** build a solid business that can be left as a legacy 

*** create a yearly residual income of $3 + millions Canadian.

*** Maximize your income tax write off (USA, Canada & Australia)…

not sure about the rest of the world


*** keep more of your earned income 

*** Have a growing pool of residual income,and creating your…

own retirement and pension plan

*** have Opulence Global pay the lease on a luxury/ super…

vehicle of your choice for 18 months or more at a time.


GWT Luxury Car Program

GWT Luxury Car Program

MLM Maybe Able to Provide For a Luxurious Lifestyle


Opulence Global was created to help you move into and live an…

opulent lifestyle with fewer challenges than other MLM companies. 


Now I don’t know if this is important to you, but Opulence Global…

commission system is set up for you to be able to walk away or…

leave your business to love ones or even sell a part of your…

business and still get paid month after month.


This MLM company may afford you the ability to:

*** get paid to wear luxury goods

*** get paid to be healthy

*** get paid to look younger


Now you would think that is all, right?

But no that is not all there are quite a number of things and…

benefits that Opulence Global MLM business has to offer you.

I’d be happy to share them with you.

So let me ask you, has anyone ever taken the time to help you…

fully understand all the financial benefits and luxurious…

status enhancement of having a MLM business such as the…

one offered by Opulence Global?

GWT Corp Bonus Luxury Rewards


It’s time you Start Building Your MLM Business Legacy of Wealth 


Step off the sidelines, & start building your legacy of private wealth.

Simply follow the instructions  here at Opulence Global  & …

Affiliate Questionnaire to complete an introductory process.

What’s your take away?  What did you get from this?  Did it …

shed some light on the question why join Opulence Global…

mlm or any other direct selling opportunity, in your mind?

Can you see yourself learning how to do this?

Can you see yourself learning how to make over $3 million…

Canadian yearly in residual income? 

Then do yourself a favor…,

apply to see, if you qualify to join us. 

I have a simple 3 step process for you…

Step 1: Watch 3 company orientation videos here. Click on…

images and allow up to 15 second for videos to render.  

Step II:  Fill out a short interview informational gathering…

questionnaire here, and set up for a 30 to 40 minute interview.


FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care

Step III:  The interview and application process. 

Join me on Facebook…Germey.Baird   and send me a…

message on messenger…Saying, “I am in Opulence.”

I will respond right back to you.

 Or you can join me on Instagram  @germey3of7 &… 

send me same message saying, “I am in Opulence.”  Yes!

Claim it.

We will get back with you to set up an interview to check see…

if you qualify and attend a short online webinar.

Upon approval, we will rush you your 30 day fast start kit.

To get started on what a MLM business can offer you financially.  


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