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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressWhy Not Join Opulence Global?    Opulence Welcome Video   Why join Opulence Global you asked? Join Opulence Global, because it was created:  *** with you the entrepreneurial, spirited person, in mind  *** To give you direct access to the manufacturer where you can purchase… Opulence Global Opportunity products […]

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Why Not Join Opulence Global? 


Opulence Welcome Video


Why join Opulence Global you asked? Join Opulence Global, because it was created: 

*** with you the entrepreneurial, spirited person, in mind 

*** To give you direct access to the manufacturer where you can purchase…

Opulence Global Opportunity products at a discount.

*** to provide you with high quality, luxury designer goods, and products that matter in your life. 


It offers you an opportunity to:

*** Work from home providing you with an incredible eCommerce platform 

*** to provide others the ability to build residual…


*** Rejuvenated Optimum health using Fountain of Life Antioxidants/lignans

*** Rejuvenated Optimum beauty  using FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin Care System


*** Rejuvenate an Opulent lifestyle, to get paid to look good. 


But most of all it was created to provide you an opportunity to overcome the MLM…

stigma and challenges of Direct Selling.   


Stigma and challenges, like the ones Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou and countless…

others faced in past MLM. 

  You may find yourself having some reservations about MLM and I wouldn’t… that is why this company was created to provide you freedom. 




Why not join Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI Luxe – Heather Purse – Stingray Silver Was $1327. Canadian Sold out; Now Back in Stock & on SALE $$$.


If this was an Opulence Global review, I would give it  “AAA” rating.

Incidentally, Opulence Global has an A+ business BBB rating and AAA+ MLM…

rating after 13 successful years.


As you go through doing your due diligence on this company, the more you…

get to know it, the more you become aware that it is exactly, what you want…

and need to assure your success in MLM/Network Marketing. 


You get to notice the strong foundation and simple system put in place,…

that has created millionaires.  


The more you learn about the products and CEO Mr. Raming Mesgarlou’s…

 focus in this company and industry, the more you begin to now realize…

 you deserve the finer things in life.


The more you get to realize you have the ability & potential to make…

a substantial income of several million Canadian dollars yearly.


Opulence Global utilizes as you now know, the 3 evergreen & growing industries of:


*** Lifestyle Fashion: To make you look good and feel good about yourself…

and your jewelry and accessories. 


They are all made by the same renowned craftsmen who are contracted…

out to some of the famous name brands you are used to hearing about. 


*** Health: Introducing the incredible Fountain of Life-FOL lignans,…

a product to protect and preserve your health. 


FOL lignans is known to be the strongest all-naturalnontoxic & quickly…

absorbed antioxidants, known to scientists today. 


Amazingly this product has 22 patents.  Do you know what that means?

Next we have…


*** Beauty: The uncompromising  FERI Flawless Anti-Aging Skin…

Care System, is carrying its own weight, and standing tall.



FERI Flawless Anti -Aging Skin Care System, Click on Image to Enlarge


It is the world’s first professional-grade anti-aging skincare system…

that actually works & it has 106 patents

It is actually an anti-aging skincare system. 


However, because of the quality and quantity of its potent ingredients,…

it is helping a host of people with various skin disorders. 


Opulence Global products are actually excellent products, you should try some.  


To Join Opulence Global. There are 3 levels to join: 


*** Retailer Cost $100. CDN, you get 1 online shop with every…

product at a 30% discount so you can resell to others or send shoppers to your site.


*** Lifestyle Promoter Cost $483. CDN;

however, you get 1 online shop, 30% discount on all products in your…

shop plus you get back $620. in product value.

Which can equate to $137. in profit.


What that means is that, if you were able to sell all the products you…

got back you can make as much as $620.


Which means you actually got paid to start the business.


Why not join Global Wealth Trade Corp

FERI Luxe – Marianne Purse – brown-$Sale.


You get an online shop, a 30% discount on all products plus until…

Aug 01, 2018, you get an extra boost in Commission Value on new …


from wholesale and advancement to LifeStyle Director.  


MEGA PROMOTION for the month of July Get with the…

owner of this blog for the juicy details.


Why Join Opulence Global

Opulence Global Mega Promotion OVER


NOTE: You get actual physical products with real value. 

2nd NOTE: But that’s not all, for countries with similar tax system…

and laws, like the US, you may be able to write off all of your business…

expenses including the cost of joining for tax.. purpose.


Multi-level-marketing is recognized by the IRS, plus they give it some…

somewhat special tax advantages. 

They give you a whole heap of tax deductions as an MLM home-based business owner. 


In a moment I am going to give you my link to the company site…

 where I encourage you to:  


*** take a look at the products under fashion 

*** take a look at the products under beauty. 


More products coming soon. 

*** take a look at the product under health.

More products coming soon…like October 2018.


*** take a look at the business building training system offered. 

*** take a look at the Opulence Global compensation plan.


*** Business building training is held on Saturday mornings at 10am EST…

 and are recorded for you to watch or review later. 



Nina Shoes Beige Snakeskin

Nina Shoes Beige Snakeskin


I suspect you are the right person with the right mindset and I…

would love to work with you, to help you in Opulence Global to achieve…

as John Fogg, wrote in his classic book,

Being The  Best You Can Be in MLM.” 

“The possibility of accomplishing all your life goals of experiencing a richly rewarding, creative, fulfilling career & of developing your…

highest human potential-of generating the real and tangible experience of financial freedom and of contributing to other people in a unique and special way.”


Join Opulence Global It Shatters Excuses  


feri designer feri

Give Us the Time we give You the Opportunity Click on image to enlarge


You see we have a working system in place that can catapult your…

success, when used.

It can shatter fortresses & hurl you over your walls of excuses.


This is for you who: 

*** wants to overcome mediocrity

*** wants to live to your full potential,

*** wants to rise above excuses,


Why Not join Opulence Global

FERI Primavera Collection- Morning Glory Wallet – Aqua Blue-sold out Pale Pink YesSold Out


*** wants to do what’s right for your financial well being,  

***  wants to give your best and create a level 10 life

*** truly wants-the life with no limits, the one so few people ever get to live.


OK! You are probably saying stop

or you are beginning to feel that this is just too good to be true. 


Really? Let me ask you what if it is?

What if Opulence Global happens to be that-perfect for you business? 


You see this ring below….Only available to Opulence Global partners.


Why not join GWT Corp

FERI MOSH Collection. Not Available to You.


As you can see the ring is adorned with high-quality diamonds.

How would you like to wear it and be able to write it off for taxes?

Note: not every country allows for tax write-offs. 


It is here to provide you with:   

*** the least of which is Income Preservation 

*** Income Protection…

*** a jovial marriage between you and your income, your wealth…

 opportunity to earn over $3 million annually in residual income. 


Why Join GWt Corp

On SALE-FERI – Nikea – Watch  


*** You have the ability to experience real financial freedom

*** the ability to contribute to other people’s lively-hood and…

happiness in a unique and special way


*** the ability for you to fully get paid to wear luxury items and…

read this 2X or 3X or 5X  till you get it to sink in your brain>>>…

write them off for taxes, if you are in certain countries. 


What does that mean?

Let’s talk. Let me explain it to you.  I don’t know too many other…

companies where you can do that.

*** protect your health and the health of others


Get paid to wear Opulence Global products, like the once you are…

seeing on this page and more. 


Join and Get Paid to Wear Opulence Global Products 


What would it mean to you, to get paid to wear Opulence Global products?


Here is your path to financial freedom; to illuminate your vision.

All you need to do is reach out for it then relentlessly apply the business…

 building principles we teach you. 


Your Opulence Global business-building education & training are paramount.




There is high certainty that the net benefit of that is substantial for a…

(new) independent Opulence Global lifestyle advisor…special …

promotions to benefit Opulence Global LifeStyle Directors  


That would be you.  Currently, Mr Mesgarlou, does a lot of the company’s…

training and so does their Sr. VP & Chief Designer Ms Sanaz Hooman &…

training VP Miss Daniela Ferreira.


However, they have a number of, up and coming strong leaders doing…

some of the training for their growth.

After all MLM success…  is all about duplication.  



Why join GWT Corp

FERI – Theia Watch – was $3686. Rose Tone with Pink Strap- Now $$$$.


That and more is what you get when you join me in Opulence Global. 

You get the power to duplicate, and the power of numbers.


You get a number of successful independent Opulence  Global partners,…

 advisors and directors, to work with you or in your circle.


The idea behind Opulence Global is for you to create a source of income…

 that can be secondary or as in many cases primary. 


Independent lifestyle advisors are now working for financial security…

and peace of mind & leaving a legacy behind.





As you now know, you get them directly from the manufacturer at…

special members’ pricing, of a 30% discount.  

If you decide to resell them, you can make up to 43% of the retail profit potential.


Wouldn’t you like to get paid up to 43% commission on products…

that cost up to $67,000 plus Canadian? 


But that’s not all the company actually pays out up to 70% of profit…

earned in commissions, incentives and bonuses.


But that’s not all—you don’t need to keep inventory, it may be…

 beneficial but not necessary.


Your customers can purchase directly from the company online and…

the company takes care of everything associated with the order.


Here on this page, you are seeing some of these products by…

 Opulence Global. 

Discover the Power of FOL 


Opulence Global could be seen as a  hybrid of MLM, Direct Selling …

& network marketing.


You will love this, the more of it you see.

You get all the trappings of direct selling, yet participate in the residual…


income aspect of MLM and be making over $3 million annually in residual income. Plus:


*** bonuses— luxury car, travel, and training 

*** profit-sharing— company global profit

*** retail sales profit

*** wholesale profit


*** team commission of up to %%% to infinity

*** company paid cruises

*** all-expense-paid luxury vacation


Can you see yourself learning how to do this?

Then do yourself a favor apply to see, if you qualify to join us. 


I have a simple 3 step process for you

Step 1: Watch 3 company orientation videos.


Video #1–The Welcome Video you saw on this page above. 

Watch the following two videos and comeback here.

Video #2 Click on link to Opulence Global Overview….

Video #3 Opulence Global compensation plan


Step II:  Fill out a short interview informational gathering…

questionnaire here, and set up for a 30 to 40 minute interview.


join Direct Selling & network marketing organization.

FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care

Step III:  The interview and application process. 

Join me on Facebook…Germey.Baird   and send me a message…

on messenger…Saying, “I am in Opulence.”  I will respond right back to you.


 Or you can join me on Instagram  @germey3of7 & send me same…

a message saying, “I am in Opulence.”  Yes!  Claim it.


Opulence Global, have beautiful high ticket luxury FERI  jewelry like…

 the FERI Siledium 950 silver jewelry below.

Siledium, is now considered the benchmark for sterling silver. 


With FERI product prices ranging from $6. to as high…

as $67,000. plus Canadian.

At up to 43%  commission this is no brainier. 

Why not join Opulence Global- Exclusive FERI 950 Siledium silver - Exclusive dual natural rhodium and palladium plating

FERI – THE ROM – Ring-back by popular demand/strong>


Opulence Global business opportunity with its MLM  direct selling…

 network marketing facet, plus the E-Commerce aspects, gives…

 you a rare opportunity to possibly make over $3 million per year in…

  residual income 


Get more info on this Opulence Global Opps here

This info is jovially being brought to you by an Opulence Global Independent Lifestyle Advisor 


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