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Click this link to get this post sent to U as PDFEnter your valid Email AddressWhy Join Opulence Global Direct Sale Opportunity? There are many reasons but lets start with this 3 minute video. Welcome to Opulence Global.   If the question “Why join Opulence Global direct sales… mlm opportunity” has been on your mind. […]

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Why Join Opulence Global Direct Sale Opportunity?

There are many reasons but lets start with this 3 minute video.

Welcome to Opulence Global.


If the question “Why join Opulence Global direct sales…

mlm opportunity” has been on your mind.

Then I trust that the video above was an eye opener for you.

I trust that you clicked, mentally, emotionally or even visually with it.


But I have 2 more videos 3 total of that sort for you, if you have…

watched the one above skip the first one here. Please allow up to…

15 seconds for other videos to que up.


But before you continue please click this link & join our VIP Club.

(Then come back here).

It has some awesome rewards that you may eventually get to enjoy.  It also…

has a great promotion going on for the month of July, 2018.  Also you can

get free products just from sharing your free VIP account with your friends…

and adopted family.


Opulence VIP Rewards


But that is not all there is a lot more to this company. With this…

post, I trust to give you a bit more of the benefits of joining…

Opulence Global mlm opportunity?


This will require a little bit of time from you.  So please …

continue this when you have at least an hour to spend.


I will start by introducing you to the opportunity packages.  Note: Listed …

cost may be different or should I say price subject to change. This is…

narrated by my friend and business partner Mr. Rene Liaw.


Then I will show you part A, intro of the infinity comp plan. Narrated by…

Opulence Global founder and CEO Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou.

Part B & C clarifies the compensation plan. Narrated by Mr. Rene Liaw.

And here is part C of the compensation plan. Narrated by Mr. Rene Liaw


I trust you watched each video entirely. They give you an inner insight of…

of this company and business model.  


Lets talk about the packages.  Once you join at the package you join you …

can always upgrade from the proceeds of sale you make from the package profits. 

However, as you saw there are incentives to move quickly…in 7 days and…

30 days after joining.  You won’t get caught in any traps, that lure you in at…

a lower fee, and once you are in you find out that in order for you to get….

paid fully you have to pay a higher fee for a higher package.


Every tool and equipment you will need to run your business will be provide to you.


You will get a complete turn key business, that will allow you to start making…

money from around the world, 2 minutes or less after joining.


This is an excellent platform but it is not for everyone.

And that is totally understandable.  


Why join Opulence Global

FERI – Ada Shoes Beige Monogram


What type of person finds this attractive? Let me put it this way, if you are….

the type of person who would love becoming a  group leader, trainer or…

manager without the corporate headaches you see at your regular job…

if employed, then this business may be for you.


This whole business is about creating leaders. 


MLM Comp feature option

In essence this business model is getting popular all over the world today. 

Interestingly, it was started in the USA but the US, is not the capital today.


You may even find heart warming reports on the top 100 MLM

Direct selling companies around the world for 2018.  You will…

see Opulence Global there listed under Global Wealth Trade.


That was its name, when it was only a fashion niche company. 

Now it expanded into niches to include health and beauty as…

you saw, in the video above.  The company is ever growing and…

so is the industry.


Back to you and why join Opulence Global? Let me just say…

that what ever it is you are seeking or have found, your presence…

here indicates movement of the universe towards some sort of life

enhancement for you to cash in on a global eCommerce store.


A Cool Way to Make Money-Without-Money

FERI Luxe –  Purse – Stingray black



Opulence Global Opportunity Banner


If you have been thinking about starting a home based business, 

Opulence Global Opportunity could very well be…

the catalyst you have been looking for. 


Opulence Global was created to make it possible for folks interested in…

living an opulent lifestyle to be able to achieve that with as little stress as possible. 


The founder Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, has vowed to create 1000 millionaires…

by the year 2025.

 He is doing everything in his power through his company to make…

that a possibility to those who takes action. 


Less than two minutes after you join online, you’ll have access to a…

complete state of the art Opulence Global eCommerce Store. 


As you learned in the video above everything is taken care of for you.

You can then promote and do business all over the world using…

the Internet.


The company then pays you weekly for sales made on your website.

There is a Huge & Crazy Super Special going on till August 2, 2018. 

You don’t want to miss this.


What’s your will be pleased to know that it involves making money and…

getting paid. 

During this promotion you can get paid up to 5 times the amount that you…

normally would have made on one sale.

That is huge.


Can you see yourself learning how to do this?

Can you see yourself learning how to make over $3 million Canadian…

yearly in residual income? Then do yourself a favor and apply to see,…

if you qualify to join us. 

I have a simple 3 step process for you…


Step 1: Watch 3 company videos above.  So if you have not watched them,…

please do so now, then come back here for step 2..  

Step II:  Fill out a short interview informational gathering…

questionnaire here, and set up for a 30 to 40 minute interview.


FERI Flawless Anti Aging Skin Care

Step III:  The interview and application process. 

Join me on Facebook…Germey.Baird   and send me a…

message on messenger…Saying, “I am in Opulence.”

I will respond right back to you.


 Or you can join me on Instagram  @germey3of7 &… 

send me same message saying, “I am in Opulence.”  Yes!

Claim it.

You can find a complete array of info on Opulence Global, at…

our about page.

Jovial-luxury designs/about., 


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